Spotlight On: MAC Carbon

carbonFinish: Matte / Intense black

Carbon is, simply put, a smokey black shade in an easy-to-work-with matte formula. While MAC describes this as an intense black though, I have to disagree. It can be intense depending on how much you use, but it also offers a smokey, light black if a little bit is used. I also don’t feel it’s as pigmented a black as others I have used from other brands, like Urban Decay’s Blackout (which is Baaah-lack!). I really like using it in the outer v of the eye to add dimension to a look, and a little bit goes a LONG way! Blending out the harsh edges of Carbon is quite easy, providing you apply a small amount at a time; if you do apply too much, it can be a booger and a half to blend. For those who have medium to dark complexions, you can get away with wearing this as an all over lid color with a medium brown in the crease (as I have demonstrated below) – lucky you! 😉 How do you feel about Carbon and where do you typically place it in a look?

7 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Carbon

  1. I absolutely hate Carbon and find it a pain in the butsky to try to blend. There are so many better and more blendable blacks. But having said that, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE looks 3, 4 and 6. If I didn’t know that Carbon was not my friend, I’d be rushing out to buy it! Instead, I’ll used TF Stiletto or UD Creep or Blackout. I too would love to know a dupe for Green Room because I’d love to replicate that look in the next few days.

    1. Haha! I hear ya!! Thankfully, black is black – ha! Like you said, very easy to use something easier to work with!
      For Green Room I’d say Humid, but it’s a little lighter than Green Room. I believe there’s a dark green in the ‘In the Garden’ palette that would be beautiful in its place, too!

      1. I’m wondering about Jealous Jordana from TheBalm or Loaded from UD – they’re quite dark and somewhat blackened greens. I see that Sephora has Lorac’s single shadows, including Green Room, on sale but none of the stores near me even carry Lorac and I have “issues” with ordering online. I’ll have to do a comparison of Humid and the 2 other shadows I mentioned to get a sense of which might be best. That dark green from In the Garden – I think it’s called Spruce – is such a lovely shade. It applies a lot nicer than it looks in the palette. I still feel like I owe you a huge “thank you” for causing me to buy that palette. It’s one of my favourites.

  2. So I couldn’t help myself when I saw Lorac’s single eyeshadows on sale for $6. I did a swatch after it arrived in the mail and green room is exactly the same as MUG envy AND UD loaded…. Just thought you’d want to spread the word. 🙂

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