Focus On: MAC Blankety

Finish: Amplified Creme / Soft pink beige

Rating: lippie2lippie2lippie2lippie2lippie2(5 out of 5)

What is there NOT to love about Blankety?! Oh, shall I count the ways I love thee?! Blankety is hands down one of my go-to neutral lipsticks; it just makes my lips look so sophisticated and reminds me of those high-end lipsticks both in color and finish. This is one I would expect to pay upwards of $40 for, it is that good! The creamy finish means it applies effortlessly and stays put just as easily. It doesn’t fade throughout the day and it’s one of the most complimentary colors against a fair complexion I’ve seen. In my experience with Blankety, it definitely has a chameleon effect, so how it looks on one person may not be how it looks on another. The best thing to do with Blankety is either try it in store or get a sample of it to see how it looks on your lips before purchasing the full size. This is one I will be restocking over and over and over . . . well, you get the point. 😉

What are the best eyeshadows to pair with Blankety?

Eyeshadow Combo: Naked Lunch on the inner half of the lid, Carbonized on the outer third of the lid, Sable in the crease

Blankety is one of those lip colors I feel looks best with neutral combos. I enjoy pairing it with neutral combos moreso than any others because this color isn’t a straight pale pink type nude, it carries its own played-down version of color, too. The addition of Blankety in a look ties everything together and it’s one of those lip colors that offsets neutral eyes amazingly well.

If you wanted to wear Blankety with other colors, you can pair it up with light pink eyeshadows (as it does have a pink base to it that goes beautifully). Think of shades like Da Bling, Jest, Tissueweight, Jete, Sin from the Naked palette, etc. Silver/gray shades (Pistol from Naked2, Electra, Silver Ring, Knight Divine, etc.) and light barely-there greens (think Juxt, Golden Olive pigment) are also equally stunning.

Do you own Blankety?

24 thoughts on “Focus On: MAC Blankety

  1. very pretty color..not sure if it will go with my skin tome. i have olive skin and very tan now b/c its summer. you think it would make look washed out?

    1. It might but it’s hard for me to say without seeing you. Based on how tan you are, it could have that corpse like effect.
      It’d be better to try it in store if you are really interested in it or try a sample from 😉

      1. Love . You can get so many samples of lipsticks at a great price. I may get a sample of Blankety. You would think I could wear it because I’m fair like Z, but my lips are very pigmented. Their like dark rose in color. You wouldn’t think a fair girl would have that dark of lips. So, a lot of these light colors look chalky on me. That’s why I wear more medium to darker shades. They just seem to look better. I’ll sometimes put foundation or concealer on my lips and that helps with wearing certain shades.

  2. I wanted to love it when I saw swatches online, but when I tried it in the store, it looked awful with my complexion. All the pretty ones look chalky on me 🙁

  3. Thank you for the eye shadow suggestions with this! I have never quite understood how to match shadows with the correct lipstick or color family. I’m putting these colors on my list for my next MAC shopping trip. 🙂

  4. Hands down, Blankety is one of my absolute favorite lipsticks. Such a beautiful neutral and goes great with a dramatic eye!!

  5. I’ve never tried Blankety. Is it a pinky-beige or more of a browny-beige? I find that pinky-beige nudes are more flattering on me. I love it on you in the photo but I’ve always wondered whether or not it would suit my colouring (relatively fair complexion with dark brown hair and brown eyes).

    Oh,and I love the photo – you look so sophisticated and the backdrop/clothes really sets the whole look off.

    1. Thank you, Saira! 🙂
      Blankety is a pinky-beige and would be beautiful on you! I also find I can’t wear the brown-beige shades, they look strange on me. LOL

  6. You look beautiful babe! 🙂 I can see in your eyes though that you are exhausted. You need a little break. A weekend off from doing makeup. You have more than enough info on your site, so everybody would be fine. You have to get your rest sweetie. You can’t let your physical body get down because someone wants a look done right now or info right now. People can do some researching online if they have an issue. That’s what we do a lot of the time. If someone is selfish enough to have a problem with you taking a little time off then that’s their issue. I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone, but you look so tired. If you get sick,( and I’m saying this part selfishly) there will not be any make up looks. Ok, I’m done with my rant. You know how I feel about this issue. I just want you to feel well and rested sister! 🙂 You look beautiful even though your exhausted! 🙂 Take care Z!

    1. Hey K!
      I swear you see right through me!
      My husband said the same thing recently. I will more than likely take next weekend off completely and just get the work done that needs to be done for next weekend during the week. 🙂 It’s true, I haven’t had a WHOLE weekend off in a loooong while. LOL Maybe I’ll go to the beach!

      You are always welcome to speak your mind, you know that 😉 I appreciate your support and concern and will definitely heed your advice! Hugs!

      1. That’s sounds good. I hope you get the rest you richly deserve! 🙂 I’m glad your husband noticed it also. The beach sounds nice.

  7. Absolutely love this site! I was actually inspired to look up combinations BECAUSE OF Blankety! Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Was wondering on options to correct it with MAC lip liners that are more pink or peach? Just to hold me off to trade in my 6 empties 😉

    1. Hi Eileen!
      Welcome to you! 🙂 I’m sorry to hear Blankety didn’t work for you! 🙁
      I don’t own a lot of MAC lip liners, so I can’t recommend anything from their line specifically, but you could try mixing it with pink or peachier lip liners to get a different effect. Sounds like it may be too cool-looking on you based on your description? You could also try layering it with other MAC lipsticks. I find I can’t wear Myth on its own or I look like a dead woman (ha!) but layering it with colors like Shy Girl and Hue give new life to it for me. 😉

      1. Hi Zabrena. I took your advice & mixed blankety with another color, even with shy girl it looked nice. Funny that I like Myth! Apply Myth then line over with MAC Hover lipliner keeping center of lip light, dot with MAC Wildly Lush Plushglass in the center = gorgeous. Especially with a smoky eye with a bit of lid color like purple.
        Again, love your site. So happy I found you! I keep a list of the looks you post so my morning routine is easier.

        1. Awesome! I’m so happy to hear that worked with you! I will have to try layering it with Shy Girl myself! Your Myth combo sounds lovely, too! So glad you’re enjoying the site; I’m thrilled you’re here! 😀

    1. Hmmm, I wouldn’t compare it to Shy Girl personally, only because I feel Shy Girl is a peachy shade whereas Blankety is a nude-pink or nude-brown shade, depending on the complexion it’s paired with. 😉

  8. I see. I checked it up at the store and understand what you mean. Blankety is nearly identical with Viva Glam II which I own. Nude/Mauve.

    I found out that rather Creme Cup would suit as my pink version of Shy Girl. I saw you used it for the Naked3 looks as well. Will buy it next week.

    I must say I’m very pleased with your lipstick reviews too. What eyeshadow to match them with. I’m so glad I found it.

  9. I am quite fair (Blonde hair blue eyes) but i love Blankety also, i do find that when i am a little more tan in the summer that Hug Me fits the bill as a beautiful nude 🙂

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