Beauty Tips for Women Over 50

beautifulwomanJust as wine gets better with age, so do we! We become more comfortable in our own skin, care less about what others may think of us and learn not to take life too seriously.

And as we change, we also need to remember that our makeup habits must also evolve. Heavy black liner on the lower lashline is no longer appropriate (although, I can’t think of a time when it was!), and makeup becomes more sophisticated in its application. As such, there are some beauty tips to follow to not only help retain our youthful appearance, but to also help hide the lines that show our wisdom. 😉


Cream-Based Blushes vs. Powder-Based Blushes

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and moisture. Powder blushes can make dry skin more noticeable and give a flat-looking effect. Cream blushes are better as they have the opposite effect and leave skin looking radiant and moisturized. The less dry your skin looks, the younger you look!



To Glitter or Not to Glitter?

Staying up all hours of the night and running on three hours of sleep the next day might have worked when you were 20, but could you do it now? Probably not! (And if you can, I applaud you!) There is no difference when it comes to glitter! Glitter is great when you’re a teenager or in your early 20s, but after you’ve crossed the 40 mark, it’s best to either throw it away or give it away. Glitter settles into fine lines and its reflective quality draws the focus to wherever it lands. So, don’t give your fine lines a microphone; instead, use products that are either matte in finish or have a slight shimmer formula. This applies to foundations, eyeshadows, bronzers, etc.



Matte Eyeshadows vs. Shimmer Eyeshadows

This is a topic that is debatable and it will truly depend on your comfort level and your unique genetics as to whether or not you find matte eyeshadows to be more flattering than shimmery ones, or a mixture of both in your collection suits you perfectly well.

The eyelid lacks oil glands which means it’s generally one of the first areas of our faces to show aging (this is why moisturizing in your 20s, 30s and 40s is SO important!). Creases that form in the skin are exemplified with shinier colors, similar to how reflective glitter is, as opposed to matte colors. Matte finishes are generally the safest option as they don’t magnify folds in the skin. MAC’s Matte2 line and Laura Mercier’s Matte and Sateen line offer great eyeshadows for mature eyelids.


sunscreen Wear Sunscreen Religiously, Everywhere

My closest female friends are in their 50s and they all agree that sunscreen and protecting your skin from the sun is a relatively new concept that didn’t exist in their youth. As we know now, sun damage can result in such changes as fine wrinkles and an uneven skin tone, not to mention skin cancer. This is why it’s imperative, no matter your age, to wear sunscreen daily. Use products with SPF 30 or higher and with both UVB and UVA protection. Apply it to your face and don’t neglect your neck, chest and the backs of the hands as these are typically the first areas to show signs of sun damage and aging.


poresCover Large Pores

Large pores become more noticeable with age and can make the skin appear unsightly. Although the actual size of pores can’t be reduced, various techniques can help you minimize their appearance. Thankfully, there are many products on the market today that help make enlarged pores less visible. If you want to go the drugstore route, try highly rated L’Oreal’s Revitalift Miracle Blur to diminish lines, wrinkles, pores and uneven texture. If you wish to go more of the high-end route, Benefit’s Pore-fessional is touted as one of the best for concealing pores among women of all ages.


nowStay In the “Now” and Forget the Past

Some women have the tendency to want to wear the same makeup styles they did when they were in their 20s and 30s, but don’t fall into this trap. Never compare yourself to the way you used to look, embrace your beauty in the moment. As with everything there are exceptions to this rule like:

  • Whitening your teeth, because yellow teeth can add unnecessary years
  • Getting gloss treatments to keep hair shiny and lustrous
  • Avoid heavy floral perfumes; instead switch to clean, fresh scents
  • Go for bolder colors in your nail polish instead of neutrals as deeper shades look more youthful
  • Over-moisturize your skin to keep it looking radiant
  • Since skin tone and natural lip pigment fades with age, go more vibrant in cheek color (but keep it sheer) and brighter in lip color

 How has your beauty routine changed over the years?

