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I have been anxious to try these new series of palettes from Stila and after reviewing and putting together the looks for the Mind palette post, I was excited for this one! I didn’t get to spend as much time with it as I would’ve liked (I’m in a mad dash of content creation/editing for a trip out of town), but it’s absolutely one I will be revisiting in the end of the month update. I really like the color range in this palette and the finishes of these eyeshadows; same great quality as the Mind palette. Very pigmented, easy to apply, easy to blend and the combination possibilities are superb!

I did notice a couple of repeats in this palette compared with some of Stila’s older palettes including Chinois (from In the Garden) and Kitten (from In the Light), but other than those two many of these look like they are brand new shades. As with the Mind palette, I also like how small and compact this is for travel and may just take it with me on my trip! Ha!

Have you tried this palette? How do you feel about it?


 stilaspirit_swatches2  stilaspirit_swatches1


Look #1

Eyeshadows used:

  • Wheat (inner half of lid)
  • Pewter (outer half of lid)
  • Slate (crease)
  • Chinois (blend out crease)

17 thoughts on “Stila Spirit Palette Looks

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m just so on the fence with these Stila palettes. I’ve purchased Stila shadows before and the pigmentation has been nice but they always creased and ran muddy on me, and then they faded away to nothing after about three hours. I can’t seem to justify spending fifty bucks on that. Did anyone else notice anything like what I described with these new palettes? The YouTube beauty community is split on these palettes as well! Thanks for any info!

  2. Yes, please do more with this palette!!! I have both the Mind and the Spirit palettes and really like them!

  3. As soon as I saw this, my eye was drawn to Golightly, which I’ve almost purchased a few times as a single shadow (not sure if it’s still available singly, though). And I already have 3 of the shadows in the palette – Puppy, Kitten and Chinois. I do love the look of it though, and the looks you’d made with it and I think I really NEED Wheat as well as Golightly. Chances are I’ll cave and buy this one, despite having 3 of the shadows already and despite the fact that these are an outrageous $59 in Canada. It’s weird that so many brands have huge price differences from the US, yet the French/European brands (Chanel, Guerlain, Clarins) are priced almost the same as they are in the US.

    1. Oh my! $59 in Canada?! I have often wondered why there is such a huge price gap between the different countries ….? To me, it doesn’t seem like there would be that big of a difference?

  4. I’m so on the verge of buying this palette but was wondering if any of you ladies who do have it can answer a question. I was checking the reviews on Sephora’s website and a few people who have this palette have commented that it breaks easily and so is not good for travel. I don’t know if they mean the shadows themselves or the the actual case of the palette but since I would really like this palette for travel, I wondered if any of you has travelled with it and, if so, did it stand up okay?

  5. ….and guess what I finally bought! I picked this up on Saturday (actually got it for nada with loyalty points!) and I have to say I LOVE it, even the colours I didn’t think I’d like, such as Jezebel and Pigalle. I still want to know, though, how well this travels (I know some people have had problems with Stila shadows shattering even with home use).

    1. Haha!! You got it! Good for you for being able to get it with loyalty points! Whoo hoo! I took the Mind palette with me on my trip to Georgia last week and it traveled very well! That was by car though, can’t speak to how it will do on a plane, but I usually pack my makeup in my carryon luggage. I learned the hard way after having tons of broken shadows from my checked luggage! 🙁

      1. Good news, ladies!!!! This palette survived a 2 week trip to India. It was in my checked baggage, though it was nestled, along with my flat iron, in with my clothing and very well protected. But as we travelled to 3 cities within India and my suitcases were being moved into and out of cars, up and down stairs in the villa type lodgings where we stayed and generally subjected to typical rough baggage handling, I was delighted that this survived intact. I think it might not fare so well jiggling around in a purse all day but if you want to travel with this, padding it out securely so it’s cushioned by clothing seems to be the only “trick” to keeping all the shadows in one piece. Now that I know this, I won’t hesitate to take this when we fly anywhere.

  6. None of these are actually new shades – according to their website, this palette is a collection of Stila’s “most iconic shades.” Just thought I’d add that bit of information to the thread!

  7. I bought all 4 of the palettes that Stila came out with… there isn’t one that I don’t love and would repurchase again!!

  8. I saw this palette in Sephora and am obsessed with it. It is a bit expensive. Any recommendations for dupes? I would love to buy it for less ….. 😉

  9. Zabrena, any chance you’re going to purchase and do looks with the “Soul” palette? I got it a few weeks after getting “Spirit” (SEE what you’ve started????) and I just love it. It’s the cooler toned “neutral” sister to “Spirit” and really lovely. The two of them together just make for absolute eyeshadow look bliss!

  10. Look #7 (which I think is one of the recently added looks) is SO pretty and just right for spring-time. I just may give this a try today if hubs and I go out for dinner.

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