The Balm’s Balm Jovi Palette Looks


I admit, I didn’t have high expectations for this palette, especially after being so disappointed in the ‘Nude Tude palette, but I have been pleasantly surprised by it! I feel the colors are MUCH more pigmented in this palette and the range of colors is awesome (let’s also not forget to mention the cool theme!).

I almost mixed this palette with the Balm’s Meet Matt(e) version, as I could see the two working really well together. Ran out of time though, so I will focus on doing that in the future when I update this post. If you have the Meet Matt(e) palette, try combining it with some of these shades! My most favorite shades in this palette are: Lead Zeppelin, Metal-ica, Alice Copper and Allegro.


(L to R, Top Row) Metal-ica, Adagio, Blink 1982, Iron Maid-in, Allegro
(L to R, Middle Row) The Stroke, Lead Zeppelin, Moderato, REM, Alice Copper
(L to R, Bottom Row) Presto, Third-Eye Blinded, Solid Gold, Don’t You Want Me?

The Lippies!

Typically, I’m not one for lipsticks in an eyeshadow palette, it just seems weird to me and I despise having to use a lip brush. However, I REALLY love the color of Milly and actually combining the two shades as one; it creates a gorgeous color! I must say both of these lippies are highly pigmented, creamy, smooth, easy to apply and look fantastic with this palette.


The result of mixing Milly, Vanilly and adding Metal-ica to the center of the bottom lip (LOVE this!):


Look #1

Eyeshadows Used:

  • Lead Zeppelin (inner and outer third of lid and lower lashline)
  • Metal-ica (center of lid)
  • Third Eye Blinded (transition color in crease)
  • Blink 1982 (deepen crease and blend Lead Zeppelin into Third Eye Blinded)
  • MAC Blanc Type (blend)

18 thoughts on “The Balm’s Balm Jovi Palette Looks

  1. I ADORE this palette, it’s one of my all time favorites! I’ve created some of my favorite day and night looks with The Balm Jovi! Also, the Disco highlighter in the palette is actually Mary Lou-Manizer! One of the BEST highlighters on the market! It states this either on the back of the palette or the box it comes packaged in which most people just toss so no one ever knows this! The Mary Lou is perfection for inner corner highlighting, center of the lip like you did, all over the lid for quick days, just everything! It’s so versatile 🙂 Fabulous looks, I’ll be bookmarking the email! Xoxox

    1. Hi Kim,
      Since you have used this palette a lot, what are some of your favorite ways to wear it or favorite looks? Thanks 🙂

  2. Lovely as always Zabrena! 🙂 Its funny I was just thinking about this palette today and what I was going to do with it. Z, to the rescue! 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work sweetie.

  3. Yes you did! LOL! 🙂 Alice Cooper reminds me of another e/s but I can’t place it right now. Oh! I’m almost forgot to tell you that something is wrong with the Forum. It stared last night saying, 403 Permission denied when I tried to reply to a post. I don’t know if it’s my phone or what. I thought I’ll would let you know. I’ll be talking to you soon. 🙂

    1. Hee hee! 🙂 Alice Cooper looks SO much like what would happen if you combined Cranberry with Heritage Rouge in my mind, LOVE that one!

      Yes! Thanks for telling me about the forum; someone else mentioned that earlier today too. I’ve started paying extra for a firewall to protect the site further from any other attacks and I think it has messed with the forum in the process. Working on finding out what that is! Ha!

  4. I didn’t buy this one as I have dupes for all the shades I like best in the palette but I have to say, they have the funniest, cleverest names for their shadows. I may yet break down and buy this (they do have it at the drugstore near my school and gym). The one I’d really have loved (more funny and clever names) is The Balm and the Beautiful (with names that spoof the soap operas) but that one never came to “a makeup counter near me”.

    1. This was very cleverly done! I found myself going over the palette’s words with a fine tooth comb when I first got it because I was so intrigued by the creativity they put into it! Oh, the soap opera spoof sounds goooood!

      1. They had names like The Super Model, The Oil Tycoon, The Older Woman, The Perfect Man and, best of all….wait for it…..The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die!!!! All the standard stereotypes of soap opera scripts! I think it was actually exactly the same as their Muppet palette, with the products renamed but, like I say, just really clever.

    1. Hi Diane! I’d say it’s one of the easier ones to dupe with MAC, most definitely! For Lead Zeppelin, there’s no real identical match in MAC, but if you have Bows & Curtseys, you could try it in its place. Bottle Green mixed with Golden Olive pigment could give you a similar result, too. The Stroke could be subbed with Contrast, Metal-ica with Crystal Avalanche, and you could use any brown in the crease for those looks, Swiss Chocolate would work real well there!

  5. I love this palette! One of my favorites by TheBalm. I’ll have to give some of these combos a try. I’d love to see what you come up with using this palette with the Matte Nude palette Z!

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