Video Tutorial: Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

katvondshade1For those of us who have been looking high and low for an all matte eyeshadow palette of quality … look no further! The Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour palette is everything you have ever wanted from a matte palette. Featuring 12 eyeshadows, broken down into three separate quads, you get a neutral set, a cooler toned set and a warm set. The formula is rich, buttery, very pigmented, and lasts a long time on the eyes without creasing. If you are lacking matte neutrals in your collection, this is a great palette to add.

I also want to mention I did not have any allergic reactions to this palette, as I have with other Kat Von D eyeshadows in the past. A new formula maybe? I hope so because now I can’t wait to try more of her newer palettes!

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Products Used

  • NARS eyeshadow primer
  • Ludwin (crease)
  • Solas (deepen outer crease and outer v)
  • Laetus (on lid, below crease)
  • Succubus (outer half of lid)
  • Solas & Ludwin (smudged along lower lashline)
  • Kat Von D Autograph Pencil on waterline
  • Inglot #89 to line upper lashline
  • Laura Mercier Brow Defining Gel in ‘Fair’
  • MakeupForever Mascara
  • ‘Doe-Eyed’ false eyelashes from
  • Sigma Brush used for winged eyeliner:


  • Graftobian Yellow & Green Color Correctors
  • LA Girl PRO HD Concealer in ‘Light’
  • Flower Foundation in ‘LF1’
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  • Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer
  • MAC Peaches


  • MAC High Energy Lip Liner
  • MAC Ruby Woo

6 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

  1. I am going to give this one a try. I love the all of the shades.
    Question on palettes in general…..Why would some palettes include warm AND cool colors? Aren’t most people (not all) usually either cool skin toned or warm skin toned (other than being neutral too)?
    So for example….if you are cool skin toned, the warm toned eyeshadows in this palette could possibly not be used thus kind of a waste.
    Anyone else have any thoughts on this …..or is it just me? LOL

    1. Terri, I wonder the same thing. I am cool toned and LOVE cool colours like crazy but there are a lot of warm shadows that work really well for me – along the lines of MAC Mulch. But between MAC Wedge and Omega, I prefer Omega as it is cooler. So in my case, there are lots of warm shadows that look really good on me but many others (MAC Saddle is a good example) that look awful and which I’d never wear. The orange shade in this palette is one I probably won’t even touch so I very much agree with your point…to a point! (g) What surprises me even more, though, is face contouring palettes like the Lorac Pro Contour palette, that have both warm and cool shades. Unless you’re a makeup artist, you’d have no need for highlighters and contours in both colour “families” and the same is true of the 3 depths of colour in this palette – someone like me would never in a million years need the darkest contouring shade, as I’m very fair. For a makeup artist, this palette would be awesome; for most of us mere mortals, we don’t need THREE highlighting shades and THREE contouring shades.

    2. I often wondered the same thing, you’re not alone there! I’m not sure if they’re trying to please everyone by just releasing one palette, or if maybe they were thinking of makeup artists …? I feel like taking this palette and selling it in quads so everyone can choose their color would have been better!

  2. As much as I love shadows with shimmer and glow, I think I will pick this one up simply because the shades are SO beautiful (especially the neutral and cool toned groupings, but I can force myself to use the warmer selection on the right hand side if I “must”, tee hee).

    Z, on a somewhat unrelated topic, I’m going to the US for the weekend and want to hit up ULTA for one of the Lorac pro palettes. I’m leaning toward #2 but wonder what you’d suggest (I know you love the light blending shade in #1). I’m also tempted to get the Vice LTD palette but I have Vice 2 and 3 and considering how little I use them (not because I don’t love them but just because I have way too much eyeshadow), getting the LTD palette might just be a bit foolish.

    1. Looks like I may be too late on this one, my apologies! Or have you gone yet? I’d say go with #2 since you do tend to lean more cool; I like that they added more colors into that palette, too! As opposed to the first one, which is really just a ton more neutrals. I don’t think you “need” the new LTD palette 😉 but check out some of the new UD singles! They came out with some real unique colors!!

      1. Nope, we’re going in a few weeks (I don’t even know when – when hubs reminds me that “we’re going TODAY”, I just grab my trust always packed travel makeup bag – got a great one from Target when they were closing down in Canada 🙁 – and a change of clothes (I even keep my overnight bag packed with changes of undies and something to sleep in, etc.)

        I’ve seen the new UD shadows and really like a few, including Backfire (saw the look you did with it), Tonic and Dive Bar but I’m so swamped with shadows lately that I’ll probably wait and just spring for what I can’t get here – the Lorac #2 and maybe Vice LTD (I keep telling myself that with Vice2 and 3 and everything else I have, I really and truly, truly, TOTALLY do not need it!)

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