Spotlight On: MAC Tan Pigment

tanTan Pigment

I would describe this as a gold, warm toned neutral pigment that can look pink at times, depending on what you pair it up with. It works well with a variety of neutrals, golds, and cranberry colors. It’s very intense on its own but does have a small amount of fallout. I usually apply it wet which helps to intensify the color and keep everything in place. This pigment can be used in other ways besides eyeshadow; try it as a nail polish (really pretty!), as a cheek highlight, as an eyeliner, or as a subtle highlight on the center of the bottom lip over your regular lipstick. Do you own this pigment? How do you use it?

9 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Tan Pigment

  1. I think #3 is my favorite, it is beautiful! All the looks you came up with are gorgeous as well. I’m always amazed by your talent, and I wish I had half of it!
    What lashes are you wearing in these photos?

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! 🙂 I bet you are better than you give yourself credit for! 😉 I know you are!

      The lashes are ‘Goddess’ from KoKo Lashes – my current crush! LOL! 😉

  2. Mac Tan pigment is soooo beautiful!! Whatever your pair it with, almost, will be just gorgeous!!! Love love love that stuff! Hard to choose which one is the best, but #1 and #3 stand out to me!

  3. I tried to use a broken eyeshadow as a nail polis but couldn’t do it. The powder would stay separate from the clear nail polish, it didn’t blend in well at all, and the day after it was all deposited on the bottom of the bottle. Any idea why?

  4. Hollie Andrade-DiGregorio


    I love this pigment and almost all loose pigments but I have a hard time working with them. How do you keep the pigment just on the lid? I have tried placing it first which was a fail. I have also been putting it on last, which works the best, and I use a little at a time, but, I always seem to need to blend a little more and the pigment winds up into my crease.. Ugh.. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?? Could you please do a video teaching us how to work with pigments without making a mess?

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