Spotlight On: MAC Charcoal Brown

charcoalbrownFinish: Matte / Muted taupe brown

Charcoal Brown! Where have you been all my life?! Ha! I have to admit I was not thrilled to use this shade when I first purchased it because I assumed (never do that, Z!) it would be like some of the matte finishes from other MAC eyeshadows. Sometimes they are not all they’re cracked up to be. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Charcoal Brown! It was easy to pick up on the brush and was NOT splotchy at all during application. It was smooth and seamless and even easier to blend into other shades. I have yet to try it in the crease and I feel that’s a true test for an eyeshadow (especially a matte one!), but from what I’ve seen so far I’m sure it will be great there, too. (I’ll have to update this post VERY soon!) In the pan, it looks very boring and like a dirty brown similar to Mystery (at least it did to me), but I caught a glimpse of red undertones when I was taking pictures of the swatch. I don’t feel like it translated to my lid like that, just worth noting if you struggle with red-based eyeshadows. What do you think of this shade?

Look #1 – I don’t like Bamboo, but I LOVE it here!

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Charcoal Brown (on lid, below crease)
  • Bamboo (crease)
  • Blanc Type

3 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Charcoal Brown

  1. I put off buying Charcoal Brown for a long time. The name itself was calling me but I’d look at it in store and be underwhelmed because I was expecting something a bit more “charcoal”. But I bought it some time back – more than 2 years – and I love it. I pair it with Sweet Satisfaction (Pro Longwear) as a reliable look for work when I don’t want to have to think – SS on the lid and CB in the crease. It’s a great shadow – one of those “work horse” shades and so much more easy to work with than a lot of the matte shadows from MAC.

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