Face of the Day: Rocking Red Lips!

Hi gorgeous ones! I have REALLLLY been into red lips here lately … maybe it’s fall. Who knows LOL Do you ever just HAVE to wear a color without having a reason? That’s where I am. 🙂 And I could think of no better color than Ruby Woo (just been loving this shade lately!) …

I also recently picked up MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner … oh …. my … gosh! Have you seen this pencil?! It’s a dark plum shade and takes ANY shade and turns it into a luscious fall berry lip, even reds like Ruby Woo! I’ll have to experiment more with it and possibly put together a lip combos post using Nightmoth as the star … 😉


inkOn a more personal note …

Took Inky to the vet the other day to get his bloodwork done and found out he’s lost 5 lbs. since last year (which is a substantial amount for a cat) and he’s showing early signs of kidney problems. Same way Thomasina started out, dropping weight and kidney issues. I also mentioned to the vet about his vomiting habits (at least once a day) and she mentioned he more than likely had a food allergy … long story short, I got online and learned about the raw diet option. Very involved, but better for the animal and should solve a lot of his problems, possibly help his bodily functions. So we’re starting Inky on his new raw diet tonight, should be interesting!


Products Used



  • Lancome Teint Idole Foundation in ‘#100 Ivoire N’
  • MUFE Pressed Powder
  • MAC Breath of Plum + Peaches blush


  • MAC Nightmoth Lipliner
  • MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

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  1. This isn’t makeup but raw has made a lot of difference for dogs and cats with medical issues. A lot of Shiba in owners do raw. FL has some groups you should look into for suport! Glad to help in I can

    1. That’s what I hear! Thank you so much for letting me know that about the groups. My Dad isn’t so supportive of it, but most everyone else has been. I mean, we know the ramifications of eating processed crap, so why feed the same to our animals? Have you done it, Beth?

      1. I have for some of my fosters. You need to make sure supplements are given too. So we don’t hijack your makeup pagemail if you like we can talk off line

        1. Yes! I got all the supplements and ordered the raw meat from a supplier who specializes in raw pet food, so there aren’t any hormones or antibiotics in it. I’ll send you an email, just have a couple questions I couldn’t find in my research! 😉

    2. Hi Zabrina, We talk often about kitties. You need a new vet. Five pounds in a year is NOT a food allergy. Good Lord. Please take your kitty to the internist Dr. Jory Olsen in Marietta/outside of Atl ASAP. He is at the Greater Atlanta Vet. Association. He is a private internist and people come to him from other states. There is no one like him. That is a huge weight loss on a kitty. It could be lymphoma which I treated my kitty for for 2.5 years with the above doc and he did great. It could be thyroid or kidney issues. There are many things it could be but I would put a food allergy at the bottom of the list until everything else was ruled out. General vets should stop guessing and start referring to an internist in cases like these. Please, please heed my advice. This is the same vet who cared for the last kitty and didn’t offer supportive measures through the last stages of life to keep the kitty comfortable since he was not being let go. I care a lot for you and your babies, please consider moving on and get another expert opinion ASAP. Thanks

      1. Ooops! 🙁 Thank you, Hun! We have high hopes! He did eat some of the raw tonight, not all of it, but I was SO happy to see him eat a good portion of it. I started off with ground up chicken – he LOVES chicken anything!

          1. Sorry, my comment got cut off again. I may have to check into the raw food diet for my baby. I think it’s so strange that our animals are getting the diseases that we get. We feed them the best can foods or other foods we think is best but it’s just not good enough. Maybe raw food is the way to go. Our Feline babies deserve the best! 🙂

          2. LOL! 😉 From what I’ve been reading, they are natural carnivores and never eat any plant or grain material in the wild, except for that their kill might have eaten, but that’s so incredible miniscule to count. So they do well on a diet like that! And the resources I found said to feet them things they might catch in the wild, like chicken, rabbit and mice. Beef, deer and the like generally don’t fancy cats, as they’re not natural prey, which makes sense because Inky despises beef! I’ll send you the links for your little one so you can read up on it; it’s great to get a kitten on it early because supposedly they take to it like a fish to water, Sophie will love it!

  2. I’m so happy for Inky and you. My Penelope is 22 and for the last 13 years she has only had raw meat. My vet said it was the healthiest for cats. She is like a little tiger.

