Too Faced Natural Matte Palette Looks

naturalmatte1Another all matte eyeshadow palette to try! Oh goody! I was so excited to be trying another matte palette, after having been on this matte kick lately with the one from Kat Von D and the Tartlette. Unfortunately, I think I have been spoiled by the aforementioned palettes, because this one fell WAY short of my expectations. ๐Ÿ™ I found many of the eyeshadows in this palette (Heaven especially) to be quite powdery on application. They were great to work with in terms of blending and pigmentation, but I found after wearing a couple of these looks all day the colors ran together and faded. Disappointing! If you’ve been wanting this palette, I’d say save your money and go for the Kat Von D or Tartlette versions instead. However, if you already have this palette, I’ve provided some great combos you can try with it below. I’ll admit it does look great when mixed with colors! Just wish the colors lasted longer ๐Ÿ™


Look #1 – see the full face here!

  • UD Backfire (on the lid and smudged along lower lashline)
  • Strapless (crease)
  • Honey Butter (blend out Strapless)
  • Risque (outer v)
  • MAC Sketch (outer third of lid)
  • Milani Perfect Purple (waterline)


7 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural Matte Palette Looks

  1. Thank you for this. I haven’t experienced these problems. I quite like the palette, although I’m not sure it added much color wise to my collection. Sorry it isn’t working for you!

  2. Hi Zabrina, although you’re not too fond of this palette I’ve been eyeing for months and I’ve heard nothing but good things, but I’m very happy you’ve shared your true unbiased opinion. I haven’t seen you mention this palette on YT, but if doesn’t bother you is there a way you can possibly do a Dupes video for this palette & possibly the Kay Von D one? It can be any eyeshadow you may have that compare, they don’t have to be just MAC…..Thank You in Advance!

  3. I second Maria! I bought UD Backfire but just could not bring myself to by the Too Faced palette. I do have the Tartelette and am planning on purchasing the Kat Von D. I really want to wear Backfire for my nephews baptism in August, but I just cannot allow myself to purchase this and dupes would help a lot!

  4. Hi Zabrena. I am enjoying this palette and actually find the shadows have good staying power on me And the colour payoff is very good. Thank you for doing these looks and I will have to get the UD Backfire. That eyeshadow is beautiful! Linda

  5. Hi Zabrena! I have to agree with you – I had high hopes with this but ended up not that impressed with this palette, especially when compared with other palettes like Chocolate Bar. I’ve tried using different eye primers (Milani and UD), but the results after several hours always leaves me disappointed. ๐Ÿ™ I bought this palette before you had a review of it, so I’ve learned my lesson: wait until you read or see what Zabrena says. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Have you tried the new โ€œrevampedโ€ too faced naturally pretty palette? It claims to be better formula then the original. Iโ€™d love to see the looks you come up wirh on that one. I didnโ€™t much care for this one either, but the looks you put together look very pretty as always.

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