Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Looks

chocolatebar1Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

I put off getting this palette for a looooong time based on my past experiences with Too Faced palettes, thinking it would be automatically be another disappointment. However, I must say I am pleasantly surprised by this palette, the quality of the eyeshadows and the shade range given within this palette. There were a few faults to mention within this palette from the very beginning, and after using it a lot to create this post I found a couple more.

If you have heard this palette smells like chocolate, it does. Not so much the candy bar chocolate smell, but more like sweet cocoa powder you’d use for baking. I personally am a chocolate fanatic but I did not care for the smell, especially after using it for a while. For me, it just got to be too much (but I normally don’t fancy smells in my makeup products). Secondly, there is some fallout associated with some of the eyeshadows in this palette and a notable few that required the help of a base color to get the true color to come to life.

Despite those minor flaws, which are easily fixable, I did like that there were a lot of “new” shades in this palette that I don’t own in any other palettes or single eyeshadows elsewhere. Naturally it’s going to make this palette VERY hard to dupe, but that can be a good thing! The matte formulas are a dream to work with and most of the eyeshadows blend beautifully. Overall, I’d say if you don’t mind a smell in your cosmetics and you don’t have enough neutral shades already, this is a great palette to consider. If you have a heaping pile of neutrals, you can do without this one, though. πŸ˜‰

(Top Row, L to R) Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge (Bottom Row, L to R) Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied Violet, Amaretto
(L to R) Hazelnut, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle


Look #1see the video tutorial here!

Eyeshadows Used:

  • MAC Half Wild Paint Pot (on lid, as a base) – can also use Maybelline’s Painted Purple here
  • Salted Caramel (crease)
  • Candied Violet (applied wet over Half Wild on the lid)
  • Semi Sweet (blend Candied Violet into Salted Caramel and lower lashline)
  • Triple Fudge (outer v)
  • MAC Blanc Type (blending shade)

36 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Looks

  1. Love , love. Love so glad I decided to get this palette.. You do such wonderful work Z. Also my condolences on your beloved pet. Been there and it’s never easy, take comfort in your memories and the time you had together.

  2. Hi!
    A dupe for Black Forest Truffle is UD’s Roach. Triple Fudge has a dupe in Inglot #326. Salted Caramel has a dupe in MUG’s Creme BrΓ»lΓ©e. Semi Sweet has a dupe in Laura Mercier’s Truffle. Marzipan is similar to MAC’s All That Glitters. Amaretto is similar to MAC’s Sable.

    1. Credit where credit is due – Christine at Temptalia listed these very dupes (and many more) in her review of this palette (I mentioned this a while back, in Z’s earlier look at this palette). Very helpful for those who don’t have this palette but she deserves the acknowledgment for listing them all at her site.

      1. Yes, she did. I’m not trying to take credit for anything. Christine did do a review of the palette also. Many people did. I didn’t list all of her ‘dupes’ for this palette because, some of them are a bit off. Some are similar, but not exact,including the ones listed. I’m sure Zabrena will come up with some great dupes for this palette when she has the time to do so.

        1. I’m sure Z will have wonderful dupes. I just know that Christine from Temptalia works hard on her site and doesn’t mind folks sharing information – she just likes to be given the credit for her work, as I’m sure Zabrena would too. I realize that you didn’t list all Temptalia’s dupes and I’m not suggesting you were trying to take credit for them, just that it’s important to give credit when sharing information – that’s all, nothing more. In fact, I even mentioned (and perhaps posted a link to) Temptalia’s dupes for this palette until Zabrena had time to come up with her own dupe list and I did so with apologies to Z if this offended her and with the understanding that she might see fit to delete it. But, as I say, it’s just a matter of acknowledging where we find our information, all of which is out there for the sharing.

          1. You never offend me for posting links to other sites, no worries! πŸ™‚
            If someone finds the link helpful, I think that’s fabulous; we’re all here learning together! πŸ˜€

        2. Thank you for sharing those dupes in the meantime, K; I know there are many who greatly appreciate them while they wait for me to catch up! πŸ˜‰

  3. These looks are GORGEOUS!!! So glad I purchased this palette a few months ago (that’s when I started wearing makeup). I was limited to the looks they provide since I am still an amateur. Now I have SOOOO much more to choose from!! Thank you!!!

