Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette Looks

 katvondshade1You may remember my aversion to Kat Von D eyeshadows, namely due to some uncomfortable allergic reactions I’ve had to some of her previous palettes (Ladybird & Saint, specifically). However, a few of you told me recently the formula in her eyeshadows had changed so I have been keeping an open (and hopeful!) mind. Special ‘THANK YOU!’ goes to my friend, Cinde, for letting me borrow her palette to see if I would have the reaction I had with the first two. I am pleased to tell you I DID NOT have any allergic reactions with the Shade & Light palette. Happy dance! No burning or stinging sensation and I didn’t experience any itchiness or swelling afterwards, either. Looks like I can begin adding more of her newer palettes to the site, starting with this one!

I was so excited for this palette too, especially for the range of neutrals and matte finish. The eyeshadows are every bit of what you might expect them to be; rich, buttery, velvety and a dreeeeam to blend! The consistency of these reminds me a lot of the matte eyeshadows in Tarte’s Tartlette palette, so if you liked that one, I have no doubt you’ll swoon for this one. In this palette, you get three separate quads; two cooler toned sets and a warm set. What I liked the most about this palette was how easy it was to layer the eyeshadows and create different blends and colors. I had more fun creating these looks and hope you will enjoy them, too!

Did you pick this palette up? What do you think of it?


(L to R) Laetus, Lazarus, Ludwin
(L to R) Samael, Solas, Lucius, Saleos, Shax, Liberatus, Succubus, Sytry, Latinus

Look #1

Eyeshadows Used:

  • Solas (deepen crease)
  • Lazarus (blend out Solas)
  • Ludwin (blend out edges of Lazarus towards brow bone)
  • Liberatus (inner half of lid)
  • Shax (outer half of lid and into outer v)
  • Styli-Style ‘Stylus’ Black Liquid Eyeliner to line

28 thoughts on “Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette Looks

  1. This is a gorgeous palette. I also love Innerstellar, Monarch and Chrysalis. Innerstellar is especially beautiful. Hope you will give them a chance! Thanks for the looks for this one! Sadly, so far, these aren’t lasting as well for me throughout the day as the other palettes. I’ll have to experiment with other primers (I’ve been using Lorac, which works just fine with everything else). I hope I find something that works, because I really love these colors!

    1. Definitely! Thanks for recommending those palettes! So sorry to hear this one isn’t working out so well for you, though! 🙁 These colors do appear to be quite dupeable – I’m thinking I want to do a post comparing them to MAC, so hopefully I can still find some colors you can use in place of them! 🙂

      1. I wore this the other day with th NARS primer and camel coat paint pot, and it looked as gorgeous when I took my makeup off at 10:00 p.m. As it did when I put it on at 7:00 a.m. This is a beautiful palette, so I’m delights I found a way to make it work for me!

  2. Innerstellar IS a gorgeous palette! I have that and Chrysalis. Z, you have to get Innerstellar and do some looks with it. 😀

  3. I was at Sephora the other day picking up the new Make Up For Ever #1 Artist Palette (oh, talk about blissful!) and stopped to look at this one. I never get excited about “all matte” palettes but this looks to be a great one and I’ve added it to my list (after the Hourglass Colourfield palette and the re-promotes of MAC’s Extra Dimension shadows…I want 3 or 4 of those and in all honesty, I get way more excited about stuff like that!). Does this mean you might try the Monarch palette, Zabrena? I have that one and really love it.

    1. YES! I absolutely will be trying the Monarch palette! I SO hope it doesn’t give me any reactions! I keep hearing about the MUFE Artist palette; I need to see that one in store! I was at the mall last night but I hung out at MAC too long and missed getting the opportunity to get into Sephora before they closed. Ah well! Just have to make another trip! LOL

      1. Z, did you see the Extra Dimension shadows when you were “hanging out”? ; I was going to go to MAC to get some of those yesterday but didn’t feel like making a long drive after school yesterday. I’m sure you will love the Monarch palette if you get it – it’s loaded with some of the warmer shades you really like and wear so well (I’m even moving out of my comfort zone and using the coppery/orange shade even though it’s not a natural “go to” for me). Honestly, the MUFE palette is amazing. It puts me in mind a bit of Stila’s In the Light palette and it’s so very good that I’d probably give up 3 or 4 of my other beloved palettes if I had to in order to keep that one (in some nightmare scenario where I’d have to sacrifice other palettes to keep one I love).

        1. I DID! OMG! They are to die for! They had one there that I swear was a dupe for Seedy Pearl, but they were sold out of it! 🙁 Naturally! Figures with my luck LOL Thank you for that awesome feedback on the Monarch and MUFE palettes! Perish the thought of sacrificing palettes, but that says a lot to how good it is! HMMM! 😀

  4. I have put this palette on the top of my makeup wishlist. I have been falling for matte shadows of late.
    I wonder if you have any advice for starting a beauty channel? I am only 12, but I love makeup. I would like your opinion on whether my channel would get too much hate because of my age…

  5. This is a beautiful palette. I don’t have any Kat VonD makeup. Just watched your video and had to order it. I couldn’t help but LOL at those shadow names when you’d say them.

