TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette Looks


A matte palette! Can I get a WOOT, WOOT?! Wowee! I was beyond excited when I first discovered the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette from TheBalm and have been equally impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows. They are highly pigmented, unlike the ‘Nude Tude palette I tried previously, and they blend into one another seamlessly.

My most favorite colors in this palette are Matt Abdul and Matt Singh (you know me and pinky browns!). No real blending shade within the palette, in my opinion, for the real fair gals so you will more than likely need to rely on an external blending shade like I did.

Matt Hung was the only shade in this palette I felt gave me more of an issue than the others. That’s because it made me look like I had a bruised, black eye. Uh, no thanks! Placing a small amount of it on the outer corner of the eye helped to eliminate that somewhat (see look #5 and 6), but so much for being able to use it on a good portion of my lid.

Overall, I don’t feel like this is a must-have palette and certainly not one you can use solely by itself, just my opinion! It’s a great addition if you’re looking for matte neutrals that you can mix in with colors you already own, and that will probably be how I’ll use it in the future myself.

(Top Row, L to R) Matt Johnson, Matt Garcia, Matt Malloy
(Middle Row, L to R) Matt Rosen, Matt Wood, Matt Singh
(Bottom Row, L to R) Matt Abdul, Matt Lombardi, Matt Hung

Look #1 see the full face here!

  • Matt Malloy (inner third of lid)
  • Matt Lombardi (outer 2/3 of lid)
  • Matt Garcia (outer third of lid, carried into outer v)
  • Matt Singh (crease)
  • MAC Blanc Type (blend)

11 thoughts on “TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette Looks

  1. Hi Sweetie!
    You always do beautiful looks, but from the swatches to your eyes, the pigmentation seems to fail. The eyeshadows on the eyes just don’t look that pigmented. It seems like certain shades are better than others. Maybe I just don’t like the palette. M. Hung and M. Johnson look like they both could cause that bruised eye look. You always do a great job though! 🙂

    1. Thank you babe! 😀
      Yeah, Hung and Johnson are VERY hard ones to wear, in my opinion, at least for us fair gals.
      I can see where you’d say they don’t look that pigmented, they are though! It may be hard to translate on camera; maybe that’s why. 😀
      I honestly didn’t like the looks of the palette until I started working with it, but it’s not one I feel I can’t live without either. 🙂
      Thank you for your compliments!

  2. This palette remins me ALOT of Stila’s In the Know palette? We don’t get TheBalm in SA, so I’ll recreate the looks with Stila!

  3. I think I’m going to have to get this palette. I love anything with matte shadows. All I have is the Naked Basics palette and some NYX matte shades, but this may have to be added to my small collection. 🙂

  4. Has anyone tried the IT Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 all matte palette? Tarte Matteitude works quite well for fair people.

  5. I’ve recently revisited my The Balm palettes now that my local Kohl’s is selling their line. I’m still chuckling about a conversation I had with the lady working in the makeup section…The Balm’s line hadn’t been selling well in Utah because of, well…ummm….the packaging. LOL. Personally, they make me smile and anything that makes me smile is a good thing to have around.

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