Spotlight On: MAC Heritage Rouge Pigment

heritagerougeHeritage Rouge Pigment

This was one of the first pigments I ever used. I saw it somewhere several years ago paired up in a look with MAC’s Woodwinked and HAD to have it! The color is a deep red cranberry color; if you are head over heels for MAC’s Cranberry eyeshadow, I have no doubts you will love this color equally (if not more)! One of the beautiful things about pigments is their rich color and unique versatility. Heritage Rouge also makes for a gorgeous nail polish (just mix a little bit in with a clear nail polish on a paper plate and apply!) and lipstick (mix with a clear lip balm). I like wearing it as an intense color on the eyes usually, but it also works well in the outer v and applied wet as an eyeliner.

27 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Heritage Rouge Pigment

  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! This pigment is my favorite EVER!!! I am always looking for more ways to wear it. Sooooo gorgeous! Thank you!

  2. Love all of these looks! When you have time…(insert belly laugh here) I’d love to see more pigment looks….You are FABULOUS!!!!

  3. I was so excited to see some looks using MAC pigments on your site, Zabrena! I’m always looking for more ways to wear pigments.

    Do you have Old Gold and Pink Bronze pigments? Those are two of my favourites!

    1. Yes, yes! I do have those! I really LOVE Old Gold, not so much in love with Pink Bronze, but maybe a Spotlight can help change that?! Thanks for the request, Saira!

      1. I LOVE using Pink Bronze with browns. I think it looks especially pretty on brown eyes (I’m sure it would look great on other eye colours too ;o) ).

        This is my favourite combo with Pink Bronze:
        Upper and Lower Lashlines: chocolate brown eyeliner
        Crease: Folie
        Lid: Pink Bronze
        Highlight: Shroom or Ricepaper
        Sometimes I also place a little Cranberry eyeshadow in the outer lid/crease area. It adds a really pretty pop of colour to the look.

  4. I kept trying to get a hold of HR on the body needs web site and they were always sold out until black friday sales when I finally snagged one, so happy can’t wait to try all this looks. The first look Is my favorite thanks Z.

  5. You don’t realize how much you actually need heritage rouge until you see it paired like that. Thank you for these combos, they are very inspiring.

  6. I’m so glad you posted this – I picked up MAC’s Objects of Affection Pink/Rose pigments mini kit a few weeks ago, and was wondering what to do with Heritage Rouge! Just played with it and LOVE it!! Oh – and I had a little leftover from pouring some out, so I put it on my lips with some clear lip gloss – like you said – and it’s GORGEOUS!! A beautiful deep burgundy shade – perfect for the holidays – and better yet, it lasted through eating! Yay!

  7. I love this pigment but haven’t really worked with it much. I love these looks and having ways to wear this color! As with most pigments, I get so much fallout during application and have a hard time not having it look too heavy, and yours looks so flawless. How do you apply it?

    Also, I am so curious to know what look you saw that was paired with Woodwinked as that is another one of my favorite eyeshadows!

  8. Love look number 5, but I’ve been searching everywhere for that le paintpot and nothing, ive been looked for the color tattoos in cranberry and nothing either. What else could I use that was not limited?+

    1. Hi Estera!
      Great question! I would pair it with a real light pink or possibly a nude shade … something like MAC’s Angel or MAC’s Honeylove or Blankety would be beautiful with it! 🙂

    1. Hi Hun! You could go with a lighter pink, perhaps a medium shade too. Something like a dusty rose shade would be beautiful and wouldn’t compete with the eyes! 😉

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