  3. So sorry to hear about your kitty. I hate seeing animals suffer and wish Inky the best.

    Such a pretty look as always. Could you tell me what the difference between some of MAC’s reds are? For instance, I had a sample of Russian Red I’d forgotten about and dug it out after your 6 MAC lipsticks for fall post. I feel it is a bit too orange on me, despite being a cooler red. How do Ruby Woo and MAC Red compare? How about Viva Glam? I do not have many MAC lippies so I don’t know how they all compare. When I visited the pro store in Vegas I brought a bunch of empties I’d depotted with me. The guy there was super helpful and nice enough to spend time with me and help pick out some shades I really liked. The red he picked out for me was Prolong. I had to buy it outright since it’s a pro color and doesn’t qualify for the Back to MAC program, but I didn’t mind because it’s a really nice shade for me.

    1. Thank you, Krista! We aren’t giving up on him! 😀
      I don’t have Viva Glam or MAC’s Red, so I can’t speak to those two, but Russian Red (to me) is more of a orange-based red (like you mentioned) than Ruby Woo, which I feel is more of a blue-based red, and more of that truer, deep red. Nightmoth changes the color slightly here, but I wore Ruby Woo in my 1950s makeup tutorial on the YT channel, if you want to see what it really looks like. It is quite a nice shade! Prolong is another great one, you got a good one there!

  4. I feel for you (and Inky), Z. I lost my heart cat to IBD a couple of years ago and another two years before that before I switched everyone to raw.. Three of mine were weaned directly to raw and they stay slim, fit, happy and shiny-coated as a result. I’m hoping that as they age I’ll see a reduction in veterinary issues compared to my previous cats who were on kibble. If you haven’t checked it out, look at http://www.catinfo.org. Dr. Lisa Pierson is a veterinary nutritionist and a firebrand in her field. If you don’t have one, seek out a vet who stays current in this area. Nutrition was never a focus in vet schools back in the day, and there are a lot of old school vets still out there that are not changing based on new data. Best of luck to you!

    1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your babies to IBD! 🙁 I feel like if I had gotten Thomasina on raw sooner it might’ve helped her, too. I am so inspired by your experience, thanks for sharing! I will definitely continue and stay persistent, they say that’s the hardest part with older cats, the transition. So funny you listed that link, that’s the website where I got all the info about the supplements! Great resource!

  5. Gorgeous! I have Ruby Woo and sometimes reds can be so intimidating to me to wear (because they never seem to look as good on me as other people) so I gotta bring Ruby Woo out of the closet so to speak! Lol. I will have to check out Nightmoth…haven’t heard of it before now! Very sorry to hear about Inky’s medical issues. Hope the new diet will help with his tummy problems! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Peggy!
      YEAH! Pull out Ruby Woo, woman! I bet it looks FABULOUS on you!
      I’m starting to wear them out more now than I ever did. I went to Sephora with these lips still on and got so many compliments! ‘Course, it’s so much nicer when you’re around the crowd who appreciates your makeup efforts, too (rather than just public LOL!) 😉

  6. Sorry to hear about inky….I lost my cat Gretel recently….it was a hard time.mi hope the raw diet makes thinks better! I’m a total cat lover. I have two others Hansel (gretal’s brother) and Sasha a stray kitten I found in an alley by my job.

    Btw, I love Ruby woo….one of my favs. I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it.


    1. Thank you, Katara and I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of Gretel! 🙁 They are such awesome creatures! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers 🙂 (I could see Ruby Woo being GORGEOUS on your complexion, wow!)

    1. Hmm, here’s some options:
      – Sweet Dreams = All That Glitters or Lithe pigment
      – Creme Brulee = Soft Brown
      – Cocoa Bear = Espresso or Ground Brown
      – Peach Smoothie = Samoa Silk (no longer available, but if you already have it, it’s a dupe!) 😉

  7. Gorgeous look. Red lips never go out of style. I love my Ruby Woo…. really tempted to check out that Nightmoth liner. Wow what a gorgeous change in color! And that berry color is so perfect for fall! Much love to Inky. I try to eat as much raw and natural foods as I can, so makes sense it would also be healthy for our fur babies! I have a black and a tuxedo. Kitty love is so special!

    1. Yes! Thank you, Katie! Amazing how a lip liner can have such an intense effect!
      I had the same exact thoughts as you the other day – I’m not eating processed crap, so why is Inky eating it?! Doesn’t make sense!
      Kitty love is so very special, you’re right! I love the black and white tuxedos! Aw!

  8. I picked this up on my lunch break. It’s a whole lot darker on me and I put Russian Red over it. Did you blend the lip pencil out?

