Spotlight On: MUG Burlesque

burlesqueBurlesque is a deep wine eyeshadow with a subtle sparkle in the formula. When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be a close dupe for MAC’s Cranberry, but it’s a deeper, more robust shade lacking the pink tones found in MAC’s version. I found Burlesque to be a chameleon eyeshadow and depending on what you pair it with, it can change colors on you! As an example, when paired with pinks, the red tones are more apparent, whereas when paired with darker browns, its brown tones come through. I found Burlesque to be very easy to work with, great level of pigmentation, didn’t fade throughout the day and overall an easy shade to blend with other colors. What are your thoughts on Burlesque?

Look #1

Eyeshadows used:

4 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MUG Burlesque

  1. In look #6, you have Center Stage listed as the lid color, which must be wrong (Center Stage is the bright royal blue foiled e/s). My guess is that it should say Grandstand?

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