Eye of the Day w/ MakeupGeek Fame Gel Liner

mug1MakeupGeek Fame Gel Liner

If you have been looking for a new way to wear your gel eyeliner, look no further! Just changing the color you’re using can completely transform your look. And even if you have blue eyes, like me, you might be surprised at how amazing an eyeliner of this shade brings them out even more! And let’s not forget that blue eyeliner is very “on trend” right now!

mug3I am quite impressed by this particular MakeupGeek gel liner, both in consistency and how easily it applies. I did notice there were not that many jagged edges during application, not like I’ve experienced with other gel liners in the past. For me, that’s a key indicator of an awesome gel liner!

I’m looking forward to trying more of these and you can imagine my excitement when I saw how many other colors are offered. Oh and let’s not forget the price – $8.99! Can’t beat that!

What do you think of the MakeupGeek gel liners? Have you tried this one or any others?

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Optional products used:

  • Curl the lashes and set the curl by applying a waterproof mascara
  • Apply a set of false lashes; “Forget Me Not” from InkyMinky.com were used here
  • Fill in the brows; Laura Mercier’s Brow Defining Gel in ‘Fair’ was used here

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  1. Zabrena such a stunning look! Really beautiful. Do the MUG gel liners wear well? I want to check they are worth it as to get them the UK I will need to pay customs charge! I’ve just ordered MAC Fluidline in Waveline and Macroviolet but could use some more shades 🙂

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      They do! I am highly impressed with how long-lasting these are on the eyes, no flakiness to speak of either! I think you’d really like them!

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