Stila In the Moment Palette Looks

stila_inthemomentpaletteStila’s In the Moment palette is filled with purple and neutral shades and like the previous “In the” palettes, is unique unto itself when it comes to finishes and colors. There is no mirror in this palette, whereas the ‘In the Light’ palette does have a mirror.

The only real dupeable shade within this palette would be Glance, in my opinion, which I feel you can find in Urban Decay’s Psychedelic Sister and MAC’s Parfait Amour. Wonder would also be comparable to Malt in the type of look you can achieve with either eyeshadow, but I feel Wonder lacks the neutral brown tones you’d find in Malt; Wonder is much more pink. Impulse reminds me a LOT of MAC’s Lovely Lily pigment, both in color and consistency. It’s a buttery shade to apply but does have a little bit of fallout, in my experience with it so far. My favorite shades in this palette are Wonder, Captivate and Impulse for their unique coloring!

(L to R, Top Row) Instinct, Impulse, Glance, Improvise, Catalyst
(L to R, Bottom Row) Desire, Wonder, Spontaneous, Whim, Captivate

Compared to previous “In the” palettes I’ve used, I did experience a little bit more fallout with this palette. It really only appeared to happen with Impulse and Instinct eyeshadows, though. And that was really only during application; once applied over primer, they stuck pretty well throughout the day. Other than those two, the rest of the eyeshadows pretty much held their own both during and after application.

Overall, I’d say if you are a purple eyeshadow fan and are looking for a new palette to try, this is a good one that will give you a lot of great looks. My favorite combos are #1, 4 and 7. How about you?!

Look #1see the full face here!

  • Captivate (on the lid, below crease)
  • Wonder (crease)
  • MAC Blanc Type (blend)

11 thoughts on “Stila In the Moment Palette Looks

  1. Sigh…..I thought for sure this was one I could pass on – and then I saw Improvise…and Glance…and Captivate. I don’t have Parfait Amour (though I think I have Psychedelic Sister – pretty bad when you can’t even remember your own eye shadows!), nor do I have Lovely Lily. I actually think I would have purchased this earlier had it not been packaged in purple! Faves? Hard to choose but I’d say 1, 3, 4 and 7. Am I right in guessing the pencil that comes with this palette is purple?

    1. I always forget the darned pencils in these things LOL Yes, it’s a sparkly blackened purple, super beautiful color!

      Haha! That is pretty bad when you can’t remember your eyeshadows! Don’t feel badly though, I have bought many a doubles because I thought “I need that!” but already had it (ahem, Carbonized, Grain, Coquette LOL!)!

      1. I checked and I do have Psychedelic Sister (in the BOSIII) – I’m usually okay recalling the single shadows I have but when they’re in palettes, I always forget. And the BOSIII is so bulky and awkward to use that I rarely use it which is a shame.

        1. Ohhh I gotcha! I’ve heard that about that palette; have you thought about depotting it? I saw some video a while back where someone cut it apart and depotted the eyeshadows and put them in a Z Palette. That’s probably what I would’ve done, too. LOTS of work to do with that one though. 🙁

  2. Hi Zabrena! I’ve been checking out your website these days and I love it already! I’ll be subscribing once I am able to, as in next week. 😉 I can’t wait!

    Can I ask you a quick question about this palette? Would you say the colors on the top row are on the cooler side or no? I can’t tell, lol! I ask because I’m wondering if I can wear these colors or not. For reference, I have brown eyes and light-medium skin with yellowish undertones. (According to Sephora’s Color IQ, I’m 2Y07!) Thanks so much in advance!

  3. I finally bought this palette because of your review and pretty color combos. It was also on sale on so I had to get my hands on it. This is my first Stila purchase and I’m quite impressed. I tried looks #4 and #6. Thank you so much Z!

  4. I purchased this palette and struggled with getting the color to pop. I had some success with the purple shades but then passed the palette on to my daughter who is more fair. I do love the Lorac pro palette you recommended…. Love it!

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