Spotlight On: Urbay Decay Bordello

bordelloWhen I usually start out to put a new combo post together, I start out by searching the site for the eyeshadow to see if there are any old looks that need to be added into the new post. Well! Not for Bordello! I can’t believe I have never used this eyeshadow on the site before! This is best described as a light lavendar shade with some glitter added in. I find that loading up the brush with the eyeshadow, spritzing the brush with MAC’s Fix+ spray and then applying the color, does wonders for this eyeshadow. Otherwise, when applied dry it can appear dull and you may experience some difficulties with getting it to show. It pairs beautifully with silvers, neutrals, other purples and blues! What do you think of this shade?

10 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Urbay Decay Bordello

  1. I have Bordello in BOSIII and rarely use it (I rarely use the entire palette just because it’s so bulky and I have it tucked away in a drawer!) but you’ve motivate me to take it out and give it a go. Maybe I’ll try using the whole palette for the week ahead…

  2. Hollie Andrade-DiGregorio


    I went out and bought Bordello but I can’t get it to look as good as you have. I patted it on and didn’t swipe it, so I’m not sure what happened besides the fact I, not a MUA lol! I think I might try spraying my brush with some Fix + . I did layer it and I put it over Painterly. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch and P.S. I Love this site

    1. Hi Hollie!
      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! For most of these looks, I loaded up the brush with the eyeshadow and sprayed it with Fix+. Then, let it dry and went back and applied it dry over where I had applied it dry. That helped it to show up a lot better. You could also try a purple base either with a colored paint pot or one of the NYX Jumbo pencils, that’s another way to get it to show. Let me know if any of this helps more!

  3. Hollie Andrade-DiGregorio


    I took your advice after realizing I should’ve read what you had written in the intro, I was too excited to see what you created,. Wetting my brush worked wonders!! Thanks so much!!! This is just one of the many reasons I’m so happy I’m a gold member!!!

    1. Oh awesome!! I am so happy it worked well for you! Thanks for letting me know! I’m thrilled you’re a Gold member, too! 😉 xoxo!

  4. Just bought bordello and scratch to make Naked 3 a bit more usable for me. I’ve been disappointed at just how dark that palette is. I’ll be trying look three soon.

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