Focus On: MAC Capricious

Finish: Lustre / Fanciful rose plum

Rating: lippie2lippie2lippie2lippie2(4 out of 5)

Capricious: Unpredictable and subject to whim. Hmm, well this is a rather unpredictable color because it does appear darker in the tube than it actually is on the lips. Once applied, Capricious turns into this lovely light rosy brown shade. It is rather sheer in its application though, so depending on your level of lip pigmentation, you may find this color looks different according to your unique coloring. If you want to try to alleviate that, you can use a lip primer, but I feel it’s worth seeing what color Capricious turns into on your own lips before trying a primer. This color doesn’t bleed, but does tend to disappear more frequently and require more applications throughout the day. I do like pairing it up with very neutral eyes as it’s a brighter color, but still soft enough for day wear.

What are the best eyeshadows to pair with Capricious?

Eyeshadow Combo: Sin on the lid with Toasted in the crease from Naked1 Palette

Neutrals! Any and all neutrals look especially complementary when paired with Capricious, especially more of the red based browns. If you want to try color, I’d recommend pink hues like Swish, Da Bling, Pink Freeze, Jest, Cranberry or even light to medium greens such as Lucky Green, Swimming, Juxt, Greensmoke and something like Golden Olive pigment.

If you wanted to try pairing Capricious with blues, I’d recommend sticking with either lighter or darker blues – it can be done! Just remember, less on the eyes will be more with a lipstick like Capricious. Eyeshadows such as Tilt, Vellum, Moon’s Reflection, Contrast would be phenomenol, but placement is key! Applying a pop of blue to the outer corner of the eye or a soft wash in the crease is your best bet for pulling the look together without looking over the top.

5 thoughts on “Focus On: MAC Capricious

  1. YAY-I love this one and I have it. It does appear darker on me for some reason. And yes it fades pretty quickly. I do love it tho. It looks great on you Z.

    1. Ah! Thanks for confirming that! I had a sneaky suspicion it was another one of those chameleon shades! 😉
      Thank you for the compliment! 😀

  2. I adore Capricious but have to quibble with the “brown” descriptor! Perhaps because I’m cool-toned, I don’t find it brown (I can’t wear brown lipsticks) – I guess it adapts on me to look less “brown”. I have to agree – I do wish this were a more lasting formula, though, or that MAC would come out with this same colour but in the “amplified cream” or other longer-lasting formula.

      1. It doesn’t look brown on you at all. At least to my eyes. It looks amazing on you! It makes you have that perfect MLBB. It also brings out your complexion.

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