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The long awaited Naked Smoky palette is here! Although I still can’t seem to type ‘Smoky’ correctly each time I talk about this palette … I keep wanting to write it as “Smokey” LOL I was excited for this palette when I first got it and real happy with the color selection the first time I opened it. I thought there was a great variety and I’d get to try some new colors from Urban Decay. Sadly, after using this palette, my hopes were crushed. I personally found more than a few of these colors to be so close to one another, after application, that they bled into one another and looked like the same color on the eye after a while.

I was so excited for the shade Smolder when I first watched it; I thought, “Wow! What a stunning purple!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate as beautifully to the eyes. Instead of a deep, ravishing purple, you get a dark smokey gray. Not bad if you like that sort of thing, but I was looking forward to that purple. Perhaps my most favorite eyeshadow in this palette, which is one of the most unique so far from UD, would have to be Dagger. It’s a matte, rich deep blue shade and if they ever turn this into a single, I am buying it! No questions asked! I also really like Armor, which is a  gray version of Sidecar that you may remember from Naked1.

Overall, not the best in terms of color selection. There are a couple of great shades in here, but I didn’t feel like it was worth the spend. And that’s surprising for me to say as I continue to really enjoy all the previous Naked palettes before this one. Have you tried this palette? What do you think about it?


Look #1 – see the video tutorial here!

UD eyeshadows used:

  • Slanted (inner half of lid)
  • Thirteen (layered over Slanted to help lighten)
  • Dagger (outer half of lid and into outer v)
  • Smolder (crease and outer v)
  • Password (blend out Smolder)
  • Combust (blend out Password towards brow)



15 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Looks

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this palette because how many shapes I can make. I think combust is a perfect crease color. I love your looks 2 and 3 really cool!

  2. Thank you for your honest opinion. I was all geared up to buy this, but it really doesn’t seem to be anything exquisitely special, so I will probably give it a miss. Might look at the Smokey Eye palette from Too Faced instead…

  3. I haven’t bought it….yet. 😉 I am thankful for your opinions but WOW your looks above are gorgeous!! I love how you can take a palette that you are not crazy about & satill create such beautiful looks!

  4. Thanks for the review, but I am torn now, based on the review I wouldn’t buy this one, but then again those looks are so beautiful, what to do, what to do……

  5. Hi Zabrena!
    I have to tell you that I really hope you read this, because you are SO inspiring to me. My FAVORITE tutorials on YouTube are the Historically accurate makeup tutorials. They are so amazing and you inspired me to recreate my own historical makeup looks! So far I’ve completed the 20s, 80s, and 90s. I do the makeup, hair, clothes, and take pictures afterwards; I enjoy it so much!:D this website is amazing. I am looking for a new eye shadow palette for Christmas and was interested in the Naked series. I am cool toned, if that helps any. I’m not too crazy about the third one though.
    Love you Zabrena!:D (I don’t have social media so this comment is my only form of contact to you! Know I love you and your videos!)

  6. As an impulse buy, I bought the smoky palette by mail order, then looked it up to see the bad reviews. I haven’t opened it yet, so I’m seriously considering bringing it back to the store to swap for some needed skincare. It seems a bother to have a palette from another company when I have so many nice MAC colors. But I also feel like I must have some holes in my MAC collection because I feel like I’m always reaching for some unidentified yet, but clearly missing, MAC shadow when I’m trying to finish an eye. I could make a better decision about the fate of this palette if you commented on the difference in blend ability and fallout for UD vs MAC in general, and are there MAC dupes for this?

  7. I finally picked up Naked Smoky last week as I really was deserving a “treat/reward”. I am so loving this palette. I still prefer Naked 1 and 2, as they are more versatile and every day (Naked1 is coming to India with me) but I’ve really enjoyed using Smoky this week, though I’ve used pretty much the lighter shades since I’ve been wearing it to work – looks similar to #2 and 3 that you’ve done here. Also, I’ve wanted Armor since missing it in Vice1. I don’t think it’s a must-have but it’s a nice addition to the “Naked” lineup. I wish they’d make Naked on the Run permanent too. It’s not the absolutely BEST full face palette in the world but it’s close and as UD has nothing similar, it would be smart to add something like that to their permanent range.

    1. YAY! Good for you! We deserve a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for ourselves from time to time! 😉 I still very much prefer Naked1 over the Smokey version, too. There are some daytime looks you can do with the Naked Smokey palette, but it’s rather limited. India! Ouuu! Sounds amazing! When are you going? I didn’t know Armor was from Vice1! Learn something new everyday! That was the one I missed out on though. Haven’t tried their Naked on the Run, but I do get asked about it all the time and have passed it a couple times in the store.

      1. I don’t know if Naked on the Run is still available. It’s no longer showing on the Canadian Sephora site. It’s a good palette – not great but good and nice for travel (though replacing the travel sized mascara, gloss, etc. will be a problem and then sort of defeats the purpose of the palette). Yes, Vice1 had Armor and it’s a shade that keeps popping up as a dupe for OTHER shades I don’t have either so I was glad it was in this one. We’re going to India in February (good time to go, weather-wise) for a wedding. My best friend’s son’s wife is from India, though they met in San Francisco (she’s at Google and he’s at some high tech consulting firm) and they already had a civil ceremony there to make it easier for Anjali with regard to visas, coming to Canada, getting back into the US, etc. India is really NOT somewhere I’d choose to visit – not even on the bucket list (I’d rather go to Norway and Denmark or to stay AirBNB in Sardinia for a week or two – but this is such a special occasion! It’s been fun shopping for the outfits I’ll need for the various parts of the wedding (it’s funny, I asked the woman at one shop if I couldn’t wear the outfit from day 2 to the event on day 3 and she tsk tsk’d and sort of shook her finger at me – nicely – and said “We don’t do it that way!”

      2. Okay, I checked and Urban Decay’s site still has Naked on the Run. It’s in their sale section and it’s on sale for $39 which isn’t a bad price. As I say, it’s not the most exciting palette but for what it is, it’s good. There’s a part of me that thinks it would have been nice if there’d been ONE bright or colour in there but then, of course, that would defeat the whole idea of it being “naked” and jam packed with stuff for travel that is neutral in colour.

  8. Hi Zabrena! I was just wondering if you would be willing to do a dupe comparison between the naked smoky and the coastal scents revealed smoky palette like you did with the naked 3. That would be really great! Thank you!

  9. I could see how this palette might not appeal to some, but I’m loving it. The shades are miracles for my eye color and are really working for me!

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