6 Lipsticks to Try for SPRING!

Spring is just around the corner! That means all the bright and colorful shades can come out to play! Wahooo! In today’s post I wanted to share my top 6 picks for Spring and some of the colors I simply love to wear and see in this fresh season. If you want to stay “on trend” I have been reading that pastels are in, lighter orange-toned reds and even the deep plum-wines we wore back in the Fall. Trends are nice every now and again, but sometimes it’s also fun to make up your own rules. 😉

What are some of your favorites for this time of year?

(L to R) MAC Lovelorn, Milani Fruit Punch, MAC Razzle-Dazzler, Wet ‘N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Candy Yum Yum


MAC Lovelorn


MAC Girl About Town

MAC Girl About Town

MAC Razzle-Dazzler

MAC Razzle-Dazzler


Wet ‘N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

Wet 'N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame


Milani Fruit Punch

Milani Fruit Punch

MAC Candy Yum Yum



20 thoughts on “6 Lipsticks to Try for SPRING!

  1. All look great on you, my favorite on you is Girl About Town. Mine new one is Nars Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil I don’t wear lipstick, gloss etc. often so I continue to use the large collection of Mac Lipsticks I already have. I also like Bite Beauty Duo in Date/Fig, but found those break too easily.

      1. The full sized Bite lipsticks are fine. The minis are thinner, which I think is pretty typical of mini lipsticks of any brand, so if you twist up too much product at once I can see how they could break. I am careful with mine and haven’t had any problems with them breaking. Bite makes very nice lipsticks and I would recommend them. The VIB Rouge red is gorgeous! Same with the twist up pencils – if you twist them up too much before applying, of course they’re prone to breaking.

        1. Thanks for the tip-however mine didn’t break by twisting it up too much-I twisted it up a tiny bit applied and it wouldn’t twist down again. So after capping it again, the stick got stuck (LOL) in the cap. I now use it with a brush. My favorite color in that duo is Date and it is not available in a single.

          1. Oh no! Come to think of it, I have had minis that shifted around in the tube. I have a Buxom mini right now that is chewed up on the side because it rubs when I twist it up. That’s too bad about your lipstick but at least you can use a brush. I’ve gotten minis with the intention of depotting them into 26mm pans but they’re always a bit too much for the pans. So I am stuck with a tube that has a little left in the bottom. Needless to say, it is also quite messy (I don’t like melting them so I smoosh them into the pan – how do you melt the last bit out of a mini tube anyway?) so I haven’t done many of them. Anyone have any tips on getting the last bit out while depotting, not while applying with a brush? I have mini spatulas but they’re not flexible so the product gets wasted. 🙁 But back to Bite Date – I agree with you that it’s a nice shade and it’s too bad that it doesn’t come full sized like Fig does. Have you tried the Musk/Retsina one? I am trying neutrals now whereas I always bought bolder colors before.

  2. Zabrena, please make a tutorial on this beautiful eye look!!! Gorgeous! I am a little late on the band wagon about the Milani lipstick since I bought my first one 2 days ago and oddly enough, I got Fruit Punch, it is sooo pretty!

    1. Thank you so much! In case I forget in the future, to get that look I applied MAC’s Da Bling on the lid and then used Chocolate from the Tamanna palette, layered on top, with Bengal in the crease and the black shade in the outer corner. In place of Chocolate you could use MAC’s Espresso and in place of Bengal MUG’s Creme Brulee 😉

  3. Oh so glad I saw this! Completely forgot I have a Body Needs 2 sample of Candy Yum Yum that I MUST bring out! I am loving pinks for spring! And Lovelorn is also a fave of mine!

  4. Hey Z, would Razzle-Dazzler look ok on cool complexions? I don’t really have anything peachy in color. Also, can you suggest any dupes?

    1. Hey K! Hmmm, I would venture to say mayyyyybe not only because it’s a little stronger of an orange. Have you tried Shy Girl? That’s a lighter, peachy shade that I feel is easier for a cool complexion to pull off. What are you looking for dupes of from this post? I’ll see if I can help! 🙂

      1. I was originally thinking about Razzle-Dazzler so I wouldn’t be wasting too much money if I didn’t like it, but if it’s not the greatest shade then I won’t bother. I think Girl About Town is gorgeous but I can’t wear it because it’s an amplified creme lipstick. 🙁 If you could suggest a dupe for that, that would be great! Candy Yum Yum is pretty too, any dupes for that?

  5. I already have girl about town. But love the look of lovelorn and fruit punch. Although I’m going into autumn (fall) here

  6. I would never think I would like an orange lipstick. Its just my preference. But I really like the one ur wearing here MAC Razzle-Dazzler. Looks GREAT on U!

  7. Great colors ! I’m obsessed with Candy yum-yum. I discovered it last summer and I just can’t get enough ! I had never tried pink lipsticks before. As a redhead, I’ve always felt more comfortable with warmer tone. But after watching your video and seeing some gorgeous pink on you, I decided to try some and, because I’m always extreme, started with a neon one ;).

    Now I can’t stop buying pink !

    Thanks for all your tips ! They helped me get out of my comfort zone !

  8. Zabrena,
    If I have missed your answer to this question on another blog post, sorry! I was wondering if you use lipliner before puttingon your lipsticks? Thanks for these looks and the others you posted on Youtube!

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