8 thoughts on “Beauty Tips for Women Over 50

  1. Well-I’ve worn 50+ sunscreen uva/uvb/mexoryl that I used to get from Canada before it was available here, for the past 25 years-rain or shine. No beach for me anymore. I do not have a dry skin problem nor oily skin. So powder blushes still work for me as I do wear a moisturizing foundation, but also use creme ones. Never wore glitter in my life. I am not a frosty shadow or frosty lipstick wearer, haven’t been since my 20’s LOL (a very, very long time ago). I really haven’t changed too many things, since I was never an extreme person. I have amped up my age “defying” products and have extended it down to the neck and chest areas also use more eye cremes (more for tightening, my lids are not dry either) and I exfoliate much more and use at home glycolic peels regularly as well as Retin A. Also use anti aging hand cremes. So that’s about it. Since this is my last year in my 50’s, I think I’m doing okay (I thank my genes & my sunscreen). 🙂

  2. WOW – how has my beauty routine changed over 50+ years??? I no longer wear foundation (except for “special” events). I used tinted moisturizer instead. I love bronzer and have yet to find a cream one I like so I do use MAC Skin Finish Powder in Dark Deep. Cream Blush is a must for a natural “flushed” look. I will use a lighter shimmer (MAC Naked Lunch) eyeshadow but mostly go for matte shades and keep most shadows toward the light side as my eyelids have naturally dark pigmentation and they’re hooded. I thinly line my upper lid (only) with dark brown (not black). If I want something darker, I might go with charcoal. I have tan skin so I can get away with black liner if I want, but I always do it thinly and I’ve never been able to master the art of the “cat eye”. Red lips have gone away and now I lean toward neutral/bare lips or colored balm (like the Fresh one in Honey). I could go on, but I’ve been a makeup “geek” since I was 13/14 (50+ years) and love everything about it. Probably won’t change even when I’m 80. LOL 😉 Thanks, Z, for posing this question. Will be great to hear how others have adapted. XOXO

    1. Oh yeah – I forgot. I’ve used Mary Kay skincare since I was 18. When I cannot get my cleanser, I will use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. I will also use Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Face Cream and MAC’s Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye cream. I’ve been blessed with great skin tone & coloring that is forgiving since I love the sun (yes, I know) but I am more careful now. I used to work for a plastic surgeon and was always complimented on my skin for my age. Must be doing something right. 😉 <3

  3. Hello Beauties!
    Me 50??? yep. What do I do different??? Everything. I am a big girl now and have learned a lot! Thank goodness for the internet! Lol
    I use entire Paula Choice Line of Skin Care…Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliate, Moisturize, Sunscreens, Foundation. All excellent well priced care that does what it say it does. For the “pretty” part, I have learned what colour my skin tone is and that Matte products are my friend. I agree softer eyeliner rather than black, and that less is more. Great suggestions here too! I have powder blush but think the cream blush may be a great option! Thanks!
    Here’s to being the best you!!

  4. Thank you for such a great post Z and thanks to the ladies for their feedback and tips. I am 36 but veeeery skin care and makeup conscious, so I like to treat my skin as if I were older just to be safe and because I am a paranoid freak LOL. I have dry skin so moisturizing heavily all year round is like 2nd nature to me. Just like Jen, I use the Paula’s Choice skin care line and will never turn back! PC has amazing antioxidant serums and just pure and healthy deliciousness for the skin. As far as blush, I really should gear towards cream blushes. The only thing holding me back is that I hardly ever wear blush, I prefer a light bronzer as a blush. With eyeshadows I am not a huge fan of mattes, but that is only because of my dry skin. I much prefer the happy medium of a satin finish. With regards to sun protection, surprisingly enough, I just recently fully understood the importance of SPF. Being a WOC one naturally assumes it is not as necessary. My God!!!! how wrong have I been all my life! I am now completely faithful to SPF in my moisturizer as premature wrinkles, and to some extent dry skin, have been linked to unprotected sun exposure. Lord have mercy! the many many things we have to worry about! Being a woman is not easy but it certainly is fun 🙂

  5. Mid 40’s and going through that M word. My skin has become dry for the 1st time in my life. I was oily/normal combo prior to the M. I use Paula’s Choice skincare and have changed my makeup dramatically. I use mostly matte eyeshadow but l have a few that are slightly shimmery that l still use because l love them so much. I also have slightly hooded eyes and now tightline my liner which has helped heaps with my hooded eyes. I wear full coverage foundation only for special occasions and use tinted moisturiser for everyday makeup.

  6. I will be turning 60 this year and have been blessed with good genes and my skin is still pretty good. But….I would like to know of a good cream blush as well as a good tinted moisturizer. Thanks! I absolutely love this website!!!

  7. I’m 54, and my skin is still pumping oil like there’s no tomorrow; I’m still dealing with oily shine, like I did when I was 16.
    I no longer powder heavily all over my face, though; I just touch the T-zone area with a light translucent blotting powder (Soap & Glory makes a fine one), using a fan brush.
    I’ve also switched from black mascara and liner to dark brown. It still defines, but looks softer.
    I’ve also gone from colored lip liners to a less-harsh clear one.
    I think I’m doing okay:

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