  9. Zabina, this raw diet I also find very upsetting. What is she basing this on? Weight loss alone and making these conclusions? Please understand that another opinion is needed in this case. I will not share my background but I wish I could do something or say something to urge you to move on to another expert opinion and not another general vet. Anytime a kitty is not well please go to an expert. A general vet is not an expert. They are good for general things and your kitty is showing serious symptoms here. He needs an ultrasound of his belly, he needs to be tested to rule out pancreatitis and he needs medications for his appetite and probably nausea medications at the least. He could be in pain. Cats stop eating for very serious reasons and they go down very fast. Sometimes they need to be assist fed a high calorie food and often times they need sq fluids which can be done at home when trained by the internist. Please drop everything and get your kitty to Dr Jory. He will save him. This is heartbreaking that you have not been referred out to an internist. Indepth testing needs to be done to get to the bottom or this and not use the hit or miss method. Time could be running out. Kitty is very ill.

  10. He could have something as simple as kidney stones that are treatable. I had a general tell me your kitty has kidney failure. He had treatable kidney stones and lived for many years. Thyroid is a serious thing that is treatable but that effects the kidneys. Please, please I almost beg you to take kitty to an internist and find out what is causing the kidney problem. I did have a kitty with beginning stages of kidney and supported him at home with fluids every other day and he lived for years. He must feel so awful if he is in kidney failure. This is NOT a FOOD ALLERGY. If in kidney failure he is going to feel very nauseous. The diagnose (both) and the treatment dont make sense. Good grief..how is she treating the kidneys. If you want to save your kitty and treat your kitty move on to an internist. ASAP I am feeling so upset and so want to reach out to you and help you. Please, please get your kitty in to see a vet internist ASAP to find the real cause and get her some treatment. Good the diet could be making her feel worse if she is having kidney failure. Poor kitty…she needs good medical care. Love ya..me

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      While I appreciate your concern (thank you), the vet did not recommend the raw diet. She simply stated his daily (sometimes twice a day) vomiting could be due to a food allergy. She did a full blood panel and everything was fine except for the kidneys having an elevated protein level. He has not stopped eating, he does not have hyperthyroidism, he does not have diabetes, though all these inflictions are rooted in the type of diet. The raw diet option is something I discovered after a lot of internet research. And for us, it makes sense. My husband and I do not eat processed foods, and there’s no reason to feed processed foods to an animal. Dry foods and some canned foods especially are filled with everything that is discarded and leftover from what’s used in our foods. Please do some research on the topic, it’s quite alarming as to what they’re putting in these pet foods. Since starting Inky on the raw diet, his health has improved dramatically in just 6 short days. He has much more energy, he has not vomited ONCE since we started the diet, his poop is less stinky, he even seems happier and more spunky. Not just that, but this is the exact same diet they would have if they were not our pets. Cats and dogs are not meant to eat carbohydrates (as found in processed foods); they are carnivores and eat meat. It’s proven. Sorry that you don’t agree, but I want you to know it’s not like I just up and did this one day. I have done extensive research on the topic, as I usually do before doing anything serious like this. It’s working for him and it has also worked for SO many other pets out there. 🙂 Furthermore, Thomasina’s vet was a different one from Inky’s, so please don’t assume they’re one in the same. I explained Thomasina’s plight to this vet and she said T more than likely had a food allergy as well, which is VERY real (just like we can be allergic to gluten, dairy, etc.). I am thoroughly convinced that had we changed her diet earlier she would not have gone as quickly as she did. Processed foods do kill, that’s a fact. Again, I appreciate your concern, but please understand we have done all the necessary tests and he does not have kidney failure or anything of that nature, he’s simply showing signs the same way Thomasina did in the beginning. After he’s been on this diet for about three months I plan on taking him back for bloodwork to check for improvements. Will keep you informed 🙂

  11. Hi Zabrena, I’m so sorry to hear Inky is sick. I’m so glad you changed his food. Sounds like it is really helping. I know you will only do what is best for your cat. No-one needs to worry, Inky is in very good hands with Zabrena as a Mom.

  12. I suggest joining the yahoo kitty cat support group for cats with kidney failure. There are vets on these forums that are very supportive as well as people who love kitties and know a lot about them medically. So how is she treating the kidney disease and what is causing it? Have you changed the baby’s food in the last year? Is there itching and a runny nose or a change in bowel habits indicating an allergy? Throwing up is a sign of many, many things? Is this a guess or did she send kitty for an ultrasound of abdomen? Did she rule out kidney stones, lymphoma, pancreatitis? Please consider looking up feline food allergies and please look up feline kidney disease. Please do your research on both and then see if you agree that kitty needs a second opinion. I hope you will then agree that your kitty needs the support of an internist while there is still time. A kitty loosing five pounds is so serious. It breaks my heart that this vet is not referring you to an expert vet and treating this as a food allergy. What school is she a graduate of?

