Spotlight On: MUG Sensuous

sensuous_swatchSensuous is a medium-toned, cool purple eyeshadow that closely resembles a mixture between MAC’s Trax and a tiny bit of Star Violet. It has buildable pigmentation (depending on your preference) and there are tiny gold sparkles in the formula, smaller and more demure when compared with Trax. I personally find this shade to be too cool for me and would recommend it moreso for those with cool complexions; it can have the tendency to make you look like you have a black eye if you lean more warm. It pairs beautifully with other cooler toned and neutral eyeshadows and can easily be packed on for an intense look or sheered down for a soft wash of color. My most favorite way to wear this eyeshadow is look #5 – just stunning in person!

4 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MUG Sensuous

  1. I am liking this I am into the deeper bronze reds/garnets this fall. I am having issues though trying to decide if I am warm or cool and what to do. I have darker hazel eyes that look brown but they are deep dark green with gold flecks but look brown. I thought this may bring out the green what do you think I should do Z? try this.

    1. Ouu your eyes sound ah-mazing, Julie! You mentioned having issues with deciding if you’re warm or cool – do you feel you look better in gold or silver jewelry? Do cool purples make you look bruised or brighten your eyes? If you feel you look better in silver jewelry and cool purples lighten your eyes, I’d say Sensuous would be an awesome one for you to try! 🙂

  2. Lovely as always. 🙂 I was not really thrilled with this eyeshadow. I think the Pigmentation could’ve been better. I like MAC’s Trax better.

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