Too Faced Natural At Night Palette Looks

tf_nat_paletteIf you’re not a fan of Urban Decay’s glitter-packed eyeshadows, you surely are not going to like to eyeshadows within Too Faced’s Natural At Night palette. Ugh. Talk about a big ol’ mess!

I think my first review of this palette rated it favorably, but after picking it up again and creating looks for this post, I can honestly say me no likey. I would have liked for there to be more mid-level eyeshadows, some shimmer but not packed to the gills with glitter. If you have ever tried Urban Decay’s ‘Midnight Cowboy Rides Again’, that is the EXACT formula you will find throughout this palette, over and over again. Not only does this make wearing the eyeshadows incredibly difficult but it also makes pairing them together even more challenging. I don’t like to use glitter packed eyeshadows in the crease and very rarely will I do it, so it was hard to find colors in this palette that behaved well when placed in the crease. (I can’t tell you how many looks I washed off!) If you’ve been eyeing this one, do yourself a favor and skip it! And if you happen to already have it, I hope some of these combos help you put it to good use. 😉

18 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural At Night Palette Looks

  1. Night Light is the biggest problem for me in this palette. All the other shades aren’t too bad in terms of glitter fallout. I bought this for the shades Moonstone and Night Fever; all the others weren’t that big a deal and I’ve dupes of most of them. I do wish, though, that there was a better highlight/browbone shade. Spotlight is just too dark and too yellow to work and the other 2 big pans are also too dark and more glittery than I like (and there’s that fallout issue with Night Light)

    1. I totally agree with you; Night Light was the WORST!
      Spotlight left everything muddy and green-yellow looking on the brow when I tried using it as a blender. It was awful. 🙁

  2. Wow! What a glitter mess! These eyeshadows look worse than some of the UD eyeshadows, and that’s saying something with some of UD’s e/s. I bet you had a time with this palette. They’re something’s I like that Two Faced makes, but I don’t think there eyeshadows are that great. Sorry you had so much trouble. 🙁

    1. Yeah, really! I thought UD was a saint next to these! 🙁
      Ahhh, no worries, if I can help save others some money with these posts, or help them put a palette to use, then it was worth it! 😉
      I haven’t given up on TF based on this experience; I am interested in their matte palettes!

  3. Likewise the TF Shadow Bon-Bons palette is horrible for glitter and fallout! By the time I’m ready to leave the house, my face is covered in glitter and I feel like a 30+ year old clown! Lol

    1. MAC Sable is pretty good dupe for both After Hours and (if applied lightly) Night Light but Sable doesn’t have the annoying fallout of Night Light. Cocoa Star is probably close to something like Swiss Chocolate or several of the warm browns I don’t own because I don’t like them and they don’t suit me. I got the palette purely for Moon Stone and Night Fever. I didn’t have any shadows that were even close to those 2.

    2. Thanks, Mariella! 😉
      This one is real hard to dupe with MAC.
      I’d compare Nightcap with Cork and Cocoa Star with Swiss Chocolate, as Mariella mentioned.
      Moonstone reminds me of Sumptuous Olive, but it’s not a dupe unfortunately.
      You’re not missing much with this palette, that’s for sure! 😉

  4. It’s funny how can you do such lovely looks when you hate the palette!! I’m sorry but now I love it, because of your great job!! Ha ha!

  5. KeysofFreedom Alliance


    And here I thought I was the only one who was experiencing “fallout”! LOL! I thought maybe the reason was because I did not know what I was doing!

  6. I think I attempted one shade on this palette and the glitter and fallout was so bad (I think it was eclipse or night fever)… I took it right back to Ulta! I have 3 other TF palettes but they were not this bad and many of them had some matte shades…I don’t know what TF was thinking with this one!

  7. I would love some looks using the Too Faced Boudoir Palette. I have it and I just can’t seem to come up with a look that I really love. It just makes me wish I never bought it! I love your site. Keep up the good work!

  8. Ugh, another palette (besides the It Cosmetics matte palette) that I bought based on another blogger’s rave that turned out to be a real disappointment. Hmm…maybe I should stop following other bloggers and only listen to you from now on! 🙂 (Kidding–of course, I enjoy different opinions and perspectives, and not every makeup user will agree 100% of the time. But on this one, I wish I’d remembered that you reviewed it before I bought!) Lordy, WAY too much glitter fallout, and that stuff was a beast to wipe off my face, even using a strong eye makeup remover.

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