Spotlight On: MAC Coral

coralFinish: Matte / Subdued coral

Known Dupes: Ablaze (LE)

When you first hear of coral, you may be expecting a pinky-orange type shade much like I did, right? Unfortunately, that’s not what you’ll find in MAC’s Coral eyeshadow; this is more of a siren orange and I didn’t see a trace of pink in it, even when paired up with pink eyeshadows. Certainly this is a shocking color to wear and can be especially difficult to tie into looks. In my experience with it, Coral is usually best when placed on the outer corners of the eyes, right in the center for a small pop of color, or mixed with a neutral in the crease (this can help to tone it down). It has a matte finish and is buttery soft; it doesn’t give any issues in terms of application or blending. Dupe-wise, it is a dead ringer for the limited edition shade Ablaze, so if you missed out on it, replacing it with Coral in a look isn’t a big deal at all. Overall, I like this shade but will need some more time to experiment with this bold color!

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

11 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Coral

  1. I LOVE this color!!! Ablaze was my first MAC purchase and I haven’t regretted it once! Now I have a back up in coral… Thanks for giving me more ideas so I can wear it more often… You do amazing work!

  2. Look 2 is great, Coral really looks good with Seedy Pearl and Sketch. I have been debating this one, I already have Orange, Rule and Red Brick, so I could probably do without it. But….you know how it is…. 🙂

      1. I love look 2 and wear of often. I had been mixing Free to Be and Rule for the crease, which looked fine. But Coral is a beautiful shade. So glad they brought it back.

  3. These looks are stunning. I have been thinking about getting Coral for awhile now. How does Coral compare to Rule?

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