Stila In The Know Palette Looks

(Top Row, L to R) Air, Wind, Desert, Clay, Earth
(Bottom Row, L to R) Driftwood, Fire, Rain, Smoke, Ebony

Well, this is an interesting palette! Right off the bat, I really appreciate how Stila has made each of these ‘In the’ palettes follow a specific theme. The ‘In the Know’ palette follows an intrinsic desert theme and I love the names! However, compared to other ‘In the’ palettes I’ve featured for you on the site before, some of these shades left a little to be desired! 🙁

I found a good majority of the shades to be quite pigmented, super easy to blend and apply. What I didn’t fancy is the lack of contrast in some of these shades placed side by side, which makes me feel like you’d be limited in the number of combos you could create using just this palette all by itself. Mixing it with other eyeshadows you already have would deliver a wider range of looks, in my opinion. I was also disappointed by the eyeshadow in this palette called ‘Smoke’. If you look at it in some of the combos below you can see how chalky it appears on the eyes. As hard as I tried to get it not to look that way, I couldn’t. It reminds me a LOT of MAC’s Scene, but a less pigmented and chalkier version of it.

The burnt orange shade ‘Fire’ was probably my most favorite in this palette and I would have liked to have seen more orange-leaning shades included in this palette, like MAC’s Arena or Samoa Silk.

Overall, out of the ‘In the’ series of palettes, I’d say this was the least desirable for me (and that’s saying a lot considering how much I’ve cheered for Stila’s palettes in the past).

What do you think of this palette?

(Top Row, L to R) Air, Wind, Desert, Clay, Earth
(Bottom Row, L to R) Driftwood, Fire, Rain, Smoke, Ebony

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Desert (inner third of lid)
  • Fire (middle of lid)
  • Driftwood (outer third of lid)
  • Air (blend)

14 thoughts on “Stila In The Know Palette Looks

  1. I actually love this palette! But maybe it’s because it’s one of the few entirely matte palettes available. I had absolutely no idea how to use “fire” so I haven’t used it yet. I was anxiously awaiting this post to see what you would do with it! Can’t wait to try some of these looks out and start experimenting more with “fire”. I’d love to know which eyelashes you are wearing for these looks!

    1. Ah! I missed the matte factor! You’re right! Maybe that’s why Smoke was so chalky. Some mattes are good but there are some chalky ones out there.

      Yeah! Fire is gorgeous! I do really love that shade!
      The lashes are the ‘Key To His Heart’ style from Inky Minky – I just love them! 😀

      1. I just purchased “Key To His Heart” lashes! I love that they are a more natural looking set of false lashes, but still have that plush look. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Z,
    I too, loooooveee this palette. I love the matte factor as you say. Since i am older and have the creepy eyelids these colors work well for me. Clay and rain are two of my everyday crease shades. Sorry you didnt like the palette very much, stila shadows are usually pretty amazing. Thanks for all the hardwork you put in for us to learn and enjoy! You are appreciated love.
    Muahhhhhh. Have a great day!

    1. That’s awesome! Happy to hear you love this palette!
      I do really love Stila’s eyeshadows, they’re such high quality. 🙂
      Thank you for the appreciation! xoxo!!

  3. I nearly bought this palette 6 months ago, when the SDM near me was out of Rain and I’d gone there specifically to get Rain. The saleswoman directed me to the palette and gave the whole song and dance about how it’s a better value, getting all those shadows and the pencil for a bit more than twice the price of the one shadow. And I don’t disagree with that thinking (obviously, which is why I have SO MANY palettes). But what stopped me were 3 things – that the palette is all matte (I know a lot of people love that about this palette but I like a bit of sheen mixed in with my mattes); that I have dupes for a lot of these shades (but that’s hardly surprising since I have a truckload of eye shadow) but mostly is was the inclusion of that ORANGE shadow, which I know I’d never use and which, for some reason, sort of put me off the whole palette. So it made more sense just to wait and buy Rain on its own when it was restocked. Interestingly, this has a much higher rating on MUA than either the In the Garden or In the Light palettes (both of which, I personally prefer).

    1. Isn’t that funny! I’m with you; given the choice I’d much rather go for the In the Garden or In the Light (LOOOOOVE!). I can see where Fire would be off putting for you and this is one of those red oranges, too which would make it very hard for someone with a cool complexion to pull off, so I hear ya! I always forget to review the darn pencil! I’m going to have to come back to these posts and swatch the pencils. The pencil in this one is a dark gray, smokey color. It’s actually quite a nice alternative from brown or the usual black they could’ve stuck in here. 😀

    2. I bought this palette, ( yay!) and the pencil is a grey, not too dark, and not too light. ( half moon). 🙂 I was expecting a brownish colour myself, but actually like this one.

  4. Z, meant to ask you – what colour is the pencil included with this one? I’m guessing it’s a reddish brown (sort of like UD Whiskey?)

  5. I would love a dupes list with MAC products… Love the looks but if you don’t like it, let’s dupe it!!! Ha ha

  6. Z would you consider combining the palettes in this collection for some looks? it took me a bit to *warm* up to this one as well, but what I’ve found is it goes great with the other ones! because the other palettes in this collection are a bit lacking in the matte selection.I love mixing them and it would be really cool to see your take on them xoxo

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