  13. Z your dad is right! Go to PetCo and purchase natural food in a can. Yes you can buy all of these. You can also buy raw medalians that are raw and you put them in the microwave. This is not new. If your kitty has small cell lymphoma or an intestinal bacterial issue that has not been addressed this is the wrong thing. All of my cats are fed natural and limited ingredients. This is not new and it is very good for them.
    Dad is right! Kitty has not been diagnosed. IF IBD a scope is done with a biopsy and the tissue has to be examined under a microscope. There is a diagnosic procedure and this vet is guessing. Again she is not treating the kidney disease nor is she even treating the IBD of a kitty who lost &^%$^ a third or more of his body weight. If we lost a third of our body weight our doctors would have done tests. Testing is available for our pets as well at an internists office not a general vet. General vets are not referring as they should. They prefer to guess. Kitty needs an ultrasound of her abdomen, a biopsy with a scope and examination of tissue samples. Kitties often get small cell lymphoma of their gut which is now treatable. My kitty lived for 2.5 years. But you need a vet internist to diagnose it. A general vet cannot do this testing. If they tell you they can you need to run the other way. Please dear lord for the sake of your kitty please stop what you are doing and regroup and consider listening to your father. Please, please take kitty to a vet internist. I am so much trying to help and I won’t write in again as I don’t mean any harm. Cats are carnivores. They should not eat grain but eating uncooked food in a weakened state with possibly already having an infection going on with a bacterial overgrowth that is not being treated is not cool. IBD has a diagnosis and a treatment but your kitty hasn’t been properly diagnosed this. We do know she has evidence of kidney disease so why isn’t she looking for diagnosing what is causing this and treating this? Because she doesn’t know what she is doing and is out of her educational experience at this time. Kitty needs a vet internist. Thank you for allowing me to share. I am only trying to help. The only thing I can offer now is to say my prayers that mom will please listen and think that some of this makes sense. I am not going to share my profession but it puts me in a place where I can give the advice I am giving. What will a second opinion of an internist hurt? If I lost a third of my body weight in one year or less and my family doctor found I had kidney disease and treated me with a raw diet he would be sued. They don’t go together and this vet is not diagnosing or treating the kidney disease. Sigh……poor kitty. She has been such a good pet and deserves better care from her doctor than this.

  14. I can’t help myself but I just read all of your postings. OMG kitty has thyroid disease and it is not treated. Would your doctor not treat you or treat you with a raw diet if you had this? Thyroid will cause the kidneys to shut down and this is probably then what is going on. Thyroid in cats causes them to feel awful. Their heart rate will be elevated and it will cause organ failure. I promise this time I will not write in again. You mention concern. Please stop trying to use the internet and educating yourself to being a vet. If money is an issue one can apply to Care Credit and it is good at all vets. Thyroid disease can be treated. Please, please I beg you. You would not treat yourself if you lost a third of your body weight. Again I am in a position to share advice as I do know what I am speaking about. Please seek the advice of a professional who can help your kitty while there is still time. He has lost a third of his body weight. OMG and you are deciding to treat him yourself. If you loose a third of your body weight you would not be eating raw food to help yourself. I promise I will not write in again. I don’t mean any harm. I find this so upsetting as I do know what I am talking about and I can’t express my concern any better. I have an educational background to share that your kitty needs an expert to treat him.

  15. I have to be a kitty advocate. One last attempt. I do know what I am talking about as does you father.
    A raw diet is ridiculous for renal disease. Need phosphorus binder, sub q fluids. Did kitty have a cystocentesis for infection, ultrasound for hydronephrosis? Are you using at the minimal methimazole ear gel for the thyroid? Please, please seek medical care and treatment from an internist. There are so many things to consider and you do not have the educational background to be self treating your kitty when kitty is in grave danger at this point.

  16. Beautiful way to pair night moth! ruby woo is my go-to shade, and I’ve had nightmoth sitting in the box for a few months, like…is this too “goth” for my pale skin?! Lol! But this is a great way to combine the two. Defo gonna try! As for pets and a raw diet- my Mum breeds pugs , and swears by the raw diet! Those dogs eat better than I do! Lol. Hope it works for Inky! x

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