LORAC MegaPRO Palette Dupes!

loracmegaproWith what has turned into be one of the worst limited edition releases in makeup history, to date, I could think of no other palette that needed to be duped out other than the LORAC MegaPro.

If you were not able to grab this palette, believe me when I say, you aren’t missing much! While it is of great quality, it is extremely dupeable with only four truly unique shades to its credit. Out of 32 shades as a whole, that’s pretty underwhelming to say the least.

The four shades I was not able to find dupes for within this palette are: Orchid, Mulberry, Dusty Rose and Khaki. Although, I read MAC’s Miss Piggy Pink is a great dupe for Orchid (unconfirmed).

There are four repromote shades in this palette you can find in the PRO palettes from LORAC, namely: White, Cream, Espresso and Black. I’m also going to add Caviar into that same mix, as it is nothing more than a dupe for Black, which leads to me to question if LORAC ultimately just gave up on creating something new for that spot.

Additionally, honorable mention not listed below: For the eyeshadow Lilac, I read online it’s closest dupe is Inglot’s #346, but I could not verify as it’s one I don’t have at the moment.

On with the Dupes!


(L to R) Fawn, Bamboo

Fawn vs. MAC Bamboo

Fawn is a matte, light orange neutral shade, very similar to Bamboo. It is a little lighter by comparison, but not by much. Using one in place of the other would give you the same results.

(L to R) Camel, Creme Brulee

Camel vs. MUG Creme Brulee

Camel is a medium orange matte neutral, very similar to MakeupGeek’s Creme Brulee. The only real difference here is I’d say MUG’s eyeshadow has a tiny bit more red tones in it compared to Camel, which is a true orange neutral.

(L to R) Sepia, Soft Brown

Sepia vs. MAC Soft Brown

Next to near identical when you swatch these two side by side. It’s real hard to tell them apart. Both are orange based neutrals, matte in finish. I feel like Sepia is slightly more brown compared to Soft Brown, but still a great dupe to use in its place.

(L to R) Dusty Plum, Haux

Dusty Plum vs. MAC Haux

I truly expected more of a plum based neutral when I first swatched Dusty Plum (based on the name), but shortly after swatching it, I realized it looked exactly like MAC’s Haux. No difference between these two eyeshadows.

(L to R) Brown, Corduroy

Brown vs. MAC Corduroy

This one is a little off, but I didn’t want to not include it, as it was the absolute closest I could come for a dupe. You can see that Corduroy is a little darker brown by comparison and a little bit warmer also with more red tones than the cool tones seen in Brown.

(L to R) Stone, Cool Gray

Stone vs. Cool Gray (LORAC Pro #2)

When you compare these shades side by side in the pan, they look identical to one another. It’s only after swatching where you start to see the purple tones come out more in Stone, whereas Cool Gray is a strict gray shade. However, I don’t feel the purple tones are strong enough in Stone for there to be a discernable difference.

(L to R) Wisteria, Plum Smoke

Wisteria vs. Laura Mercier Plum Smoke

Wisteria is a light purple toned matte neutral and has a very close competitor in Laura Mercier’s ever popular Plum Smoke. I would say Wisteria possibly leans a tad bit more purple with slightly warmer tones, but again, very hard to tell them apart when using one in place of the other.

(L to R) Gray, Stealth

Gray vs. MUG Stealth

This was a tricky one! I swatched every single blue-gray I owned before getting this close to Gray with MakeupGeek’s Stealth eyeshadow. While it’s not exact (I feel like MUG’s version is just a tad bit bluer by comparison), it’s the closest gray you will find to take its place.

(L to R) Opal, Nylon

Opal vs. MAC Nylon

Although these two shades look different when swatched side by side, when you get each of them on your eyes, it is truly anyone’s guess which one is which. Opal and Nylon are both shimmery yellow-tinged neutrals, although I feel MAC’s version to be of much better quality. Opal is just a tad bit powdery.

(L to R) Copper, Amber Lights

Copper vs. MAC Amber Lights

Despite the name, Copper is not exactly the copper shade you might be expecting. It’s closer to an orange-y amber color, much like MAC’s Amber Lights. Amber Lights has a bit more intensity in the formula compared to Copper.

(L to R) Sienna, Homecoming

Sienna vs. MUG Homecoming

Not an exact match here, but pretty close! Between the two, I’d say the only real difference is Sienna is a little more brown whereas Homecoming has more gold tones.

(L to R) Apricot, Cosmopolitan

Apricot vs. MUG Cosmopolitan

While Apricot appears to be a golden, light orange in the pan, it actually leans a little more pink which is what made it a dead ringer for MakeupGeek’s Cosmopolitan. Both are shimmery eyeshadows, MakeupGeek’s version is a LOT more pigmented though.

(L to R) Blush, Dust

Blush vs. UD Dust

If you are looking for a dupe for Blush, look to your Naked3 palette for Urban Decay’s Dust. These two shades are identical both in color and formula. Dust has more chunky glitter compared to Blush’s tiny specks. Both are a mess to manage, but applied wet do play better on the eyes.

(L to R) Merlot, Burlesque

Merlot vs. MUG Burlesque

I had qualms I was not going to be able to find a dupe for this awesome red-toned shade, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out MakeupGeek’s Burlesque eyeshadow was a dead ringer!