    1. LOL! Funny story there for you! I had to look up the pronunciation of some of those names – haha! I wanted to make sure I said them right! Probably one of the more stranger palettes I’ve used in terms of names LOL 😉

      1. I think they are inspired by Norse myths, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I know they’re based on some type of myths! 🙂

      2. One of the many things I really like about my new LORAC palette (the Pro2) is the complete absence of silly names. “Navy”, “Plum”, “Cool Grey” – what a wacky concept to name shadows so we can actually tell what colour they are (none of this “Lhasa”, “China Seas”, “Tyranny” – silly names that tell you zip about the colour). As much as I like this KvD palette, I’m always mixed up about what shade I’m using or want to use (if I’m trying to recreate a look I’ve seen).

  6. I am going to give this one a try. I love all of the shades.
    Question on palettes in general…..why would some palettes include warm AND cool colors? Aren’t most people (not all) usually either cool skin toned or warm skin toned (other than being neutral too)?
    So for example….if you are cool skin toned, the warm tone eyeshadows in this palette could possibly not be used thus kind of a waste.
    Anyone else have any thoughts on this….or is it just me? LOL

    1. I being cool toned. Have used warm/cool/neutral colors. Based on my mood or look I’m going for. There is no fast or hard rule on only cool toned uses cool or warm uses warm. Makeup is art there are no rules.

  7. Beautiful looks, #2 is my favourite, my soul is crying, I have no idea how I’m gonna manage to get a hold of this palette. 😀

  8. I wasn’t very excited about this palette at first, but after seeing all the beautiful looks u came up with for it, I am rethinking, rethinking real hard… My husbands gonna kill me. I will wait a bit to see what dupes you come up with. A MAC dupe post would be very much appreciated, but if not, I will have to weasel my way into getting it somehow lol

  9. Hey Hun! First of all…… I’m a HUGE FAN of yours! Love watching your channel (you were one of the FIRST YouTube personalities that I actually SUBSCRIBED TO, and mimicked your specific makeup tutorials on myself), so just letting you know how much I enjoy your personality and extensive knowledge on makeup, and how you break things down in laymans terms for us novices. Anyway… Now that THATS out of the way, the purpose of this comment is piggybacking off of something you said in an earlier comment above…can u PLEEEEEASE do a dupe video to these shadows? I absolutely LOOOOVE these colors, and if I could describe my style of makeup in a palette…this would be it! I LOOOOVE mattes, and those warm rusty reddish browns, and terracotta , spiced pumpkin, orangey hues, but I CANNOT afford this palette. I am a beginner, and just recently got back on my feet after successfully overcoming an addiction (losing everything I have, but that’s a LONG STORY, and waaaay far left, but I’m just so proud to say that I’ve overcome my addiction, and am a SOBER, productive citizen, who’s landing on their feet, so I’ll SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS when I get the chance to. Sorry…random I know), but ANYWAY…I’m having to do drugstore and some single mac shadows when I save up, so palettes…waaaay out of my budget right now. I’m trying to build a collection AROUND this palette, so if u could, would u please make a “dupe” video for this palette (both mac and some drugstore, If possible)? I could have a palette, or collection, with these particular colors and be completely happy! Thanks for your time. I know you’re busy and may not respond to this, or even SEE it, but I’m PRAAAAYING that you do. Please keep being yourself. You inspire me everyday, and I love u! 😘 your videos make me so happy!

  10. I am Late to the game again. Just got this palette on the *bay for $28.00 brand new. so excited as I love the looks you have created and no sparkles. YAY thanks for the looks as usual.

  11. Any chance you can do a MAC dupes video on this palette? I am thinking about buying a few MAC shades, but I just ordered this palette so I’m holding back….thanks!!

  12. I LOVE the colors in this pallette mainly Lazarus & Sorry but I just had a terrible allergic reaction after 2 days use! 😯 I’m so sad!! 😔 Puffy, swollen, red, chapped itchy eyes! Do you know the MAC dupes yet? I can wear MAC & Urban Decay with no problems! Also, what did you put on your eyes (safe for eyes) to soothe them? THANK YOU!!

    1. Oh that’s terrible! I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁
      To help calm mine after my reactions to her palettes, I put straight aloe around my eyes .. worked wonders!

  13. Zabrena thanks for the review and pretty looks. Any chance you would give so,e Mac dupes for this palette. I have a pretty big Mac single eyeshadow collection and feel like I could copy your looks with Mac eyeshadows. I don’t own any Kat Von D.

  14. Zabrena thanks for the review and pretty looks. Any chance you would give some Mac dupes for this palette. I have a pretty big Mac single eyeshadow collection and feel like I could copy your looks with Mac eyeshadows. I don’t own any Kat Von D.

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