10 New MakeupGeek Foiled Eyeshadows!


Wowee! I have been dying over here with anticipation to share the 10 brand new MakeupGeek foiled eyeshadows with you! When MakeupGeek came out with the first 10 foiled eyeshadows, I was in Heaven and wanted MORE! The formulation is great and provides a lot of pigmentation without having to use a ton of eyeshadow. I can say without hesitation that it will be awfully hard for me to go through even one of these with how little is required for use!

I have received questions in the past about using these eyeshadows if you’re over a certain age and I feel like it comes down to your comfort level and how much you’re applying. A little bit goes a long way and if you’re careful not to pack them onto your eyes, anyone at any age can absolutely wear these! I find in applying a small amount, you’re not getting the “overkill” look and the colors can be very beautiful when sheered out, too.

I love all the colors, but I do have a few absolute favorite colors: Whimsical, Masquerade and Daydreamer (I’m on a purple kick right now!). Which ones are making you swoon?

Click here to get the new MakeupGeek Foiled eyeshadows!

mugshadows(Top row, left to right): Whimsical, Starry-Eyed, Daydreamer, High Wire, Masquerade
(Bottom row, left to right): Fortune Teller, Untamed, Charmed, Fantasy, Pegasus

I also put together a couple of looks with these beauties already … (I couldn’t wait!):


^ Click here for the video tutorial for this look! ^

Look #2

  • Apply Rapunzel to the inner third of the lid
  • Apply Charmed on the middle of the lid and inner half of the lower lashline
  • Apply Envy on the outer third of the lid, into the outer v and outer half of the lower lashline
  • Blend Preppy into the crease


7 thoughts on “10 New MakeupGeek Foiled Eyeshadows!

  1. I purchased the first set that came out a little while ago and I just got the new ones. I love love love them!!!!! I always have a hard time placing colors in the middle of the eye for that pop. It seems like I just end up blending them all together. I have really tiny eyes and I think thats the problem.

  2. Could you list out what you used in Look #1? It’s gorgeous! I was also wondering, since you mention Rapunzel in Look #2, how close do you think Magic Act (one of the first foiled shadows released) is to Rapunzel (not counting the foiled finish)? I wish I could see a side-by-side swatch comparison, they look like they could be very close to the same color.

    1. Hi Shannon!
      Here’s what was used in Look #1: Whimsical (inner third of lid), Daydreamer (middle of lid), Masquerade (outer third of lid), Cupcake & Masquerade (blended into crease), Drama Queen (outer v) and Pegasus (lower lashline). Rapunzel and Magic Act are VERY similar in color; like you mentioned, the difference would be the finish there. Rapunzel is really just a yellow version of MAC’s Shroom or MakeupGeek’s Shimma Shimma. It’s an awesome shade! 🙂

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