Spotlight On: MAC Dazzlelight

dazzlelightFinish: Veluxe Pearl / Neutral with shimmer

Dazzelight is best described as a light yellow-white, shimmery eyeshadow. This one is unique because it changes colors, depending on what you pair it with. I’ve noticed when pairing it with red-based browns or purple-toned browns, it can appear more pink. It also looks real nice when paired up with green eyeshadows and green based neutrals (think shades like MAC’s Coquette). Dazzlelight is also very beautiful when layered over darker eyeshadows on the inner corner of the eyes (brightens the eyes!). Beautiful finish, rich application, an all around great eyeshadow if you’re looking for a light, more shimmery neutral.

Look #1

MAC eyeshadows used:

  • Dazzlelight (inner half of lid)
  • Twinks (outer half of lid)
  • Era (crease)
  • Carbonized LE (line upper lashline) – OPTIONAL
  • Blanc Type (blend)

14 thoughts on “Spotlight On: MAC Dazzlelight

  1. It’s amazing how just a different selection of colors changes the way Dazzlelight looks… definitely adding this to my cart 🙂

  2. Gorgeous!!! I love Dazzlelight. That’s going on my short list of next MAC purchases. And as per your email, you should have your eyes insured! They are your bread and butter – your moneymaker! You have remarkable eyes, Z, and artist skills to match! I hope your eye is getting better. xxAmy

      1. Oh dear – what happened to your eye(s), Zabrena? I don’t see any mention of anything except here in this post from Amy. I certainly hope you are okay. Geez, I stay away from this site for a while and, next thing I read, you’ve got a boo-boo in your eye! This is coming from someone whose eye doctor matters to her more than her regular family doc!

        1. LOL! Thank you, Mariella! 🙂 I had an allergic reaction to something about two Saturdays ago. Still don’t know what caused it! I initially thought it was a new liquid eyeliner, but I used it later on and everything has been fine with it. So I dunno! This happens to me at least once a year so maybe I was due. It could’ve just been my eye saying “I need a break, lady!” LOL Thank you for your concern! 🙂

  3. Hi Zabrena,

    Thank you so much for “spotlighting” Dazzlelight. It has been one of my staple colors for a long time and I love that you showed how great and versatile it is. I hope your eye feels better soon! Eye injuries are the worst.

    Alll the best and thanks again,

  4. So pretty! Look 1 and 5 are my favs. How is it that I don’t already own this beautiful shade, lol It will be mine tomorrow (insert evil laugh here)

  5. I’ve had Dazzlelight for years and just love it. When I first “discovered” it, I thought it was LE and was afraid MAC would discontinue it before I could get my order in!!! It’s never looked quite as pink on me as it does in some of these looks but it definitely is one of those wonderful “shade shifter” shadows. It’s also just plain great for brightening up the eyes!

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