Look, Review & Swatches: INGLOT

inglotI recently had the opportunity to take a trip to Orlando, which hosts some of the best makeup stores around, including . . . INGLOT! They recently opened a counter in Macy’s at the Mall of Millenia and I had anxiously been waiting to go!

I had purchased three Inglot eyeshadows from their website a few months back, but hesitated on buying more, simply because I prefer to see new eyeshadows in person before making buying decisions. I’m sure you’re the same way. 😉 It’s for that very reason I couldn’t wait to share them with you and hopefully show you a little bit better what the first round looks like.


(Top Row, L to R) 397, 344, 460, 37, 423
(Middle Row, L to R) 25, 09, 15, 464, 607
(Bottom Row, L to R) 39, 493, 439, 449, 361, 12


You may wonder how Inglot eyeshadows compare to more of the well-known brands like MAC and I am here to tell you they are equal to, if not better than, MAC eyeshadows in terms of quality, pigmentation, lasting power and ease of application. And let’s not forget that at $6 USD per eyeshadow, that’s HALF the price of a MAC eyeshadow, not to mention the Inglot pans are twice the size!

MAC Grain vs. Inglot #488

The only negative thing I have to say about Inglot has nothing to do with their eyeshadows, rather the Freedom palette itself. It’s a high quality palette, very well made, but it makes moving eyeshadows around absolutely impossible. There’s no way to grasp the edges of the eyeshadows to pull them out! I’ve had to be creative, using all sorts of things to pry the eyeshadows out – bobby pins, needles, knives! LOL! And if you slip, then you end up dinging the eyeshadow. *sigh* I dinged the one pictured above but PhotoShop took care of the mark for me 😉

So I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another Freedom System palette; instead I’ll stick with one of the Z palettes for my future Inglot eyeshadows.

A Look

How to Get this Look:

  • LORAC Behind the Scenes eye primer
  • #397 (inner 2/3 of lid)
  • #607 (outer 1/3 of lid)
  • #361 (crease)
  • MAX Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
  • Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner
  • CoverGirl Eye and Brow Makers in ‘Soft Blonde’
  • Prestige Clear Brow Gel
  • Ardell #106 false eyelashes

49 thoughts on “Look, Review & Swatches: INGLOT

  1. I use a z palette for my inglot, but i have heard that if you place a magnet from the top over a pan it will lift it out. Iblove these colors you chose! I should be receiving my online order for some new ones tomorrow!

  2. OOOOOHHHHH Theres an INGLOT in the market I shop in NYC all the time. I am going to have to check this out in a few weeks. teehee

  3. I agree with you about the palettes but some of them are not that hard to depot (not mine, sadly, I’ve got a five pans one).
    I love their eyeshadows but I put them in my Z palettes too 😀

  4. Hi Z,
    How are you liking Lorac’s Behind The Scenes primer? I been mixing Two Faced regular primer and the Candlelight one. Very pretty! T.F Candlelight primer is not over done. It doesn’t seem glittery or too shimmery. You’ll have to try it sometime. 🙂

    1. Hey K!
      I really like it a lot! I’ve had issues with the UD primer, and sometimes Too Faced, but LORAC’s and NARS primers are the only ones that keep me crease-free until I decide to take the eyeshadow off!

      The mixture you mentioned sounds stunning. I’ve only ever tried the Sin one from Too Faced, but I’ll have to see if I can get a sample size of Candlelight to try! Thanks for recommending that! 😉

  5. For mine, I purchased a magnet from Home Depot & whenever I need to get it out, I place it on top of it & it comes out perfectly without nicking/denting the shadow itself!

  6. Very beautiful colors and the look you made is lovely! I use the magnets(on the corners of the cover) to depot my Inglot eyeshadows and mine are too easy to depot. Even if I accidentally move the magnet on top of the eyeshadow, it pops up.

  7. I HATE their numbering system. I’ve only got 5 shadows (all of which I love) but can never remember which ones! One of my faves is 422, which I think it close to the 423 that you have (it’s also a bronzey brown, though a bit darker and cooler, judging by the swatch). The only Inglot stores here are in Montreal which is another great reason to visit that outstanding city but it’s a heck of long way to travel to buy an eye shadow!

    1. I completely agree with you! I can never ever keep them straight! I’m much better with names than numbers. Agghhh, yeah, I hear ya on driving to Inglot! They seem to be opening more stores, so hopefully one day they’ll open ones closer to us! *fingers crossed* 😀

  8. Oh, and Zabrena (and everyone), the easiest way to get the shadows OUT is just to use a big magnet. I have magnet clips on my fridge (the kind you use to clip papers together only with a big magnet – the size of a Loonie – the Canadian dollar coin – on the back) and these work absolutely perfectly to “lift” the shadows out of the palettes! Try it and see. Just make sure it’s a somewhat larger magnet, so it doesn’t damage the shadow. Once you find the right size, it’s easy (easier than removing MAC shadows from their palettes, though the same magnet technique will work with MAC palettes too)

  9. Actually it is easier to remove then you think. Take the magnetic part of your palet top and hover it over the eyeshadow you want to remove. wallaaa it will come out. no need for bobby pins or a knife.

