Coastal Scents Revealed2 Palette Looks


Coastal Scent’s Revealed2 palette is a cute conglomeration of 20 eyeshadows, with 12 of them being exact duplicates for the shades found in Urban Decay’s Naked3 palette. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to UD’s version, this is it! To see the full swatch comparison between Revealed2 and Naked3, you’re welcome to see the previous post I did here.

When it comes to pigmentation, I did not have high expectations for this palette at all – mainly due to bad experiences with past palettes from Coastal Scents (ahem … 88 palette, I’m looking at you!). However, I was pleased this palette proved all my qualms wrong and instead it has been impressing me each time I’ve used it! The shades apply well, blend easily and they don’t end up looking like one color on your eye at the end of the day (bonus!).

Not only are you getting 12 of the exact dupes from Naked3 here, but you’re also getting 8 additional shades, too. Can’t beat that for the price ($20)! I do feel like three shades on the bottom row are VERY similar to one another though, but that’s the only negative I could find (see #12, 14, 15). Besides that minor detail, I find this to be a great range of colors in a compact, sleek case that is most certainly worth the spend. Have you tried this palette? Do you own it? How do you feel about it?

For more ideas for looks, check out the Naked3 post, too!

revealed2_swatches1 revealed2_swatches2revealed2_labelAnd unfortunately, there are no names or numbers to the eyeshadows in this palette, so please use the above reference guide for eyeshadow placement in the below looks. 🙂

Look #1 – see the full tutorial here!

Eyeshadows Used:

  • 6 (crease)
  • 13 (deepen and define crease)
  • 17 (inner and outer third of lid and into outer v)
  • 4 (applied wet to middle of lid)
  • 19 (use to smudge along upper and lower lashline)
  • 17 (layer and smudge over 19 to get a unique eyeliner)
  • 2 (blend out harsher edges of crease)


10 thoughts on “Coastal Scents Revealed2 Palette Looks

  1. Zabrena (or anyone who has the palette) – have you had any problems with it creasing towards the end of the day?

    Love the looks you put together – thank you!

    1. Hi! I haven’t experienced that with this palette; have you tried it with more than one primer to see if it could be the primer? I know sometimes eyeshadows do act different with primers – the UD primer never lasts on me with UD eyeshadows, but with MAC it’s fine (weird!). 🙂

  2. Have you ever used Coastal Scents Hot Pots? I have read great reviews on them so I am just wondering how the compare the MAC eyeshadow pans.

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