5 Different Ways to Wear Colored Eyeliner!


I recently started experimenting with colored eyeliners as a way to challenge myself to try new things in 2015 … and so far … I’m liking the results! If you have wanted to try colored eyeliners, but have been hesitant in the past, I wanted to share 5 different ways you can incorporate them into your looks. Some are subtle and some are BOLD, depending on your preference. 😉

A Little Louder

One of the easiest ways to start incorporating color into your looks and keeping things soft, is to add a brightly colored eyeshadow on the lower lashline. I like to combine it with black pencil on the waterline to give the eyes added emphasis (I find if I don’t, sometimes the color on the lower lashline can make me look sickly LOL). I used MUG’s Appletini on the lower lashline here.


Just a Pop, Please!

For a small pop of color to help brighten eyes, apply a colored eyeliner onto the inner corners. In this look I used Stila’s Turquoise Eyeliner and applied a nude eyeliner to the remaining lower waterline afterwards.


Wing It Out!

If you’re looking to make a statement, a bold line on the upper lashline will do it! I used Inglot’s #73 gel eyeliner (beautiful purple!) to create this dramatic winged look. You don’t even really need eyeshadow for a look like this; I kept things simple with a shade that matched my skintone on the lid and a medium brown in the crease.


Bring On the Drama!

You’ve probably heard me say before to avoid wearing eyeshadow colors the same shade as your eyes – right? Reason being because there isn’t any contrast created between something like blue eyes and blue eyeshadow and the eyes can look lost. BUT! You can wear eyeliner the same color as your eye color because it’s in a more concentrated area, is closer to the eye, and won’t be making up the entire look. In this example I used Rimmel’s Shadow Stick in ‘Blamed Blue’ on the upper and lower lashlines and combined it up with a silver-gray (MAC’s Moth Brown & Electra layered) on the lid and a neutral brown (MAC Wedge) in the crease.


Eye Par-tay!

If you regularly wear eyeliner on the upper lashline, try applying a small amount of colored eyeliner on the outer half of the eyeliner, on top of the existing line. This small pop of color is enough to liven up your looks, but not over the top. There are so many unique colors and textures you can try like this, too! This kind of look is also fantastic with neon and glitter liners! In this look I used Milani’s Sparkling Turquoise liquid eyeliner.

liner4How do you wear colored eyeliners? Which is your favorite brand?

20 thoughts on “5 Different Ways to Wear Colored Eyeliner!

      1. Is there a drug store/lower cost dupe for Mancatcher that you would recommend? I’ve been on the hunt for Mancatcher and have only found one…including shipping it would cost me over $40 USD. Yikes! Thank you so much!

  1. Hi Zabrena, the purple eyeshadow you used in your first two looks….I think I read that it’s Mac, Mancatcher. Is this a shadow that’s still available? I can’t seem to find it. Do you know if a dupe? Thanks and love the video!!!

    1. Hi Peggy!
      No, unfortunately 🙁 Stinks ’cause I LOVE that color! I’d say the closest color to it is MAC’s Lovely Lily pigment – great dupe! And you can get sample sizes of it online, too! 😉

  2. So l purchaded the Blamed Blue rimmel stick left it in the bench while l was putting the other shopping away and 5 minutes later my 12yo comes out of her room rockin’ the Bring on the drama look. Off to purchase another stick as l have giveb it to her as my rule is no eye or lip product sharing. Yea l could of sharpened it but l’m a stickler for those rules.

    1. LOL! That is so adorable!! 🙂
      I know what you mean about not sharing makeup – I have a thing about that, too! Better safe than sorry, you just never know!

  3. Hi Z, How are you? I hope this post finds you well. Thank you so much for posting this video. I use to use all coloured eyeliners all the time (esp from stila) until i became a member i thought in most of the pics of different eyeshadow combinations it was mostly the same eyeshadow or black so i stuck with that. I thank you so much for showing this i can now use back my coloured stila eyeliners that i love so much! Thank you for being a great teacher. I have really benefited from the site. Take care.

    1. Hi Sharmila!
      Yes! So happy to hear that!
      I am going to try to include colored eyeliners into more of the looks here on the site for inspiration – one of my goals for 2015! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tip about using black on the waterline. I have some green liners that I love but I can’t wear them right on my waterline because they make me look sickly so I generally use them under my lower lashes and leave the lash line bare. But I’m going to use your “trick” from now on!

  5. Hey I have an eye shadow palette for you to try and is really reasonable in price . It’s by Essence and is called All About Sunrise. It came from Ulta and around $5 and is a small 6 color palette of cooper,golds, a brown, and a light beige like color.

  6. Hello, Zabrina,

    I’m a subscriber in your youtube channel. But i just started checking this website. and i found this wonderful article. I love colored liners. I recently bought several shades of L’oreal Silkissime; then Maybelline’s magenta and I have Prestige’s outrageous emerald which is super creamy and easy to apply. I’ve been experimenting on them. I have brown eyes and brown skin tone and so far, every color suits me just fine, except the magenta. I’ve read a lot of people saying any red or pink liners just make them look sick and the same goes for me.

    do you have any videos with dark-colored women as models?

    1. Hi Theresa and welcome to you! 🙂
      For the magenta colors you mentioned, how are you applying them? Have you tried possibly adding it to the outer half of the upper lash line with a black liner underneath?
      That might help make it more wearable!

      1. Hello, Zabrena! Thanks a lot for replying to my comment.

        I usually just tight-line (is that the correct term) my upper lash line with it. and I tried putting some along the roots of my lower lash line. wrong move! I’m not good at putting liners on my upper lash line yet so I don’t wing out and just do some tight lining.

        I will try your suggestion. 🙂

        BTW, I watched your video on Lorac Pro 2. So happen that I am able to get hold of it now (because they don’t have the Lorac mega pro, and they recommended that one). Your reviews assured me that I did not make a wrong move buying the palette. 🙂

        Thanks again!

  7. Hi, love your looks! I’m on the hunt for a silvery eyeshadow that would be a dupe for the top right shade in Wet n Wild’s Greed palette. Any ideas?

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