(L to R) Indigo, Catalyst, Drama Queen

Indigo vs. Stila Catalyst vs. Drama Queen

Indigo is a blacked purple shade with tiny specks of glitter in the formula; identical in color/texture to Stila’s Catalyst eyeshadow (which can be found in the In the Moment palette). If you don’t have Catalyst, you can also substitute with MakeupGeek’s Drama Queen. While it is NOT exact in color, it will yield similar results in a look. And if you want to bring it closer to Indigo, you can also layer Drama Queen over MUG’s Corrupt.

vanilla_bobbydazzle2Vanilla vs. UD Bobby Dazzle

Vanilla is a shimmery white eyeshadow, identical to Urban Decay’s Bobby Dazzle shade that came out in this year’s Vice3 palette. Any shimmery white eyeshadow will do in its place, though.

(L to R) Sand, Cashmere, Iced Latte, Kitten

Sand vs. Cashmere vs. L’Oreal Iced Latte vs. Stila Kitten

In my eyes, I was surprised to see Sand and Cashmere together in this palette because they are essentially the same exact shade once you apply them on your eyes. And so I am classifying them as such here as well. You can find exact dupes for them in L’Oreal’s Iced Latte eyeshadow, as well as Stila’s Kitten.

(L to R) Smokey Topaz, After Hours

Smokey Topaz vs. Too Faced After Hours

From the Natural At Night palette, this was the closest I could come to Smokey Topaz and it’s an exact match. I’m not sure if Too Faced sells this as a single eyeshadow (haven’t checked). MakeupGeek’s Hipster was a very close second, but not close enough to be included for comparison.

(L to R) Granite, Carbonized

Granite vs. MAC Carbonized (LE)

Granite is a deep brown neutral with tones of purple and red mixed in, identical to limited edition eyeshadow, Carbonized from MAC’s 2009 MAC Me Over collection. As this one is hard to get anymore, you can also try MAC’s Mulch in its place which will give a very similar result.

(L to R) Maroon, Sable

Maroon vs. MAC Sable

Maroon is a deeper red neutral and an exact dupe for MAC’s Sable. How many times can these makeup companies duplicate this color?! You can also find a dupe for these two in the Naked1 palette with Toasted.

(L to R) Deep Teal, Loaded

Deep Teal vs. UD Loaded

I’ll admit, I was crazy excited for Deep Teal in this palette, but quickly lost my enthusiasm when I saw how it applied. It does not translate to the lid well AT ALL and leaves a lot to be desired. In this instance, the dupe is TEN TIMES better than the original in Urban Decay’s Loaded eyeshadow. And if you’ve ever used Loaded, you know exactly what I’m talking about! 😉

 If you have any dupes for this palette, please feel free to share them below, too!

20 thoughts on “LORAC MegaPRO Palette Dupes!

  1. Thank you! I was going to put the Mega Pro on my Christmas list, but that became a no go. I already own a bunch of these dupes, and several others were already on my wish list. MUG burlesque just moved to the top!

  2. Missing this LE makes me feel a lot better!! There’s just so much else I can buy with $60!! This and TheBalm The Dudes are all I wanted to add to my collection. Any remote interest in reviewing it? I think you weren’t too fond of The Nudes, right?

  3. Great post Z, thanks! While I do not have all of these shades, I feel that I have enough of them to not feel deprived, AND I saved myself a nice chunk o’ change at the same time. Well done! 🙂

  4. I’m actually really excited by this list because I just got this palette, and many of the dupes you list are colors I want but don’t have. So, for me, that makes this palette an awesome value.

  5. I have the Revealed 2 palette from Coastal Scents & the burgundy shade from that palette looks SUPER similar to the “Mulberry” shade! I don’t think any of these shadows are unique and none of them caught my eye. I have all the Naked palettes (along with MANY more… shame on me lol) & I feel I could create the same looks with any of those palettes. I think this palette just got so hyped up & then it became more of a “mission” for people to get one as opposed to actually wanting the palette.

  6. Having some of the dupes and also feeling some other brands that I have are really close, I’m also not upset at getting this. Personally I have never used Lorac shadows. Are they any better quality wise than Mac, UD or MUG?

    1. They are really great quality. Some of the LORAC eyeshadows in this palette are powdery, so they fall apart easily when you go to apply them, but they’re mostly smooth and buttery. 🙂

  7. I do not have this pallet and I have so many that I reallllly appreciate this dupe list. I wanted to re-create one of the looks you did, and I think I may have found a dupe for Mulberry. Inglot #449 seems to be very close to it, though I have not done a side-by-side comparison. If you get a chance to, let me know! Thank you again for posting this, it is really helpful and will let me re-create many of the great looks you put together with this pallet! 😀

  8. When the holidays hit and Lorac put out the pallet for five minutes I was so bummed about it, then heard about some crummy stuff behind scenes from Lorac and the first thing that came to mind was BOYCOT!! Lol I just want to say I love watching your YouTube channel and I appreciate the hard work you put into all you do for your fans! I will continue to follow you and stick with MAC, UD and TOOFACED

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