Spotlight On: MUG Wisteria

wisteriaWisteria is one of your more brighter purple shades with more red tones than blue. This one can be hard to pair up with eyeshadows due to its unique coloring. The finish is a buttery matte but it does require a few layers to get the true color to show through as beautifully as it appears in the pan. I really enjoy using it in the crease with brighter colors on the lid; applied to the lid alone is when I feel like it can become a more finicky eyeshadow in application. Wisteria reminds me a LOT of MAC’s Stars ‘N Rockets without the blue duochrome effect; so if you happen to not like the blue in SNR, you will love the effect given with this one. How do you feel about Wisteria?

Look #1

MUG eyeshadows used:

6 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MUG Wisteria

  1. I don’t know if I could pull that color off. It’s pretty though and something I’d gravitate towards only to find out I can’t wear it. 😉

  2. Hey Z, how does Wisteria compare to Rosette from Stila’s in the Garden palette? I already have that palette and was thinking about trying some MUG colors, but I don’t want to buy any duplicates. Can you think of any less dupable ones to try?

    1. Hmm, Rosette is a darker, more pink shade compared to Wisteria. You could try it in place of any of these looks too, though. Wisteria is more like the purple side of MAC’s Stars ‘N Rockets, if you were to take out the blue duochrome. For MUG, I’d recommend trying Mango Tango, Chickadee, Cupcake, Prom Night, Peach Smoothie, Last Dance, Bitten, Burlesque – those are more of the unique colors I’ve seen in that line that are hard to dupe in anything else. 🙂

  3. Ooooooh, I love how you have used Wisteria with blues, aquas and silvers! So pretty! I especially love looks 2 and 4.

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