Focus On: MAC Costa Chic

Finish: Frost / Frosty light coral

Rating: lippie2lippie2lippie2 (3 out of 5)

Costa Chic reminds me a lot of Vegas Volt, but much brighter in comparison. I would describe Vegas Volt as a darker lip color, just slightly. I’m still on the fence with Costa Chic, mainly because of the color; I simply can’t get accustomed to seeing it on my lips, no matter the eyeshadow I pair it up with. This one applies very splotchy also, streaky, if you do it straight from the tube. It does require a lip brush for a smoother application. Lasting power? I actually found this one to fade a lot quicker than most other bright lippies I’ve tried, not sure why that happens with this one. So that was an instant turn-off for me too. Beautiful color, just not the right one for me. Do you own this color? What do you think of it?

What are the best eyeshadows to pair with Costa Chic?

Eyeshadow Combo: Grain on inner half of lid, Humid on outer half of lid, Tempting in crease

To see the eyeshadow combo up-close, see #9 here.

Costa Chic is one I would preferably pair up with neutral combos to allow the lips to do all the talking. However, you can pair it up with colors on the eyes; the trick is to keep the color contained to either the outer half of the lid or the crease. That way, there isn’t a WHOLE lot going on but you’re still able to wear color. A lot of the eyeshadows I’m recommending below are the same ones I recommended with Vegas Volt as the two are so similar. Here are those suggestions:

2 thoughts on “Focus On: MAC Costa Chic

  1. Liked Vegas Volt on you much better. As soon as you say must use a lip brush to apply, I immediately know I will not buy it. I never use a lip brush. I hate cleaning them LOL. Your eyes look beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I very much agree; Vegas Volt looks much better!
      I’m with you on the lip brushes, ugh – I always have to use dish soap on mine because regular brush cleaner doesn’t work! 🙁

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