Spotlight On: MAC Aqua

aqua_sFinish: Matte / Subdued pale grey aqua

Aqua is a matte, very light ice blue with a hint of turquoise (in my opinion).  I like this eyeshadow much more than I thought I would, my only gripe is how hard it is to photograph! Argh. LOL In the swatch to the left, you’ll notice that I left the edges of my hand in the picture so you could see the true color. When I cut it into the circle I usually do for the swatches in these posts, it looked really gray and you couldn’t see how truly blue this shade is. (Even that swatch doesn’t do it justice!) In the combos below, please remember that it is a much more blue shade in person! 😉 What I really like about this eyeshadow is the matte formula (which is so soft and buttery!), as well as the ability to layer it for more intense color, or sheer it out for a soft wash of color. It pairs beautifully with grays, blues, purples, oranges, etc.; the possibilities are endless with this one!

11 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Aqua

  1. Oh my word! I LOVE look #4… I am wearing it today and I think it’s my favorite of all time! Wow! Just a note: blonde’s gold works as well as gold mode pigment. Beautiful!!!

    1. Whoo hoo! YES! Blonde’s Gold is my fav! I’m out at the moment, but I probably would have used it there too instead of Gold Mode! 😉 So happy you like that look! 🙂

  2. Love look #1. I made it with the colour Summer breeze from Sleeks Snapshots pallette and Prank from UD Vice 2 on the lid. I dont own any Mac eyeshadows (yet) unfortunally. But whats the best order to aply the eyeshadows? First the dark colour in the outer parts, or start with the lighter colour in the middle? So much to learn lol.

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