Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette Looks

tf_romanticToo Faced’s Romantic Eye palette is comprised of a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. In my experience with using this palette, there is a lot of fallout associated with the more shimmery eyeshadows like Honeymoon and Cut the Cake.

The matte shades held their own in terms of pigmentation and didn’t fade easily throughout the day. The only real troublesome shade I ran across is ‘I Do’. This beautiful purple-gray shade should make an ideal crease color, but it is an absolute bear to blend when you try to get rid of the harsh edges. So if you do happen to use it as a crease color, keep in mind that less is more and applying it lightly with a fluffy brush will help in the long run.

Overall, this is a good palette but I don’t feel like it’s a *must* buy. Just my opinion, but I know there are better eyeshadows out there.


(Top Row, L to R) Soulmates, I Do, Un-Veil, Kiss the Bride
(Bottom Row, L to R) Cut the Cake, First Dance, Fashion, Honeymoon, Ever After


Look #1

Eyeshadows used:

  • Ever After (on lid, below crease)
  • Kiss the Bride (crease and blended into Ever After)
  • Fashion (blend)

12 thoughts on “Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette Looks

  1. Love these! I love the too faced palettes and although they come with 3 looks…I grew tired of them. These have given new life to my old palette!

    1. That’s a shortcoming with all of their palettes – the “looks” only go “horizontally” – so there will be only one look for each 3 shadows in the “day”, “classic” and “fashion” groupings. I like that Zabrena has “mixed it up” – it’s a shame to stick to those 3 groupings since all of the TF palettes have so much more to offer if you do zig zag rather than only use them horizontally.

  2. So pretty Zabrena! We don’t get Too Faced in this part of the world, so I’ll have fun and recreate a few of these looks with other eyeshadows.

  3. I’ve had this palette for several years now (I think you and I talked about it when you first got it). I bought it expressly for the colour Honeymoon, which I absolute love and couldn’t find a dupe for in a single shadow, so I had “no choice” but to get the whole palette. I’ve never had trouble with fallout from any of these shadows and find them wonderful to use. It is such a pretty palette too. Z, do you have the “newer” version of their Smokey palette? It has a few really stunning shades in it.

    1. I don’t! But I’ve been looking into more Too Faced palettes to add to the site, so I’ll definitely take a closer look, thanks!
      Honeymoon is definitely a unique color to Too Faced, never seen it anywhere else!

  4. Stephanie Rodriguez


    The fashion color is called “bouquet toss” , I love the looks you created for this palette. I do is a bear to use.

  5. I have had this palette (and quite a few others) for a while and even though they give suggested looks with some of them I really need a lot of help with the combinations that will ‘work’ for me. I repeatedly look at all the colors and have no idea where to start. Your website is going to be my makeup application resource. Thank you!

  6. I recently took part in a swap on FB and received this palette much to my surprise! I can’t wait to try it. I’m so excited to see the matte shades in there. I will definitely refer to your instructions above Zabrena.

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