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When I first got the Naked3 palette into my excited little hands, I could see right from the start this was going to be one of the harder palettes to dupe with MAC. And believe me when I say, it most definitely WAS! I spent a good portion of the day looking through MAC eyeshadows, pigments, layering colors and it was NOT an easy task!

If you’re looking for EXACT MAC dupes for the Naked3 palette, you’re going to be pretty hard pressed to find them. Some are easy to match with eyeshadows in MAC’s line, but many remain elusive and unique unto themselves. If there is an eyeshadow I feel could not be replicated exactly, I will include the closest possible match a with detailed explanation of the subtle differences.

UD Naked3 vs. MAC

strange_creamybisqueUD Strange = MAC Orb + Creamy Bisque

I thought Strange would be one of the easier shades to dupe in this palette; turns out I was wrong! I layered several different eyeshadows before finding that layering Creamy Bisque (a limited edition shade from Fall 2011) over Orb produced a pretty close match.

dust_phloofjestUD Dust = MAC Jest + Pink Venus + Phloof!

Dust is not a match to anything in MAC’s line, nor is it easy to remotely replicate for two reasons: it’s a unique pink shade and it’s got that doggone glitter fallout, which is highly comparable to MAC’s Lustre formula. However, there are no lustre finishes that match Dust in color. I found that layering Jest with Pink Venus and Phloof! produced a similar color, but it still lacked that glitter finish found in Dust.

burnout_jetejestUD Burnout = MAC Jest + Jete

I love Burnout, especially as a crease color, and after using it a few times already on my eyes I knew it was going to be difficult to find anything that would give a similar effect. The only two eyeshadows that came to mind were MAC’s Jest and Jete. When I compared each of them with Burnout and found that neither of them matched exactly on their own, I decided to combine them and doing so brought a closer match to Burnout.

limit_girliehauxUD Limit = MAC Haux + Girlie

I originally thought Haux was an exact match for Limit, but it turns out it’s a lot darker and closer to another shade in this palette. When compared side by side, I noticed Limit had a mauve tone that was missing from Haux so I layered it lightly over Girlie. Due to Girlie’s finish, you don’t get a completely matte finish like Limit, but the color is closer.



trick_mythology UD Trick = MAC Mythology + All That Glitters

Trick is a highly unusual color, unlike anything I have ever seen or used before. It reminded me a LOT of Chopper from the Naked2 palette, but a little darker in shade. The closest I could come in reproducing this color was to layer Mythology with All That Glitters. It’s actually hard to tell them apart in the swatches!

nooner_hauxUD Nooner = MAC Haux

Β Nooner is a deep, matte rosy neutral shade and matches MAC’s Haux nearly identically. After studying these two side by side for a little bit the only real difference I could find between these two is the pigmentation level. I feel Nooner is much more deeply pigmented compared to Haux and is great for medium to darker complexions, especially if you have had trouble getting Haux to show on your eyes.

liar_sableUD Liar = MAC Sable

I struggled with finding a dupe for Liar during my duping session and I had to set it aside and come back to it several times in the process. It wasn’t until I was nearing the end of my session that I glanced at it and realized it might be a dupe for MAC’s Sable and sure enough, it was! It has a lighter level of pigmentation by just a smidgen and Liar has a tiny bit more red and purple tones. Other than that, these two are pretty hard to tell apart side by side.

factory_mulchtwinksUD Factory = MAC Mulch + Twinks

No exact dupe for this one, unfortunately. The only way I was able to come remotely close to finding anything like Factory was to layer Twinks over Mulch. It brought me closer to Factory’s color, but there are some purple tones in Factory that are missing in MAC’s version.

mugshot_satintaupeUD Mugshot = MAC Satin Taupe

Even though these two look pretty close I still feel like Mugshot is more unique in color compared to Satin Taupe. It has a tinge more red mixed into it that Satin Taupe doesn’t have. Both shades are within the gray taupe family, though.

darkside_mothbrownknightUD Darkside = MAC Moth Brown + Knight Divine

One of my most favorite shades in this palette is Darkside and it’s because it’s unlike anything I’ve seen or have! To get even remotely close to replicating its beauty I layered Knight Divine over Moth Brown. While this will get you closer to Darkside, it’s still missing a little bit of the red tones.

blackheart_beautymarkedUD Blackheart = MAC Beauty Marked

This was probably the most surprising duping pair I found in this palette, because if you look closely at the swatch of Blackheart, you’ll notice gold specks not found in Beauty Marked. This leads me to say that up-close, upon further inspection these two are not identical dupes of one another but I feel they’re so close in the effect that you could use one in place of the other.

