Spotlight On: MAC Yogurt

yogurtFinish: Matte / Soft pale pink

Yogurt is one of the best soft pink shades I have ever come across not only for its coloring, but the soft matte finish also makes it exquisitely easy to work with. If you’re a neutral lover but looking to branch out into color slowly, I’d highly recommend trying Yogurt. Its soft enough to make the eyes pop without screaming too loudly that there is color on your eyes. Even though this is a light color, I love that it’s a build-able color, so if you want it more pronounced you can layer it for more color, but if you want a sheer wash of color, one swipe of the brush will do that for you, too! I quite often find myself using this one lightly on the brow bone too in pink looks; it makes for a superb blender when used sparingly. Paired up with medium to darker pinks, browns, oranges, soft yellows, grays, blacks; well, you can see the endless possibilities with this one. A very versatile shade and one of my favorites!

5 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Yogurt

  1. I like to pair this lovely shade with Shadowy Lady. Thanks for these very nice additional combos!
    I cannot find a link to this page on the library… perhaps you forgot to add Yogurt to the list? Sorry but it would be easier and quicker to retrieve this page if it’s listed on the library

  2. WOW! I just bought my first set of MAC colors. I did the personalize a quad set. Two of the colors were Yogart and Blanc type. Now I know why I was having issues with the blending and applying. Realy good makeup makes all the difference. Thanks for introducing me to this line. I also bought Naked 1 but UD. also a big Wow.

  3. Oh my gosh. I am just going through your MAC looks, they are all great. Look number 10 on this page is so beautiful. Thanks for so many great ideas!

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