  4. My favorite thing about your ‘looks’ is the blending across the lid with multiple colors. I have been experimenting with it lately. I have only been using the ‘sandwich’ method all my life! I have fallen in love with eyeshadow at the age of 47! I wear something different almost everyday. Thanks so much for inspiring me.

  5. I’m so excited….I just purchased the Naked palette 2, and the chocolate bar palette. I can’t wait to start creating your looks.

  6. I realy love look #2 and 6. But i cant find MAC Idyllic Paint Pot or Maybelline’s Pomegranate Punk. I live in the Netherlands and we only have boring makeup stuff over here sadly. Has someone an idea for a replacement to create such a reddish base?

    1. Bummer! Do you have access to NYX products? I’d recommend one of their jumbo eye pencils, I think the one they make with the reddish tint is called ‘Rust’ but I could be wrong. They have a huge line of colors to pick from that work really well as a base!

    1. Hi Jamie!
      Yes, it was a limited edition paint pot, unfortunately πŸ™ Maybelline makes a purple paint pot, name escapes me at the moment, but it makes for a great substitute! You can also try one of NYX’s Jumbo pencils, they make a purple one similar in color! πŸ˜‰

  7. Look numbers 3 and 5 are soooo beautiful. I’m going to get purple nyx jumbo pencils to try to create the more colorful looks.

    I’d def. like to see more please… I like a lot!

  8. You just keep coming up with more and more lovely looks with this palette. I was going to copy one of them today but then thought “where the heck did I put that cello thing with the names?” and that is the thing I really dislike about this palette – I so wish they’d printed the names of the shadows right on the palette or at least on the bottom (as the KvD Monarch palette has them – not the best but better than this). I’m always searching for that clear cello sheet and for me, it makes the palette a less “user friendly” one to use. I actually consider it a major design flaw, the more I use it!

  9. Please do some looks with the new Choclate Bar Semisweet palette and the new Tarte tar teletype matte palette. Pretty please?! Thanks!

  10. I have been wanting this for a while now and your beautiful looks have sealed the deal!!! Thanks Z and Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  11. Jennifer Brinkman


    Hey Z! I just got the Chocolate Bar palette today. I also have UD Naked 2-3 and Basics 2. Do I need the Tartelette palette or Too Faced Naturally Matte palette? I feel like I NEED them, but I don’t want to waste $$ if these are all similar.


    1. Hi Jennifer! Hmm, great question! It looks like you already have a great range of neutrals in your collection. If you feel like you’d like to add more matte eyeshadows to your collection, I feel like a palette is the way to go. And between the Too Faced one and the Tarte one, I’d say go for the Tarte one. I think the Tarte palette is excellent and gives you a lot of great matte shades that would pair nicely with the other palettes you have! πŸ™‚

  12. I really like look 14, but I was wondering if you know of a drugstore dupe for the MAC teal pigment. Thanks!

  13. I recently joined to get some new inspiration for palettes and shadows I’ve had for awhile, and this site has totally lived up to my expectations! I recreated look number one this week, and it was beautiful! Thank you so much!

  14. So many good looks in this pallete, some that I would never thought of! #2 and #4 are giving me LIFE right now! Love how you brought out the warm, red tones in those looks. Going to try #3 for sure tomorrow.

  15. Of those new looks, #20 and 21 just stopped me in my TRACKS. Those are some of my fave shadows in this palette and those are the sorts of looks I love to do.

    Zabrena, I just picked up a new eyeshadow from Sephora’s house brand. I’ve got maybe half a dozen of them and plan to get a few more of their newer releases (they came out with a ton of new ones recently). Anyway, I picked up Secret Keeper and it’s the most fabulous shadow colour….a silvery, taupey grey that is stunning (kinda like Cafe Au Lait with a touch of Early Grey mixed in). They’ve also got a fabulous matte brown called Roasted Chestnuts, that’s also a stunner – similar to Malted from Chocolate Bon Bons and so pigmented and beautiful.

    1. duh….I hit “submit” too fast. Anyway, I wonder if you have any plans to check out the Sephora shadows (they’re actually coming out with a bunch of great stuff and at really good prices). As an added “bonus”, they are delightfully easy to depot!

  16. Love this palette and the looks you created are just beautiful!!! A lot of these looks would go good with some of the colors from the chocolate gold palette.

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