Spotlight On: MakeupGeek Prom Night

promnightProm Night is best described as a dirty, cool, medium purple shade. If you have a cool complexion, this is a great eyeshadow to have in your collection. For those of us with warm complexions, you can also wear this shade, but pairing it up with warmer eyeshadows will help you to wear it better (think of neutrals like Swiss Chocolate, Creme Brule, Peach Smoothie, etc.). I personally found I struggled wearing this shade on the lid all by itself as it made me look bruised so I did modify it in some of the below combos to alleviate that bruising effect (see #3). Alternatively, I did prefer it in the crease with a variety of shades on the lid. This eyeshadow does have a somewhat shimmery finish, but it’s not glittery; I would compare it to some of the Frost finishes from MAC. What do you think of this shade?

Look #1

MUG eyeshadows used:

10 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MakeupGeek Prom Night

  1. I love this shadow and im so glad you did some combos with it! Its the perfect combo of a purplish taupe. Ive been pairing it with nooner in the crease for a simple work look. Cant want to see more looks with MUG country girl, don’t know why but I have a hard time pairing that shade.

  2. Beautiful looks,Zabrena. Are you planning to do a dupe list of MAC vs MUG eye shadows at all? I mainly have MAC shadows in my collection and I would love to re-create some of your MUG combos using them. I’m not sure what MAC shades would be good dupes though!

  3. did 6 again tonight but darkened crease with drama queen a little.
    Also I give up-tried to put on the inky minky false lashes-forget it. when you can’t see close up without glasses and even using a magnifying mirror, I can’t get the inner corner to stay put. So frustrating. out they went.

      1. No problem-just annoyed at myself-i have tried a billion times before with no luck-should’ve known better. I’ll just curl my own and experiment with tight-lining to make them look thicker and a little longer.

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