TheBalm’s ‘Nude Tude Palette DUPES!

balmdupesTheBalm’s ‘Nude Tude Dupes!

Like so many other palettes on the market, theBalm’s ‘Nude Tude is no stranger to dupes! Most of the shades you find within this palette are highly dupeable with eyeshadows from MAC, Urban Decay and I’m sure many other brands as well. As my collection mainly consists of MAC and Urban Decay, those will be my comparisons for this post, but if you spot or know of a dupe within this palette from other brands, you’re more than welcome to list it below. Afterall, we all want to save that green! 😉

Disclaimer: Not every single eyeshadow listed is an EXACT dupe; those that are not will have the subtle differences explained.

Sassy = L’Oreal Frosted Icing

Sassy’s vibrant white, shimmery finish cannot be compared with anything other than L’Oreal’s Frost Icing; the two are completely identical. The only drugstore eyeshadow included in this mix, but it is a phenomenal example.

(L to R) Sassy, L’Oreal Frosted Icing

 Stubborn = MAC Jete

I struggled with trying to find an exact dupe for Stubborn and Jete was the closest I found. Jest would also be a great dupe, although not as exact as Jete, it’s lacking the strong pink you see here.

(L to R) Stubborn, MAC Jete

 Selfish = MAC Smoke & Diamonds + All That Glitters

I originally thought Selfish would be highly dupeable, but quickly learned that wasn’t the case! In order to get something close I found myself applying Smoke & Diamonds and layering All That Glitters over top of it; only then did I come real close!

(L to R) Selfish, MAC S&D + ATG

Sophisticated = Urban Decay Darkhorse

While there is no exact dupe for Darkhorse within MAC’s collection, it’s a dead ringer in comparison to Sophisticated!

(L to R) Sophisticated, UD Darkhorse

Sexy = MAC Deep Damson

The second I saw Sexy I was instantly reminded of Deep Damson! If you look closely at the swatch, you can see that Deep Damson is slightly darker in pigmentation compared to Sexy, but honestly, using one in place of the other would deliver such similar results.

(L to R) Sexy, MAC Deep Damson

Serious = Urban Decay Blackout

I wanted to originally compare Serious with MAC’s Carbon, but I found Carbon lacking in the intense pigmentation you get with Serious; therefore, Blackout is a much stronger comparable shade.

(L to R) Serious, UD Blackout

Snobby = MAC Ricepaper

This is one of those eyeshadows I couldn’t find an EXACT dupe for; the closest is Ricepaper, in my opinion. However, Snobby is more yellow and lacks the sheen you see in Ricepaper.

(L to R) Snobby, MAC Ricepaper

Stand-offish = MAC Naked Lunch

Similar to Stubborn, this one took me a bit to find a close dupe for as well. I finally settled on Naked Lunch as All That Glitters was still too pink in a side by side comparison. I still don’t feel Naked Lunch is an exact dupe, color-wise.

(L to R) Stand-offish, MAC Naked Lunch

Sultry = MAC Cork, Urban Decay Buck

Dead ringers! Thankfully, brown matte shades like Sultry are easy to dupe, as you can see here with MAC’s Cork and UD’s Buck.

(L to R) Sultry, MAC Cork, UD Buck

Seductive = Urban Decay Smog

Seductive didn’t put up a fight at all when it came to finding a dupe; Smog is definitely it’s twin sister from another “mister”. 😉

(L to R) Seductive, UD Smog

Silly = Laura Mercier Chocolate

Silly is, hands down, the brown version of Beauty Marked. Same exact finish, look, etc., but brown. Laura Mercier’s Chocolate is a little lighter in comparison, but if you layer it over Coffee Ground, it gets closer to being more exact.

(L to R) Silly, LM Chocolate, LM Chocolate layered over Coffee Ground

Sleek = Laura Mercier Rich Coffee

As I was swatching these shades, I knew there was nothing like Sleek in either MAC’s or Urban Decay’s line, and then I remembered a similar color I had trouble duping before – turns out it was a match! This rich deep brown color, actually almost black, is still lighter than Laura Mercier’s Rich Coffee in comparison, but it’s the absolute closest I could come to a dupe.

(L to R) Sleek, LM Rich Coffee

 Your turn! Share your dupes below! 😉

8 thoughts on “TheBalm’s ‘Nude Tude Palette DUPES!

  1. Hi Z,
    finally, the long expected post! 🙂 I couldn’t wait, I checked the site everyday (although I knew I would get an email haha) to see, if it’s finally there.
    I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed because I really hoped to have a lot of shades in this palette that are exact dupes of some Mac shadows.
    But it seems like I have to buy lots of Mac eyeshadows to use the site properly… which is not exactly a bad thing, haha!

  2. Hi Zabrena! Thank you for taking the time to do these posts, swatching to find dupes is a long and tedious process! I found a great dupe for Mac Quarry or Mac Haux, and that is Inglot eyeshadow #344. It’s so buttery soft, has excellent colour payoff and blends like a dream! As you say, not all dupes are exactly the same, but they are a good indication of what can be used in another shades place. Love & Hugz!!!

    1. Ouuu! Thanks for telling me that, Heidi!! Always good to know more about Inglot! 😀
      And yes, duping isn’t easy, for sure! LOL!
      Love and hugz back!! 😀

  3. I have to know what the palette is on the left hand side in the picture above under the Nude Tude palette? It looks like a natural palette that I don’t have but need to have it! LOL! 🙂 Thanks!

      1. Hi there thank you for this!!… I was wondering if you could help by telling me, what did you use as a base for the swatches?? they’re so vibrant and opaque!!

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