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lorac2The LORAC Pro Palette is a simple palette boasting 16 eyeshadows; 8 matte shades on the top row and 8 shimmer shades on the bottom row. If you are just getting into makeup or looking for something easy for on the go, the LORAC Pro Palette is a superb choice. I found the eyeshadows easy to work with, highly pigmented and long lasting. For those who question whether it’s for warm or cool complexions, in my opinion this palette does lean more warm than cool. There are a few great cooler shades (i.e. Nude, Mauve, Pewter, Slate) but unfortunately they are very dupeable with other popular shades (full list below).

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to use the blending shade in this palette! I typically find myself relying on MAC’s Blanc Type with palettes thanks to either a non-existant or subpar blending shade. However, Cream is a perfect match for my skintone; in fact, it’s such a great match I had trouble getting the swatch to show in the pictures below because the booger blends in so well! 😉 It blended out all the eyeshadows in this palette extremely well and is actually comparable to MAC’s Blanc Type in color and quality.

Overall, if you’ve been considering this palette, I’d say go for it!


(L to R) White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve
(L to R) Sable, Espresso, Black, Nude, Champagne
(L to R) Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate


  • White = MAC Gesso
  • Cream = MAC Blanc Type / UD W.O.S.
  • Taupe = MAC Cork / UD Buck
  • Lt. Pink = MAC Yogurt
  • Mauve = MAC Quarry / UD Tease (Mauve is slightly more purple)
  • Sable = MAC Espresso
  • Espresso = ?
  • Black = MAC Typographic / UD Crave
  • Nude = MAC Naked Lunch / All That Glitters
  • Champagne = UD Sin (Champagne is less pigmented, though)
  • Gold = MAC Woodwinked
  • Lt. Bronze = reminds me a LOT of UD Suspect after application
  • Pewter = MAC Satin Taupe
  • Garnet = ?
  • Deep Purple = ?
  • Slate = MAC Knight Divine / UD Gunmetal

The Looks

Look #1 – see the video tutorial here!

Eyeshadows Used:

  • Champagne (inner half of lid)
  • White (layered over Champagne)
  • Black (outer half of lid)
  • Mauve (crease)
  • Cream (blend)

26 thoughts on “LORAC Pro Palette Looks

  1. Hi Z,
    Great looks as always.:) I think your absolutely right when you said this palette would be good for someone who is getting into makeup. It definitely leans warm. Much too warm for me. There is a few cool toned shades. I wonder why they put so many similar really light shades in the palette. Also, too many dupes. I wish these makeup companies wouldn’t copy each other. I’m sure ladies with warm tones will really like this palette. Also, ladies that like matte eyeshadows.

    1. Me too! I would have liked to have had more shades for the crease like the Taupe and Mauve shades instead of so many light shades. And why they chose to put Nude and Champagne in one palette is beyond me! They are identical in color, Champagne just has a lot more glitter in it. Weird! LOL! I do like that they mixed matte with shimmer, though; that is pretty cool!

  2. Beautiful as always…but so many dupe able shadows as you stated. Question…garnet swatch- in photo looks similar to antiqued by Mac and espresso looks like another Mac one
    I have…like handwritten I think or maybe its embarked? Would you say it is close enough? I was eyeing it but now I see I should probably save my money for something else…that’s why I love you…help me figure out what I need versus what I just want and I don’t need or want more of the same 🙂 you’re awesome but I am sure you know that!!

    1. Aww! Thank you for your sweet words! 😀
      I’m so happy I can help save you $$$!!

      Garnet is a hard one to dupe; it is a little redder than Antiqued, whereas Antiqued is a little more brown. Garnet is such a hard one to describe. You could definitely substitute with Antiqued though!

      Espresso is a very dark brown, almost black; Handwritten is a little lighter compared to it but could also serve as a substitute. You have a GREAT eye!! 😉

  3. Hi Zabrena! I am rocking look #1 today using Inglot dupes on my lid and Quarry in the crease. This combo looks great on me! Garnet is a difficult one! Could be a mix between Coppering and Antiqued, and Deep Purple looks a little like Beauty Marked? And yes, you are awesome, giving us girls such amazing “play” time!

    1. Awesome!! Glad you were able to recreate it! 🙂
      Garnet and Deep Purple are definitely unique ones. When Garnet applies in the swatch it looks real red, but on the lid it’s more of a reddish brown, but not a dupe for Antiqued; it’s hard to describe! 😀 Play time is the best!!

  4. I love your site Zabrina! You have some really cute eyeshadow combinations 🙂
    Have you tried any of the Yaby Palettes? I think you would love them … I’d love to see you do a MAC dupes post for them and also see the combinations you come up with.
    Much Love

    1. Hi Claire! 🙂
      Thank you!
      Oh dear, does it sound bad that I haven’t heard of Yaby until just now?!
      And they’re $3.15 an eyeshadow . . . WHAAAAAT?! LOL!
      I’m definitely checking those out! Thanks! 😉 XOXO!

  5. Can you make more looks with this palette 😀 I would love to see more! Out of all my palettes this is the least used 🙁

  6. Just came to take a quick look at the new additions (don’t have this palette and it’s not available near me) and I am compelled to say something. What I really like is that the names of the shadows are simple and really apply to the shadows – you can TELL what colour each one is. Taupe, Slate, Cream, Gold – such a refreshing change from names that don’t tell you a thing – “Naughty Knickers” or “Ambition” – what the heck colours are they? And don’t get me started on suggestive/”dirty” names….those make me think of young kids who’ve just learned about S-E-X and have to use all the euphemisms they can think of. Okay, off the soap-box now! (g)

  7. Hi Zebrena! I am relatively new to your website and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it. I am not a makeup pro by any means but I am a new mom who has this palette and the new Lorac2 palette and I just find your site so helpful in creating looks that are beautiful now that I have less time to play with colors. I also wanted to pay you a complement on the look you did with the Lorac2 palette. I have tried it and it was so stunning on (I have a light olive complexion) and it is one of my favorite looks! Thank you!

    1. Hi Virginia!
      Welcome to you and thank you for your membership! 🙂 Congratulations on your new baby, too! I am thrilled to hear you’re enjoying the looks and finding the site helpful! If any of us can help answer anything for you along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask! Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Hi Z!

    Mauve is my favorite and most used shade in the palette. It’s a great crease color. I was worried about what I would use when I run out. I did find a dupe for it! MAC’s prolong wear shadow in Mauveless works well and you get tons of product, so I never have to worry about running out!

  9. Hi Zabrena love the combinations you’ve come up with, but I see that you’re missing a dark smoked out look. It be nice to maybe even use the HR pigment here, with this palette, now that I got my hands on both of this, it be nice to be able to use them together.

  10. You have AWESOME skills!!! I noticed that you had a question mark for Garnet and Deep Purple. Dupes for those two colors could be Mac Antiqued (Garnet) and Mac Sketch (Deep Purple).

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