  10. Hi Zabrena,

    New to your site and absolutely love it! subscribed to your YT channel as well! love love your eye makeup tuts! so easy to follow and simply gorgeous combinations! Now pls do video tutorials using these inglot eyeshadows as well! plsss

    On your website I saw your store..I wanted to buy thebalm meet the matte nude palette which is available on karmaloop..I wanted to know if this site ships internationally and if the products are genuine…i live outside US so bit worried and wanted to get your opinion..thank you!

    1. Hi Parita!
      Welcome to the site! 🙂 Thank you for becoming a member and subscribing to the YT channel! 😉
      I will definitely be doing more with the Inglot eyeshadows in the way of video tutorials – absolutely!

      I checked the site you mentioned to see if they shipped internationally and doesn’t look like they do.
      But, you can buy it directly off of theBalm’s website; they do ship internationally! 🙂

      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi..thank you so much for the reply..i tried to add my country ie malaysia in shipping and it accepted and even showed the international shipping price..so thought they would be shipping? anyways will check thebalm directly 🙂

  11. I was wondering… is the 449 comparable to MAC Cranberry? (I don’t own Cranberry, so I cannot check)
    I went to Inglot last saturday… and bought 11 eyeshadows… whoops! 😉
    I went for 5 of the shadows you showed in this post 🙂

    1. Hi Julia! Thanks for asking! 😉
      #449 is pinker than Cranberry, which is more of a darker red in comparison. I wish I could add a photo to this comment, but I came across this image in Google that might help explain more what I mean: http://eyeshadowjunkie.com/the-swatch-bin-2/swatch-file_red-3/

      Haha! You go, girl! Whoo whoooo! 🙂 It’s SO easy to buy them when they’re actually affordable!
      I walked out of there feeling like I got more than I ever got at MAC for the same price!

      1. The Link was very hepful, thanks! Do you think I need both?

        Haha, I actually googled a few colors that should be dupes for some Mac eyeshadows before and then just bought them, hihi 🙂

        1. LOL! 😉
          I don’t think you need both at all! I actually prefer Cranberry as I feel it’s just such a unique, true, deep red color – stunning!
          I could really take or leave #449 compared to Cranberry! 😀

  12. Hello Zabrena,

    Hope all is well.

    I am very interested in viewing some eyeshadow combinations from your new Inglot collect. Wondering if maybe you can do a tutorial either on your website or Youtube.

    I would also like to say “thank you”, for all the great tips and combos… keep them coming. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  13. Inglot is my favorite brand as it is comparable to Mac but for half the price. And I love love the magnetic palettes, they are so elegant but hard at a time. They told me in the store to use the magnets on the lids, and they work really well.

  14. I just went online and all I could find were pigments for $14 a pop. Am I missing something? Maybe I looked in the wrong place, but it was the only option for “eyeshadow” I could see. 🙁

      1. Yes, thank you! I would never have thought to look under ‘Freedom System’ as I figured eye shadows would be under eye shadows. Go figure. :p

  15. How do Inglot eyeshadows compare to MakeUpGeek ones? If you had to choose one brand between the two, which would it be?

    1. Hi! Hmm, tough call!
      Well, they’re the same price but you get more eyeshadow for your money with Inglot eyeshadows.
      And Inglot doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of dupes for MAC as MakeupGeek does. There are more unique shades in Inglot’s line, in my opinion.
      So depending on which route you choose, that would be what you’d find. 😀

      1. Thank you! I’ll give Inglot eyeshadows a try then. And I can see them in the flesh (or in the pan, which is more appropriate :))

  16. Would you pls confirm no 463? I have it but the shade is totally different. Mine has some gold glitter and a very light brnwn almost cream. And yours is lilac 🙁

  17. WOW,,, ur so good picking the great color…
    And i LOVE the look… Gorgeous and looks so glamour…

    We don’t have Inglot in Indonesia.. Hiksssss
    Maybe one dayyyy hahahaha… Wish me luck.

    Thank’s for sharing… Have a good day.

  18. I was recently in LasVegas and visited the Inglot store. I walked out with 40 new eyeshadows! Looking forward to more combos!

  19. Hi Zabrena I’m new. What’s a z palette? Are they a mac product? I live in Sydney Australia, can z palettes be purchased online? Thank you very much. I love your videos and all your work. Thank you.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I know you’re very busy. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in. You really make a difference in my life. I love your videos. Can’t wait for the next one. I really liked the one on eyeliners. I love bright colours like cobalt, hot pink and gold. Thanks Zabrena. Love you

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