Video Tutorial: FUN Fourth of July Look!

Happy Fourth of July!

Well … almost! 😉 if you have been looking for something fun, new and creative to try for the Fourth of July this year (with guaranteed compliments galore!) … THIS IS THE LOOK! I admit I have been bit by the creative bug here lately. I mean what fun is makeup if you can’t creatively express yourself from time to time? Funny enough, as scared as I was to wear this look out,  I decided to brave it the other day. Hey, I had to run errands and I just did not feel like redoing my face.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions I received! I had more compliments from women AND men, moreso than any look I’ve worn out in the past. People were most intrigued by the tiny stars! Ha! Who would’ve thought? So I’ll definitely be re-creating this one for the big day!

Do you apply your makeup differently for fun holidays? 









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