5 Ways to Wear MAC’s Nightmoth Lipliner


Odds are you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little preoccupied with MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner lately. (And I admit, I have a problem. LOL) I recently discovered this one purely by accident when I was looking up a lipstick from MAC. Needless to say, when I saw this I knew it was the most perfect Fall shade and could transform ANY lipstick imaginable into a sultry pout. Not long after getting it, I started trying all kinds of colors with it and so far … these are my favorites!

MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner is described as a ‘blackened plum’ and it is intense when paired with like colors, but can seriously do amazing things for your pink shades as well. I also really like how it combines up with purple lipsticks, who knew? If you have MAC’s Violetta, try it with that one, too! (I don’t, but if I had I’m sure I would’ve swooned for that combo, too!)

Do you have a favorite way to wear Nightmoth?

MAC Nightmoth + MAC Diva lipstick
MAC Nightmoth + MAC Honeylove lipstick
MAC Nightmoth + MAC Show Orchid lipstick
MAC Nightmoth + MAC Sin lipstick
MAC Nightmoth + MAC Myth

19 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear MAC’s Nightmoth Lipliner

  1. Hey Z! Looks like a really versatile color. I like the contrast you created with Show Orchid. Can you suggest any dupes? Also, what eyeshadow combinations are you wearing? Very pretty!

  2. I really love how it pairs with Myth! I have a similar lip pencil so I’m away to play with it now – would never have thought to combine it with nude shades x

  3. i’m ordering this lip liner, can you tell us how you apply this one so its not a lot darker than the lipstick with honeylove. Thanks Z

    1. Hi Jamie!
      I only outlined my lips with Nightmoth in all of these looks 🙂 For the one with Show Orchid, I also filled in the outer sides of the lips as well to give more depth to the lips. Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Honestly, Zabrena….is there anything on the market that doesn’t look good on you? Everything you put on is absolutely stunning….

  5. I use Night moth to outline then I use Jupiter lipstick and top it off with Moth to Flame Gloss I love it

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