A Look with MakeupGeek Bewitched Pigment

bewitched_potbewBewitched pigment is one of the most unique pigments I have seen in a while and I have been anxiously looking for a way to wear this color. It’s best described as a medium blue-purple with sparkles. You can wear this as a wash of color on the lid for a smokey look, or intensify the effect by mixing it with a setting spray and applying it wet. I chose to go with a wet application in this look as it’s such a strong combo. I combined it up with another purple from the MakeupGeek line, as well as a dark gray eyeshadow.

What’s also amazing about this pigment is how it can transform other eyeshadows. I layered it over Stealth in this look (a dark gray eyeshadow) and it really pulled the purple tones out of that shade. While I was playing around with it, I also swatched it layered over MakeupGeek’s Nautica (a dark blue) and it pulled more of the blue tones out of Bewitched. Such a versatile pigment! How would you wear this color?

Get Bewitched pigment here!

bewitched1 bewitched2How you can get this look …

  • Apply an eyeshadow primer; I used one from NARS in this look
  • Apply MUG Stealth eyeshadow onto the outer half of the lid and blend it inwards
  • Pack your brush (I used the MAC #239) with Bewitched pigment and spray with a setting spray (I used MAC’s Fix+), then apply to the inner half of the lid until it meets Stealth
  • Let it dry and then layer the dry version of Bewitched pigment over Stealth eyeshadow
  • Line the lower lashline with Bewitched pigment
  • Apply MUG Wisteria and MUG Simply Marlena (layered) in the crease
  • Blend out the harsher edges of the crease shade with a matte eyeshadow that matches your skintone (I used MAC Blanc Type)
  • Deepen the outer v with a black shade like MUG Corrupt
  • Line the eyes with your choice of gel eyeliner; I used MUG Rave (a silver-gray liner)
  • Apply a set of false eyelashes if desired; I used ‘Coy Cutie’ from InkyMinky.com

10 thoughts on “A Look with MakeupGeek Bewitched Pigment

    1. Hi Zabrina, This look is gorgeous! I am going to buy this from MUG and try it. I saw your video on your kitty. I am sorry you kitty is having eye problems. At the same time you posted yours mine was bumping into things. He is also older and has been in 3rd stage kidney and treating for kidney stones for over 3 years. It turns out his blood pressure was so high that his retinas detached. He is now on blood pressure meds and they are reattaching and he is getting some shadowing back. I wanted to let you know. I don’t know if this is what is going on with your older kitty but you may want to be sure the other eye doesn’t go on the sweet fur baby. It has been awful seeing him bump into things although he still purrs and is doing well otherwise. I thought of you when I was at the vet internist office and I was getting this news and thought you might want to know…so hard when they get older..I hope your baby is okay. Take care..

  1. Oooh I have both MUG’s Wisteria as well as Simply Marlena…didn’t know those two could blend into such a gorgeous lid color! Thanks for such a great idea!!!!

    1. Hi Zabrena Yes if it is possible please do a video. This is such a really beautful look. I LOVE the color combinations.

  2. Pls dupe I cannot buy mug they will cost me a fortune as I live in the eu. And I couldn’t find mac red violet in any shop in Uk

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