What dupes have you found within this palette?

25 thoughts on “MAC Dupes for Naked3 Palette

  1. Wow that’s an amazing set of dupes! Great job! I do love my Naked 3 pallet though! ;-D. Between my Naked 1, 2 and 3′ and recent Stila pallets (In the Moment and In the Garden), I’ve really been neglecting my Mac shades lately!

  2. It’s nice to see a UD Naked palette that doesn’t have so many dupes in it! Yay! πŸ™‚
    Last night I wore the combo of yours that has Chopper on the inner and outer half of the lids, Bootycall on the middle of the lid, and Half Baked in the crease. The only thing different I did was, I used Trick instead of Chopper. It came out beautifully. I agree on Mugshot. It reminds me of Satin Taupe but it has those red tones that S.T. doesn’t, but it’s still not a bad dupe.

    1. I agree! I was hoping this one would be hard to dupe and I’m so glad it was!! Ouu! I can see that combo you mentioned with Trick instead of Chopper being GAWGEOUS! I must try! xxoo!

  3. Y’know, I was sort of lukewarm about this palette (I’ve got 1 and 2) but now, seeing the dupes, I actually want to purchase the Naked3 quite a lot! I’m glad it’s permanent so there’s no desperation to get it before it’s gone.

  4. You did a fabulous job on the dupes, Z. I can’t keep looking at this palette, it’s too tempting. I am a little annoyed that they raised the prices on their palettes. I’m supposed to be on a budget! LOL

  5. I think I actually own both Orb and Creamy Bisque! I’ll have to try layering them.
    Yeah Dust has awful fallout. It’s the only one in the palette that made me sad.

    I really love the Silk Naturals clone of this palette.

    It’s really cool to see the dupe list you came up with. And I’m really impressed, once again, at how many shades UD created that are unique πŸ™‚

    1. Me too! I would have loved Dust if it had just a tiny bit LESS glitter πŸ™ I am SO impressed by UD with this palette otherwise, though! Like you said, nice to see more unique shades! πŸ˜€

  6. Z it’s obvious that you’ve worked really hard to get this done. You’re really talented! I’m sold on NAKED 3 now. My bummer was that my first and only exposure to UD was the oz palettes. They’re okay, but not awesome. Because of that, I was a bit weary of getting it. But if you like it, I’m sure I will as I have fair skin like yours and pale blue eyes.

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for the compliments, I appreciate that! πŸ™‚ Oh golly yes, the Oz palettes are horrible in comparison to Naked3, I know you’ll be most pleased with this palette. I honestly haven’t picked up either of the Oz palettes since creating the looks for the site, they aren’t an everyday favorite for me!

      1. I actually quite like the Oz palettes. I have both of them, but I have dark brown hair, medium skin and hazel eyes, so that could be the difference. I could see them being more difficult to work with on fair skin, especially Theodora. I have a lot of the Urban Decay eyeshadow singles and they are great too! I am interested in the Naked 3 palette because I like the rosy shades and like you showed, they are very unique. I wasn’t as interested in Naked 1 and 2 because they appeared to be much more dupable and I already have some shades in single form.

  7. Coastal scents has a Revealed 2 palette that looks like a dupe for naked3 and maybe lorac unzipped? Have you compared it to the real thing? Thanks!

  8. Sooo… I really love your dupes for the UD palettes as I love MAC much more than UD ^^ for UD strange I can recommand you MAC Phloof! πŸ™‚ it may looks different when you swatch it, but on the eye it looks the same!
    Good evening πŸ™‚

  9. Tell me you’re doing this for the new naked smoky?! <3 these have been so helpful! I have all the naked palettes so not I know what NOT to buy from mac!

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