An Affordable Dupe Palette for Naked3!

revealed2I’ve been hearing the rumors for a while now about this cheaper alternative palette that is a dupe for the Naked3 palette … while I was skeptical, I decided to check it out for myself. I snatched up the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette during their Black Friday sale for $10, figuring I only had $10 to lose if it turned out to be a dud … right? I can honestly tell you I have been most pleasantly surprised not only by the pigmentation of this palette, but how truly almost exact it is to the Naked3 palette!

In today’s post I did a side by side swatch comparison between the Revealed 2 palette and my beloved Naked3 palette – the similarities are notable! In terms of longevity and other quality concerns that may exist with a $10 palette, I can assure you I didn’t experience any. The eyeshadows last all day with no fading or creasing and some of the CS eyeshadows are more pigmented/easier to work with than the UD shades (ex: the dupe for Dust!).

If you are considering the Naked3 palette, or in the market to save some money, I highly recommend checking out Coastal Scent’s Revealed 2 palette; I feel confident saying you won’t be disappointed by it!

Have you tried the Revealed 2 palette? How do you feel it compares?


Side by Side Swatches

























Look created with the Revealed2 Palette:



28 thoughts on “An Affordable Dupe Palette for Naked3!

  1. I’ve had the Revealed palette for a few months now (despite also getting the Naked3 palette when it first came out), and I totally concur! It is an exact dupe, if not even better due to having even more shades. I feel it’s not even worth it to own both, and I tend to reach for the Revealed palette more often because it’s so compact/thin and has so many more shades! I love it!

    1. I agree! I really like how thin it is compared to the N3 palette! Seems like the eyeshadows are much less fragile too – I’ve heard of many N3 palettes with eyeshadows falling out and breaking lately 🙁

    2. Revealed 2 was the 3rd palette I purchased, after Chocolate bar and KVD Monarch palettes. I use the Revealed 2 all of the time. I feel the 8 additional shades in the coastalscents version make it superior to the naked3.

  2. So is it safe to assume that you did not experience the fallout that Dust has (such a shame, because it’s a pretty color) with the CS dupe?

    1. Well, there was some fallout associated with the CS shade (not as bad as N3), but the pigmentation was SO much greater than Dust! I feel like Dust is just pure glitter whereas the CS shade has a layer of eyeshadow under the glitter, if that makes sense. 😀 It’s everything I would’ve liked out of Dust!

      1. That is good to know because I was so disappointed with dust. I agree, it’s just a glitterbomb! I am so tempted to get this even though it’s not $10 anymore because of that and because I always felt that N3 needed another pink like the one next to the dupe for Darkside. What is your opinion of that color?

  3. I need to be less impulsive with buying palettes, especially with MUG & Coastal Scents providing lower cost (but not lower quality) alternatives.

  4. Wow another palette on my shopping list. It’s 31.99 here in Australia but hey cheaper that what l pay for a single Mac eyeshadow

  5. So glad you finally picked up this palette! I’ve been loving it for months! Thanks for the great combo- too! rocked it yesterday!

  6. I actually gave my Naked 3 palette to my daughter after I used Revealed 2 for a bit. I like the quality of the shadows and the variety so much better in Revealed 2.

  7. Dear Zabrina! I love your website very much, just subscribed about a week ago and I can’t get off! Just crossed my mind if you would have a possibility to make an app so all your subscribers could access all the tutorials on this app. It would be extremely efficient for those one who travel a lot and have limited make-up available at times and have to come up with a nice look! Or for those ladies who are having tones of makeup but having an app, they could re-create some looks way faster utilizing a smartphone app. What do you think, it is a possibility?

    1. Hi Irina!
      Thank you so much and welcome to you! 🙂
      I have thought of doing an app – absolutely! The problem at the moment is the capital needed to do it. They are rather expensive to create. It is one of my goals for the future though! 🙂

  8. I also have the N3 and CS2 palettes. I wish I would have wanted to buy N3 so I could have just bought the dupe for much less. I still think it was worth buying the CS for the extra colors you get. I have a few of the coastal scents 88 palettes and I have to say, I have been impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows for the price you pay. It would be great if you would review some of those and create some looks. There are so many colors that it’s a little intimidating trying to figure out what to pair together. Thanks for everything you do!

  9. Great job! 🙂 I duped this palette and the first Revealed palette on the Forum for a lady last year. Yours is much better because you actually have the palette, and can compare the e/s in person. The first Revealed palette has a lot of dupes for the other Naked palettes. You might want to try that one.

    1. I remember! You also told me how dupeable this one was with the Naked3 – I was skeptical but you were spot on! I am looking forward to trying the first Revealed; I was hesitant on getting them both at the same time, but I feel much more confident now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! 😀 HUGS!

  10. Hi Zabrena, I was wondering if MUG’s burlesque would be good to use in place of the mulberry shade u use in the revealed 2 pallet. I have naked 3 & would love to recreate ur look. Unfortunately I do not (yet) have the revealed 2 pallet or MAC’s deep damson. Your advice please:-)

    1. Hi Amber!
      Sure! You could use that in place of the Mulberry shade – if you apply it lightly and with a fluffy brush, it will help to give a very similar effect! 🙂

  11. Hi Zabrina! I’m loving your site (and you tube videos!) because I’ve been looking for cheap alternatives, and you have so many great hints and tips! I was wondering if you do a couple more looks with the Revealed 2 palette as I’m lacking inspiration, and don’t have the cash to get other palettes! Thanks!

  12. As is oft my habit, I bought the second before the first which I suppose doesn’t surprise me given that I had to watch Terminator 2 before the original, Aliens before Alien … I sense a trend here.

    Love the Revealed palettes. R2 has only two shades which are problematic for me and that’s purely down to my coloring and preference (if you’re curious, it’s two “Rut roh I’m glittery, and now so is your cheek!… FOREVER…” little blighters on the top row). Is it LORAC? Nope. Is it UD? Nope, but then I’m not the world’s biggest UD lover anyway. But these Revealed palettes are by far the best dupes to hit the stores since Wet & Wild got their act together and started to make proper eyeshadows.

    You know how good they are? They’re so good I would have to be 6 feet under before my adult daughters would stand a hope of nabbing them!

  13. Late to the game-but I just received my coastal scents revealed 2 palette and love it. As I refused to pay $54 for the Naked 3 palette. Decided to use the sparkly ones for the outer v area or a narrow strip over lash area. And the mattes for the lid and crease. Thanks for this great post.

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