Spotlight On: MUG Utopia Pigment


Utopia is one of the most unique pigments I have ever seen; I would best describe it as a golden bronze and it can take on different shades, depending on what you pair it up with. This one can be tricky to apply; when applied dry it tends to fall all over the place so I usually wet my brush with a setting spray before application. If you want to thin down the glitter more, adding more setting spray into a mixture with the pigment also helps. I really love using Utopia as a middle of the lid highlight to brighten a look, but it also looks beautiful as an eyeliner and lightly sheered over the lid. Long-wearing, unique color, perfect for a party look – what more could you ask for?

Look #1 – see the full tutorial here!

Eyeshadows used:

  • MAC Typographic (on lid, below crease and lower lashline)
  • Utopia pigment (applied wet to middle of lid)
  • Salted Caramel (crease) – from Too Faced Chocolate Bar
  • SemiSweet (blend Typographic into crease color) – from Too Faced Chocolate Bar
  • MAC Blanc Type (blend out edges of crease)




6 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MUG Utopia Pigment

  1. WOW – I love what Utopia does to Humid in the 2nd look. You’re not the only one who has commented on what a mess this is to use but I think I’d get it if it were easier to purchase locally (ha!) and “in person” (double ha!). Marlena has done some amazing things with her entire makeup line – she’s to be congratulated and admired for all she’s achieved and it hasn’t resulted in her sticking high price tags on her products.

    1. Very true on both counts! I love that she also hasn’t tried to price gouge her customers like some other brands. I was colored shocked when MAC decided to discount their eyeshadows … hmmm … not getting enough sales …?

      1. MAC has discounted their eyeshadows? In what wonderful world has this happened? It sure hasn’t happened here in Canada (where MAC began AND where they have a huge manufacturing and product development facility). I was always amazed that the stuff in their “good byes” section wasn’t discounted a few bucks and, of course, MAC never has a gift with purchase or similar type incentive (I guess they’ve never felt the need, though to give credit where it’s due, at least they have “back to MAC”).

  2. I absolutely love this pigment! So happy and grateful to have found some more looks to do with Utopia, thank you! It is so great to use as an eyeliner, too.

  3. I think a lot of people who used to buy MAC when they were thought to be cruelty free changed to Makeup Geek as soon as they found out Makeup Geek was cruelty free and MAC started testing. They lost A LOT of business. Wish they would go back to being cruelty free. Luckily Marlena doesn’t test and has amazing shadows. I have now bought almost the entire line. They sure have my loyalty.

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