Face of the Day: Urban Decay’s Backfire!

Urban Decay’s BACKFIRE Eyeshadow

On one of my recent trips to Ulta (I swear I only went in for TWO things!), I took a gander at Urban Decay’s eyeshadows and saw they had come out with some new shades! Oh and they are GORGEOUS! I had such trouble picking which one I wanted! I ultimately decided on Backfire, as it was unlike anything I already owned. Plus, I’m a sucker for purple eyeshadows! This is one of the more unique purples I’ve seen.


It has a slight duochrome finish, not comparable to MAC’s duochrome finishes, much more subtle. It’s a red based purple and depending on how the light hits it you can pick up pink tones in it, too. Really pretty! Naturally, I couldn’t wait to wear it and WOW does it make my eyes POP! In today’s look I paired it up with the Too Faced Natural Matte palette … I couldn’t be more happy with this eyeshadow!

Have you picked up any of the new UD colors? Which is your favorite?


Here’s how you can recreate the look …

  • NARS eyeshadow primer
  • UD Backfire on the lid and smudged along lower lashline
  • Too Faced Strapless in the crease (Natural Matte palette)
  • Too Faced Honey Butter to blend out Strapless (Natural Matte palette)
  • Too Faced Risque in the outer v (Natural Matte palette)
  • MAC Sketch (outer third of lid)
  • Milani Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Perfect Purple’ on waterline
  • NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade in ‘Blonde’
  • Inglot Gel Liner #89 for top lashline
  • ‘Forget Me Not’ false eyelashes from InkyMinky.com


  • MAC Prolong Wear Concealer in NC15
  • MAC Prolong Wear Foundation in NW13
  • MAC Pressed Powder in Light
  • Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer
  • Sephora’s Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid as blush


  • Too Faced Melted Lipstick in ‘Melted Sugar’
  • Cargo Cosmetics Lipgloss in ‘Anguilla’

25 thoughts on “Face of the Day: Urban Decay’s Backfire!

  1. Gorgeous! I’m still waiting for UD’s opening in Stockholm City, Sweden. Postponed since promised to be released in March.

  2. I was wondering if you were going to do any looks with UD’s newest shines! What a gorgeous color! I’ve currently got Fireball, their new peach-pink shift color. It reminders me a lot of UD’s Freelove, but with the extra color shift.

    Have you noticed the Urban Decay is coming out with a Naked Smoky Palette soon? Any plans to try it out?

    1. Hi Rebekah!
      Ouu! YES! That was another one I considered in the store, it was so pretty! It looked like a darker version of MAC’s Motif, I may have to go back and get it! I saw the new Smoky palette – so exciting! Yes! I will be adding it to the site!! 🙂

  3. Awh man, I need that eyeshadow. So gorgous. Looks great on you. Great pick. 😀 Need to see if I can order it from UK. And I just saw Lena’s comment. WHAT?! When? How? WHAT?! Now I’m a little bit upset because I live 6 hours (or three, depends on train, bus, car and so on) away from Stockholm City.

      1. They sell Urban Decay at Sephora, right? Haha, yeah, I know. I will be in so much trouble. LOL. I was downtown today, and I saw something, when I walked past a window. “Sephora opens summer 2015” SAY WHAT? I was with my therapist at the time. And stopped breathe, and she could not stop laugh her ass off. I wished someone had filmed my reaction when I was like “OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, SEPHORA? *forgets to breathe*”

  4. Zabrena!! You are so gorgeous! I watched your Sigma mat dupes video and I could not stop looking at your dress, your hair, your makeup. I have my nephew’s christening in August and I just found exactly what to wear and which make up to use! I’ve told you, I have no creativity at all so watching you just solves my entire life. I went today after watching your vid and snagged the second to last UD Backfire before I regretted it. I have a couple questions I’d like some help with, so I’ll take you up on that offer of emailing you. Have a great weekend beautiful lady and thanks for the great ideas

    1. Aw! Thank you so much, Marion! I am so very happy to hear I’ve been able to help! Have you tried Backfire yet? What do you think of it? I bet it’s a gorgeous color on you! Yes! Please feel free to write any time 😉

  5. This look is gorgeous on you. I like you in the pink/purple combinations. They look so good on you. I think I’m going to pass on some of these new shadows only because I found out that urban decay is …… Hold onto you chairs ladies….. The smokey palette this summer! This one is a smokey palette which looks like the naked palettes in packaging and includes varying colors different from the smoked palette. I might try and hold off till then. And I just ordered some purples from Mac recently. Is there a similar color to this one that I could use? This look is beautiful. You look stunning.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Virginia! 🙂 AH YES! I am so excited for the Smokey palette! It will be featured on the site as soon as it comes out! If you wanted to recreate any looks you see with this color, I’d recommend something like MAC’s Plum Dressing or possibly Nocturnelle, although Nocturnelle doesn’t quite have the pink tones. You know, a real good replacement for this shade would be MAC’s Pinked Mauve pigment!

  6. Hey Zabrena! UD Backfire looks gorgeous! How similar is it to UD Last Call? I have Last Call on today and it reminds me a lot of Backfire.

    I got UD Fireball from the collection – love it!!! Such a gorgeous, duochrome shade. It flashes pink, coral and gold, depending on the light. I’ve used it dry but I’m going to try it out with a setting spray as well as I think that will really bring out the different tones.

    1. Hi Saira!
      Very close, actually! Great eye! That’s the one it reminded me a lot of, actually. I would say Last Call is more pink with purple undertones and Backfire it the reverse with more purple and those pinky undertones. Quite beautiful! Ahhh yes! I have been eyeing Fireball! I think I might go back and get that one! It was SOOOO pretty!

  7. WOW! I don’t usually go for purples but I would pick that up in a heartbeat!
    On the foundation: Do they only sell NW13 at special locations? I have been wanting to try that foundation for so long but I can’t find anything lighter than NW15 (not even on their website!) and unfortunately the closest MAC cosmetics near me is at my local Macy’s counter. I can find lighter shades in their other formulations but not specifically in the Pro Longwear 🙁

  8. So…the hubby caught me reading this post and he said “Dont even think about it!!” I said “what!?” He said, “I know that look…you will have whatever she is wearing in your collection by tomorrow!” I said, “No! Not me dear!” I bought this one and five others…eeeekkkk

      1. I got Backfire (of course) YDK, Rockstar, Darkhorse, Loaded, Roach, Toasted, and ABC Gum And okay so I got 8 total but who’s counting!!? I told him I’ve put up with random purchases of car parts for 16 years! He’ll get over it. Question: I have the Tartelette palette. Do you think that’s a good dupe in the place of Too Faced Natural Matte??

  9. I picked up the Gwen Stefani pallet for my daughter and loved the colors in it. Are you planning on doing any review videos on it? I may get one for myself later on but wanted to see what looks people are creating with it first. I love this website, it has really helped me come up with different eyeshadow combinations and helped me to maximize the use of each pallete that I do own.

  10. I would really like to try this look but only have the backfire shadow. I was wondering If you could put a swatch or hat basic color the other shadows are so I could match them with what I have in my collection

  11. I have a private question about a product, or should I say, a potential product. Please Please contact me =)
    Love your tutorials and your videos!!!


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