New Spring Eyeshadows from MakeupGeek! + Looks!


Spring is on the Horizon!

… and everyone is taking notice! MakeupGeek just released four new shades as part of their Spring line. These include shades Rapunzel, Poppy, High Tea and a reformulated version of the existing Wisteria shade. What a beautiful conglomeration! As you might expect from the regular line of eyeshadows, these are buttery, soft, easy to apply, blend and will not fade after extending wear.

I did see a noticeable difference in the new formulation of Wisteria compared to the original version. While I really love the first Wisteria version, this one has a slightly different finish (I feel like it’s more matte?) and the texture is a little easier to blend out than the first one. The color is a little more purple to me now, too. I feel like this one is a little more vibrant compared to the original. Is it worth getting the new formula for Wisteria if you already have the first one? I think so, because if you loved the first one, you’ll be head over heels for this one!

Get these new colors from MakeupGeek here!
(L to R) Rapunzel, Poppy, High Tea, Wisteria


And I can’t just show you these new beauties without throwing in a couple of looks … can I? 😉


To create the above look:

  • Use High Tea to deepen and define the crease
  • Blend out the edges of High Tea towards the brow with Poppy
  • Blend out the edges of Poppy towards the brow with Peach Smoothie
  • Apply Rapunzel onto the lid
  • Apply High Tea to the lower lashline (optional)



To create the above look:


16 thoughts on “New Spring Eyeshadows from MakeupGeek! + Looks!

  1. So beautiful! Am curious, how similar is Poppy to MAC’s Ablaze LE? I love the first look! And I may just have to get the new and improved Wisteria despite already having the original 😉

    1. Hi Peggy! I would say Poppy is more of a mixture of MAC’s Red Brick and Ablaze; it’s a warm orangey-red – really pretty! You would love the new Wisteria!

  2. Thank you for showing these. I had no idea they were out already. I had to order them all. Love the looks you created. You always do an amazing job. Thanks so much, xoxo Gina

  3. I love both of these looks! Beautiful eye color so it works for those colors. Unfortunately I have brown eyes, will these looks still work for me?

    1. Hi Melissa! Hmm, it reminds me a LOT of Coquette – more of a green-brown. I haven’t compared them side by side, but I think if you used Coquette in its place you’d get a VERY similar effect! 🙂

  4. Thanks! I’m trying to narrow down ones I want- so trying to get rid of ones I may have a close dupe for.

    1. They are similar in color, but the finish is slightly off; I’d say Ricepaper has more sheen to it than Rapunzel, but Rapunzel is not a flat, matte eyeshadow 🙂

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