Video | New Beauty Trend: STROBING

New Beauty Trend: STROBING

So, what is this latest and greatest fad, you may be asking? It’s really just a fancy term for highlighting with strong emphasis on a “more is better” approach. Think you have enough applied? Think again! LOL In today’s video, I’ll share two demos for strobing, one uses MAC’s Strobe cream mixed in with your regular foundation and the other uses straight highlighter. If you’re oily, I’ll also include some tips and tricks for keeping it from looking overdone or sweaty – which can easily happen.

What’s the best highlighting shade for your unique skintone?

if you’re fair, stick with champagne, more yellow based highlighting shades. (example: Mary Lou Manizer)

Light/medium complexions look great with pink-toned highlighting colors. (example: BECCA Opal)

For olive complexions, stick with golden tones. (example: BECCA Topaz)

Darker skin looks amazing with terracotta shades. (example: NARS South Beach)

P.S. If the video is blurry, check the ‘HD’ icon at the bottom! 😉






14 thoughts on “Video | New Beauty Trend: STROBING

  1. Nice!! I use Nars Copacabana for my highlighting needs. Kind of did it today except didn’t do the chin and the inner eye area those are new for me, may try tomorrow. I usually keep it to a less is more anyway because mature skin and regular highlighting don’t go together too well. Thanks for the tutorial. (BTW Couldn’t use the HD as it made weird noises on my headphones.)

  2. I love this! I have dry skin so this adds a nice natural glow. I realized I had been naturally gravitating to products that gave me that youthful glow anyway, so, maybe now I will be able to use some of the products that seemed a bit “matte” for me!

  3. I guess I don’t know what “highlighting” is if it isn’t this! This is pretty much what I do everyday.

  4. Perfect for summer and so easy to do! Thanks for the tutorial! Love the eyeshadow combo, btw! Hope there’s a tutorial or at least a list of shadows used coming soon! 😉

  5. Cue a bunch of new “strobing” products coming out next spring/summer haha! I think i’ll stick to my regular highlighting technique, strobing and South Florida probably don’t mix 🙂

  6. I think I will be skipping this trend. Even though I am very dry, I tend to gravitate torwards a demi matte finish, and that definitely contradicts strobing! Besides, I was VERY late to hop on the contouring bandwagon, and I’m finally getting good at it! Nope, I’ll definitely skip this!

    1. Amelia…there are plenty of women out there that like a demi-matte finish and there are now highlight/strobing products that are not as shiny (as an option). Might want to check out the Sephora or Ulta websites (or stores) for some suggestions.

  7. I’ve been doing this forever. I have pretty dry skin and i always thought this made my skin look better. I personally love it.

  8. Besides this is basically highlighting. Me thinks that they just want to sell more product by putting a new label on it and coming out with “new” product.

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