Spotlight On: MAC Ricepaper

ricepaperFinish: Frost / Peachy gold with shimmer

Ricepaper is a light, shimmery yellow shade. The most common way you’ll see this one used generally is as a blending shade or highlighter for the brow bone. While that is a great way to use it and can provide the final sparkle to a look, I actually prefer to use it as a regular eyeshadow on the lid, usually the inner half. I find Ricepaper to have a lightening effect and the shimmer formula isn’t one so over the top that it’s off putting. I especially like to pair Ricepaper with golds, neutrals and greens (ahh, love it with greens!). I also really love lining the inner half of the lower lashline with Ricepaper as that lightening effect opens the eyes and can make you appear more awake – try it! 😉

7 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Ricepaper

  1. Hello Zabrina I would like to see more combinations of the Mariposa palette eyeshadow Thanks Beautiful!

  2. Hi Zabrena! The new look added is so pretty. I’m starting to take a fancy to the combos with Bottle Green!

  3. Hi Z,
    Love look 9! Beautiful! 🙂 Do you really like Bottle Green that much or could it be duped by another MAC eyeshadow?

    1. Ha! Well, I do like it; I just too often forget it’s there! 😀
      If you have a darker green already like Bows & Curtsies, I’d say stick with it and don’t rush out to get B.G.
      However, if you’re lacking a matte, dark green, Bottle Green is a great one to try! 😉

  4. Gorgeous looks! I particularly like looks 1 and 9 :o) . I love the contrast of the yellowy-orange tones of the eyeshadow against the colours of your eyes in look 1. It reminds me of the seaside – the eyeshadow looks like the sun and the sand and your eye colour looks like the ocean :o) .

    You know, I always use Ricepaper as a blend/highlight colour or in the inner corner. I think I have only used it once on the lid when I was having a lazier make-up day and wanted to create a very quick, polished look. I think I should really try it out on the lid more – your looks show how beautiful it looks when used that way.

    1. Hi Saira!
      Yes, I could see that! Haha! What a beautiful analogy! 😀
      I think you will really like it on the lid, especially with your brown eyes! Yellows like this on brown eyes are phenomenal!

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