Top 5 Bronzers for Fair Skin


If you have a fair/pale complexion, you know the struggle involved in trying to find a bronzer. We want something that doesn’t look like we applied brown paint to our face with a roller brush, right? 😉 I’ve spent the past few months looking at so many different bronzers, from both ends of the price spectrum and found 5 truly amazing options.

What am I looking for in a bronzer? Quality. I can’t tell you how many I tried that were patchy and did not apply evenly. Even worse when you have fair skin that shows everythang! Every THANG. I’m also looking for something that applies lightly and isn’t too dark. I ran into a good many bronzers on the market that were so intimidating and way too dark. Additionally, sometimes I want matte finish and other times I’d like something with a bit of shimmer, especially in the summer months. And it has to LAST. I don’t want giant spots on my face at the end of the day. No good!

(L to R) Rimmel, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Coastal Scents, Tarte

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in #021 Sunlight, $4.99

At the most affordable price point of the bunch, I personally love this one. It is a matte, waterproof bronzer, applies evenly, lasts all day and isn’t too dark after application. I also like to scrape some off, mix it with Vaseline and apply it to my legs in the summer when I don’t want to mess with sunless tan sprays. No streaks and just wash it off at the end of the day! Very natural-looking, too.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, $30.00

Smooth, buttery finish and a light application make this one everything I ever wanted from a bronzer. This one does contain Too Faced’s signature chocolate scent added in, so if you’re not fond of scents in your makeup this may not be the right one to try. (I usually despise any smells in my makeup, but I can tolerate it for the quality of the product!)

Bare Minerals in ‘The Skinny Dip’, $24.00

This is the one bronzer I don’t feel like you could ever make a mistake with, even if you tried! It has a light, airy application and even if you feel like you’ve loaded too much onto the brush, it’s a light enough color to blend in precisely. Very natural looking, too! One of the best of the bunch.

Coastal Scents Sun Tone Bronzer in ‘Light’, $7.95

Intense pigmentation and an added shimmery formula make this one the only one out of these recommendations requiring a light hand during application. The finish is beautiful on the skin, but a little bit goes a long way!

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, $30.00

Waterproof formula, buttery and soft finish; also very light in color. Comparable to the Too Faced and Bare Mineral bronzers. There is a small amount of light reflectiveness in this one, beautiful on the skin. Rather off topic I know, but I went gaga over the packaging – who doesn’t love gold alligator print?!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Bronzers for Fair Skin

  1. My skintone is about half a step deeper than yours and I really like the bronzer in the Vitality Face Disc from IT Cosmetics. It looked scary dark in the palette but is just beautiful on me.

  2. Z, does the Rimmel bronzer have the crummy lid that won’t stay on? I have a pressed powder of theirs that is so good but the lid (I’ve got 2, so it’s not a fluke – it’s the crummy design) will not stay on reliably at all. I have to use a rubber band if I want to take it in my makeup bag. Also, with the bulk of these, are you using them to contour or for all over bronzing (legs and Vaseline not included). I just don’t have good luck either way – contouring just looks like 2 stripes of dirt on my face and all over – well, let’s just say it’s another reason I embrace my paleness!

  3. A very good bronzer for fair skin also is the Clarins Bronzing Duo Powder Compact in the shade 01 Light.
    It’s not orange, it blends well, it has a matt finish and you can adjust intensity thanks to the 2 shades available in it.

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